A-Team Collection

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Title: A-Team Collection
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: A-Team
Language: English
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A-Team Collection is a collection of gen A-Team fiction previously published in other multimedia zines and other sources. It has a slash sister zine called Slash Collection.

Issue 1

A-Team Collection 1

  • The Enemy of My Enemy by Denise Sheets (Airwaves & Airwaves Multi-Media Special)
  • Birth of a Hero by Sue D. Nym (Frak #5)
  • Better the Jazz You Know by David Jordan (B.A.'s post-flight state can be put to good use...) (Diverse Dimensions) (3 pages)
  • Joy Ride
  • Strange Beginnings by P.S. de Resistance (Enigma)
  • One Beginning by Juli Cleveland (Scenario)
  • Incident in a Tumbleweed Town by Linda S. Mcalaren (Media Rare)
  • The Beginning by Devereaux Dane (Heroes)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

  • Overall:10
  • Fiction:9
  • Artwork:6
  • Layout/editing:7

Favorites: (1) incident in a tumbleweed town & enemy of my enemy because tumbleweeds = highly original, & beautiful;enemy just plain well done

Least Favorites: (1) no least favorite

Other comments:

(1) overall a great read, lots of good stories. [1]

Issue 2

A-Team Collection 2

  • Alive at Five - Complete Mini-Zine,
  • The Big Bad Wolfe by Joyce Ashcroft (Osiris Files)
  • The After-Victory Team
  • Big Brother by Theresa Evans (Suffering Heroes)
  • Forget Me Not, Sucker by Joyce Ashcroft (Osiris Files)

Issue 3

A-Team Collection 3

Issue 4

A-Team Collection 4


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