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Title: Face Collection
Medium: print
Fandom: A-Team & Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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Face Collection is a gen 73-page anthology of stories with a Face slant from various multimedia sources.

It has some sister zines: Murdock Collection and Hannibal Collection.

  • Blind Date by Patricia Foss (Franklin?) (13 pages) (Airwaves)
  • Comrades in Arms by T. Roubles (One Way or Another)
  • United We Stand
  • Double Take by Susan Skeen (A Battlestar Gallactica crossover. Face is dead, but a visit from Starbuck may bring Hannibal out of his depression.) (12 pages)
  • Cradle Snatcher by Yvonne Parkin ( Face adopts a young orphan) (4 pages)
  • Flashback
  • The Good of the One The Good of the One" by Cathy L. Bryson (The Cannell Files)
  • In Nam We Trust by Cathy L. Bryson (Our Favorite Things)
  • Past Remembered by by Brenda Callagher (Airwaves)

Reactions and Reviews

  • Overall:8.5
  • Fiction:8
  • Artwork:8.5
  • Layout/editing:7

Favorites: (1) "Comrades" because character development (2) Comrades because I like reading stories about the team before the 'incident' that put them on the run. I liked the show of feelings & concern between the guys.

Least Favorites: (1) "In Nam we trust", and "Double Take" because didn't ring true, either one. I only like crossovers when they are really good. This one's mediocre. (2) The poetry because There is nothing wrong with it . It's just not my thing.

Other comments: (1) better than the Hannibal collection (2) Geez, talk about Face having a bad day : ) In this zine he gets beatup, blinded, killed, and shot not once but at least 3 times. A good read for fans

who like hurt/comfort stories. [1]


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