Airwaves Multi-Media Special

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Title: Airwaves Multi-Media Special
Publisher: AAA Press
Editor(s): Brenda Callagher
Date(s): about 1995?
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Airwaves Multi-Media Special is a gen anthology, a collection of content previously published in Airwaves, a gen zine.

Sister Zines

Issue 1

Airwaves Multi-Media Special 1 contains 148 pages

  • The Van by Jackie Edwards ("An A-Team/Master crossover. Maggie gets amnesia after getting attacked driving BA's van, ends up being rescued by the Master. See the Team get their asses kicked by a Ninja!") (Hannibal Collection) & (Airwaves) (14 pages)
  • other: Space 1999, Remington Steele/Blake's 7, Airwolf, The Master, Knight Rider/A-Team, Star Wars, Gentle Touch, A-Team/The Master

Issue 2

Airwaves Multi-Media Special 2 contains 150 pages

  • And Snoopy Went Down" by Felis Sylvestris (reprinted from Airwaves #6, reprinted in Murdock Collection) (2 pages) (The A-Team)
  • The Enemy of My Enemy" by Denise S. (30 pages) (The A-Team)
  • Friends or Foes?" by Patricia Foss (23 pages)
  • Simon & Simon, V, Starsky & Hutch, The Master/Airwolf, A-Team, The Master/Knight Rider, Equalizer, Starsky & Hutch/A-Team, Hill St. Blues

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[And Snoopy Went Down]: Murdock dies. Just too depressing.[1]

Issue 3

Airwaves Multi-Media Special 3 was published in 1995 and is 141 pages long.

  • The Shape of the Unknown ("There's trouble on Alpha when Tony is attacked by a lion and Maya's ability to metamorph makes her the prime suspect.") (SPACE 1999) (from AIRWAVES #8) (19 pages)
  • Self Image (ST. ELSEWHERE and KNIGHT RIDER) (from AIRWAVES #8) (1 page)
  • The Carnival Of Master Lo (STAR WARS) (from AIRWAVES #9) (5 pages)
  • Leader ("A freak accident may leave Hannibal Smith handicapped. Can the A-Team avoid capture with such a tragic liability and can Hannibal afford to stay with them if it means he will ultimately be the reason for their arrest?") (A-TEAM) (from AIRWAVES #9) (10 pages)
  • Namesake (SPACE 1999) (from AIRWAVES #11) (21 pages)
  • A Matter Of Blood (THE MASTER) (from AIRWAVES #11) (24 pages)
  • Yesterday’s Memories Today ("Someone is killing off the older operatives and McCall is on that list. Now Control has given Robert the possible name of the assassin; this time the odds are against his own friend and colleague and things don't look good for Mickey. Also contains: The Master, Star Wars, Outlaws, Beauty & the Beast. A-Team & Airwolf, St. Elsewhere & Knight Rider.") (EQUALIZER) (from AIRWAVES #11) (12 pages)
  • With A Little Help From My Friends (A-TEAM and Airwolf) (from AIRWAVES #12) (18 pages)
  • T.N.T. (EQUALIZER) (from AIRWAVES #12) (15 pages)
  • Suffer The Little Children (BEAUTY & THE BEAST) (from AIRWAVES #12) (7 pages

Issue 4

Airwaves Multi-Media Special 4 was published in 1995 and contains 136 pages.

  • Beauty and the Beast, Atlantis, Airwolf, Champions/Randall and Hopkirk (Deaceased)

Issue 5

Airwaves Multi-Media Special 5 was published in 1996 and contains 157 pages.

cover of issue #5
  • Kerlathing by Brenda Callagher (Robin of Sherwood) (1)
  • Ragnarock by Brenda Callagher (Robin of Sherwood) (24)
  • Ambrosius by Brenda Callagher (Arthur of the Britons) (59)
  • Hit and Run by Brenda Callagher (Garrison's Gorillas and The Time Tunnel (71)
  • Team Spirit by Josephine Ford (The A-Team) (86)
  • The Opportunist by Josephine Ford (Planet of the Apes) (87)
  • Introspect by Denyse Bridger (Wizards & Warriors) (102)
  • Torino by Ann Wigmore (Starsky & Hutch) (104)
  • Quantum Leap Poetry by Rachel Lindfiel (141)
  • In at the Deep End by Brenda Callagher (Quantum Leap and Baywatch) (143)
  • Quantum Leap Poetry by Rachel Lindfield (149)
  • A Touch of Glass by Brenda Callagher (Lovejoy) (154)

Issue 6

Airwaves Multi-Media Special 6

  • Some Things Never Change" by Cynthia Merrik (Hannibal's daughter is kidnapped.) (from Airwaves #27) (14 pages) (The A-Team)

Issue 7

Airwaves Multi-Media Special 7

  • A Team Effort by Brenda Callagher ("Is Michael Knight working for Decker or with the Team as they go up against a group of mercenaries?") (29 pages) (Knight Rider/A-Team) (also in A-Team Collection and Airwaves #2)

Issue 8

Issue 9

Airwaves Multi-Media Special 9 contains 160 pages.

  • Knight Rider/Magnum PI, Robin of Sherwood, V, Randall & Hopkirk/Tomorrow People, Quantum Leap/Thunderbirds, Beauty and the Beast/Son of Darkness, Thunderbirds, Hardball, Lovejoy/Star Wars/One Foot in the Grave.

Issue 10

Issue 11

Issue 12

Airwaves Multi-Media Special 12 contains 133 pages.

  • Doctor Who, Lovejoy, Quantum Leap, Not With a Bang, Beauty and the Beast, Miami Vice.