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You may be looking for the Sentinel slash zine, Favorite Things.

Title: Our Favorite Things
Publisher: Élan Press
Date(s): 1984-2014
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Our Favorite Things is a multimedia gen fanzine. A few poems and stories are now online here.

The last issue came out at 2014's MediaWest, ending an astounding 30-year run.

Regarding Feedback

In 1992, Elaine wrote:

To address one of your suggested topics for WE, sharing LoCs with contributors: Anne and I put together a bulletin for each issue; we send periodic updates to any contributor we are in regular correspondence with, and make sure that each contributor gets a copy of the complete bulletin when the issue in question sells out.

We're fairly certain that is why we have gotten some of our repeat contributors-a few who were first-time submitters to any zine, who desperately needed the egoboo of some nice words from readers (as well as from us) in order to get them to try again.

Anne and I both also very definitely appreciate it when editors we have dealt with let us know readers' reaction to our submissions. Personally, I find that if an editor never gives me any feedback at all on something I wrote after it has been published, I am less likely to want to submit to that editor again. It's gratifying to get submissions printed, but that is not the main point of sending a story or poem or piece of artwork 'out there' instead ofjust sharing it with a few friends. Unfortunately, editors who share LoCs seem to be in the minority.[1]

Trusted Editors

From a fan in December 1992:

if you want a good editor, then I recommend Elaine Batterby wholeheartedly. We have a long history together and I can honestly say that not one story I've submitted to her was ever unprofessionally handled by her or (her sister) Anne. She's never made demands that weren't in the best interest of the story. In fact, she is one of the few editors that I can freely say, "That's Okay, you don't need to send a draft back to me I trust your judgment completely." (Of course, she does anyhow.) [2]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Our Favorite Things 1 was published in 1984 and is 132 pages long. Artwork by Anne Batterby (front cover), Charlene Kirby, Ruth Kurz, Nancy Gervais, Ann Larimer, Tracy Christensen.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Laura Virgil
flyer for issue #2

Our Favorite Things 2 was published in 1985 and is 104 pages long. Artwork by Laura Virgil (front cover, 33, 70, 74), Anne Batterby 3, back cover, Catherine Flegel 17, 24, Charlene A. Kirby 30, Gennie Summers 34, 80, Mary A. Otten 37, 44, 54, 62, 66, David Garcia 29, 75, 76, 77, 79, Shayne McCormack 72, Nancy Gervais 84, Humberto Hernandez 87, 89, Ruth Kurz 92, 98, 101.

  • Jon-Erik by Elaine M. Batterby (Voyagers!) (i)
  • Christine's Declaration by Gloria DeLeon (Star Trek: TOS) (1)
  • Endure by Elaine M. Batterby (Star Trek: TOS) (2)
  • Remember by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Star Trek: TOS) (4)
  • Deus Ex Machina by Elaine M. Batterby ("During routine monitoring of seldom used communications bands, Uhura overhears a garbled transmission in Romulan, although the ENTERPRISE Is far from the Romulan Neutral Zone. Soon, the ship's new linguist gets a far greater test of ability than anyone could have expected.") (Star Trek: TOS) (5)
  • Home by Heidi Bloebaum (Star Trek: TOS) (26)
  • The White Elephant Affair by Charlene A. Kirby ("How do you get THRUSH to steal something you want them to have?") (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (27)
  • The Hole Truth by Mysti Frank (Simon and Simon) (34)
  • Brethren by Mysti Frank (Simon and Simon) (35)
  • Under Glass by Christine Jeffords & Mary A. Otten "(AJ is one of several hostages taken in the SDPD computer room and the authorities adamantly do not want Rick involved in the negotiations.") (reprinted in The Brother's File) (Simon and Simon) (36)
  • Nightmare by Jean Thrower (Simon and Simon) (66)
  • Late Night Letter by Judy Darnell (Simon and Simon) (67)
  • Many Bothans Died by Ann Wortham ("Did you ever wonder who the Bothans were that Mon Mothma referred to?") (Star Wars) (68)
  • Six Foot Two, Eyes Sky Blue by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (71)
  • Steele Pipe Dreams by Gloria DeLeon (Remington Steele) (72)
  • Here's to the Memories by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (73)
  • You Don't Mess Around with Mick by Mysti Frank (Hill Street Blues) (77)
  • Converging Paths by Sue Doelling ("A black Trans-Am picks up an unusual hitchhiker on a dusty road in Texas.") (Knight Rider) (78)
  • Knight Dreams by Cathy L. Bryson (Knight Rider) (80)
  • Night Music by Sheila Paulson (Airwolf) (81)
  • A Voice on the Wind by Cathy L. Bryson ("Stringfellow Hawke's commemoration of St. John's birthday goes awry.") (Airwolf) (82)
  • Listen by Anne Batterby (Airwolf) (90)
  • Serenade by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Airwolf) (91)
  • Put Your Trust in Chocolate by Annita Smith ("Amanda desperately wants to lose five pounds to fit into a very special dress. Near disaster follows when Lee teases her about her willpower.") (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) (92)
  • Thoughts While Housecleaning by Anne Batterby (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) (100)
  • A Deeper Song by Judy Darnell (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) (101)

Issue 3

  • Our Favorite Things 3 was published in 1986 and contains 124 pages.
  • The Dream by Sharon Huyler (Star Trek: TOS) (1)
  • The Enterprise Surprise Affair by Shirley Backus (Star Trek: TOS) (5)
  • Anacrostic by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: TOS) (28)
  • Tomorrow...and Tomorrow by Gloria DeLeon (Star Trek: TOS) (29)
  • Father's Home by Gladys Crosby (Star Trek: TOS) (30)
  • Home by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: TOS) (30)
  • Word Search by Shirley Backus (Star Trek: TOS) (31)
  • Con Report by Lucy Takeda (Star Trek: TOS) (32)
  • Tractor Beam Blues by Barbara Mater (Star Trek: TOS) (34)
  • Cryptograms by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: TOS) (35)
  • Between Friends by Ann Wortham (multifandom) (36)
  • Fighting Thread by Teresa Sarick (Dragonriders of Pern) (39)
  • Alphabet Soup by Joyce Devine (multifandom) (40)
  • Paid in Full by Elaine Batterby (multifandom) (42)
  • Musings on a Russian by Tracy Taylor (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (44)
  • The Magnum Zone by Mysti Frank (Magnum, P.I.) (47)
  • These Strangers, My Friends by Teresa Sarick (multifandom) (49)
  • Join the Doctor and See the Universe by Karen Mitchell (Dr. Who) (50)
  • Who's on First? by David Garcia (Dr. Who) (50)
  • California Private Investigators' Conference by Elaine Batterby (multifandom) (51)
  • Wavelength by Jean Thrower (Simon and Simon) (77)
  • Rick: Comin' Home by Christine Jeffords (Simon and Simon) (78)
  • Many Happy Returns by Brenda A. (Simon and Simon) (79)
  • Remembrance and Farewell by Susan Doelling (Simon and Simon) (90)
  • Rick, Come Home by Mysti Frank (Simon and Simon) (91)
  • Storm Clouds by Regina Marracino (Simon and Simon) (92)
  • Brethren by Mysti Frank (Simon and Simon) (94)
  • Simon Says by Mysti Frank (Simon and Simon) (95)
  • Agent Education by Lucy Takeda (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) (96)
  • Agent Provocateur by Tracy Taylor (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) (97)
  • Special People by Elizabeth Ford (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) (98)
  • It Wasn't Real by Anne Batterby (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) (103)
  • Steele Persuasion by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (104)
  • A Name Worth Steeling by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (105)
  • Here's to the Memories by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (107)
  • Goodbye, Cody by Elaine Batterby (Riptide) (108)
  • Quinlan, We Hardly Knew Ya by Cathy Bryson (Riptide) (109)
  • Word Search by Joyce Devine (Riptide) (112)
  • Something Fishy by Anne Batterby (Riptide) (114)
  • Faking It by Leah McGrew (MacGyver) (115)
  • Colorado Bound by Elaine Batterby (MacGyver) (118)
  • The Sonny We Had to Use by Anne Batterby (Wiseguy) (124)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

[The Enterprise Surprise Affair]: Captain Kirk follows a Klingon Warship back in time. The resulting "moon lights" attract the attention of U.N.C.L.E. Anold scientist and his secretary are caught in the middle as the Klingons attempt to escalate the development of phaser-like weaponry before the people of Earth are advanced enough to use them wisely. The Klingons hope that the Earthans will destroy themselves before The Federation of Planets canbeformed. Solo and Ilya intervene, and are mistakenly beamed aboard the Enterprise." [3]

Issue 4

Our Favorite Things 4 was published in 1988 and contains 118 pages. The artwork is by Christine Myers (front and back covers).

cover of issue #4
  • It's About Time by Sue Doelling (Simon and Simon) (1)
  • Expectations by Brenda A. (Simon and Simon) (6)
  • A First Time for Everything by Llaura Enright (Simon and Simon) (8)
  • The Night Before Christmas by Brenda A. (Simon and Simon) (13)
  • Brethren by Mysti Frank (Simon and Simon) (17)
  • Dying for a Movie by Valerie DeVries (Simon and Simon) (18)
  • The Strongest Bond by Jill S. Wells (Starman (26)
  • Alien Friend by Anne Batterby (Starman) (30)
  • Smugglers' Misfortune by Laura Michaels (The A-Team/MacGyver) (31)
  • Legend by Anne Batterby (MacGyver) (41)
  • Here's to the Memories by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (42)
  • Steele at Work by Krista Knapp (Remington Steele) (43)
  • The Beginning by Anne Batterby (Remington Steele) (55)
  • Steele Confessions by Sandra McHale (Remington Steele) (56)
  • To Daniel: A Eulogy in Steele by Sandra McHale (Remington Steele) (58)
  • Before the Rising of the Sun by Beth Masterson (Ladyhawke) (59)
  • Mourning Dress by Marcia Brin (Airwolf) (66)
  • Smuggler's Song by Beth Masterson (Star Wars) (67)
  • Descendents of the Bog by C.A. Bartschi (multifandom) (68)
  • Late Night Guide to Survival in the Media Universe by R. Wadsworth ((multifandom) (69)
  • Only in Our Dreams by Annmarie (Miami Vice) (70)
  • No Thank You, poem by Anne Batterby (reprinted in Vice Verse #1) (Miami Vice) (77)
  • The Magic Deck by Shirley Backus (Riptide) (79)
  • Best of Three by Tracy Revels (Riptide) (90)
  • California Private Investigators' Conference II by Elaine M. Batterby (multifandom) (91)
  • Brothers of the Road by Erika Frensley (Stingray) (105)
  • Love Song for a Stranger by Joan Baez (Stingray) (108)
  • Dark Glasses by Elaine M. Batterby (Stingray) (109)
  • Keeping the Faith by Erika Frensley (Stingray) (110)
  • There are All Kinds of Mistakes by Anne Batterby (Stingray) (113)

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5, Christine Myers
back cover of issue #5, Sharon Garinger
apology from the editors -- starts with "Yes, it's late. We know it..." Ends with "Here's your zine."
response form included

Our Favorite Things 5 was published in April 1989 and is 107 pages long.

The art is by Christine Myers, Sharon Garinger, Gloria Wagner, Gladys Batterby, Charlie Kirby, Melody Rondeau, Vicki Brinkmeier, and Stephannie Stoddard.

  • Bon Voyage, poem by Anne Batterby w/illos by Gloria Wagner (Star Trek: TNG) (3)
  • Born of Love by Beth Masterson (Star Trek: TOS/Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (4)
  • Words, poem by Tracy Taylor w/ illos by Gladys Batterby (Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (8)
  • Hearts and Myths. poem by Tracy Taylor w/ illos by Gladys Batterby (Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (9)
  • Amazing Grace by Pam Tuck; illos by Charlie Kirby ("Vincent and Catherine are lost in an underground maze.") (Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (10)
  • Dawn Thoughts, poem by Beth Masterson w/ illo by Gladys Batterby (Dragonriders of Pern) (22)
  • The Sounds of Silence by Sue Doelling (Dragonriders of Pern) (23)
  • Story Starters by Rachelle Wadsworth w/ illo by Gladys Batterby ("Ever had massive writer's block? These will cure it - with laughter.") (multifandom) (25)
  • The Riptide Song, filk by Tracy Revels w/illo by Melody Rondeau (Riptide) (26)
  • Partners by Christine Jeffords ("Takes place shortly before the show's pilot episode.") (Riptide) (27)
  • That's What Friends are For, filk by Elizabeth Ford ("Because of a misunderstanding, Murray decides to move out.") (Riptide) (38)
  • MacGyver's Resolve by Ruth Dempsey (MacGyver) (47)
  • Elements of Style by Barbara Mater ("Trouble at Serendip! Remember Austin James & Mickey?") (Probe) (48)
  • Sometimes It Gets Lonely in the State of Limbo by Cathy Bryson, illo by Vicki Brinkmeier ("One of Ray's most unusual cases.") (Stingray) (60)
  • Take Care, Ray by Anne Batterby (Stingray) (67)
  • Unwritten by Anne Batterby (Stingray) (67)
  • Behind the Looking Glass by Karen Howard ("Where Sonny might have ended up after "Mirror Image".") (Miami Vice) (68)
  • Meditation by Elaine Batterby (Miami Vice) (70)
  • Finding Home by Gloria Wagner; illos by Stephanie Stoddard "(A Christmas story.") (Starman) (71)
  • Visions of Hell by Beth Masterson ("Arrested to maintain his cover, all Vinnie Terranova sees is Sonny Steelgrave's terrible death.") (Wiseguy) (80)
  • This is Not What I Signed on For by Anne Batterby (Wiseguy) (82)
  • Sonny's Farewell by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Wiseguy) (83)
  • The Line by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Wiseguy) (84)
  • Susan's Song by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Wiseguy) (85)
  • The Letter by Marion Hall ("AJ discovers a very old letter from Rick addressed to him while cleaning out his mother's garage.") (Simon and Simon) (86)
  • Troubled Waters by Brenda Anders ("A continuation of the Simon & Simon episode "Tale of the Tiger".") (Simon and Simon) (93)
  • California Private Investigators' Conference III by Elaine Batterby ("Another cross universe madhouse in the tradition of the CPIC I & II... Don't worry - if you haven't read I and/or II, you can still follow the fun!") (multifandom) (96)

Issue 6

front cover issue #6, Anne Batterby
back cover of issue #6, Anne Batterby
1990 flyer for issue #6, printed in Below the Surface #2

Our Favorite Things 6 was published in 1990 and contains 97 pages.

Artwork: Anne Batterby (front cover), 9, 14, 69, 90, 92, 94, Joy Riddle 22, 23, Stephanie Stoddard 30, 34, 38, Adrian Morgan 57, Shiloh 60, Charlie Kirby 70-81, Vicci Cook 87.

  • Just Keep Moving by Pam Trelli ("Lt. Kevin Riley and Ensign William Hickey are stranded on a nightmare planet, unable to communicate with the Enterprise. Will they survive?") (Star Trek: TOS) (1)
  • Reflections of a Father by Heidi Bloebaum (Star Trek: TOS) (8)
  • The Quest by Gloria Wagner (Starman) (9)
  • The Teachings of Yoda by Gloria DeLeon (Star Wars) (11)
  • Lament by Karen Howard ("After the events in "Freefall", Ricardo Tubbs goes back to New York, but things just aren't the same.") (Miami Vice) (12)
  • Return Visit by Anne Batterby (Wiseguy) (14)
  • Lifeline by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Wiseguy) (15)
  • Amber by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Wiseguy) (16)
  • New York Minute by Michelle Lellouche ("Vinnie Terranova and Sonny Steelegrave walk the streets of New York by night.") (Wiseguy) (17)
  • Prince of Air and Darkness by Juli Cleveland (Beauty and the Beast ( 19)
  • Teddybear's Picnic by Joy Riddle ("Judge Harold T. Stone offers Catherine Chandler a dill pickle. She offers him a rain check.") Vincent is amused. (reprinted in Night Beast) (Beauty and the Beast/Night Court) (20)
  • Steelus Interruuptus, or Damn that Gypsy! by Louann Qualls with illos by Stephannie (Stoddard) Plain ("Is Remington Steele cursed?! Can Laura bear the frustration?") (Remington Steele/Beauty and the Beast/Callahan's Crosstime Saloon/Rocky Horror Picture Show/AW) (24)
  • Steele Away by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (45)
  • Steeling a Nightmare by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (46)
  • Partners by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (48)
  • A Steele in Time by Sue Doelling ("Phineas and Jeffrey get separated upon their arrival (by Omni) in Los Angeles - year: 1983!") (Remington Steele/Voyagers!) (49)
  • This Simon is Coming Home by Cinda Gillilan (reprinted in Black Ops #5) (Simon and Simon) (55)
  • Revenge of Story Starters by Tracy, Rachelle and Michele (multifandom) (56)
  • Reunion at Dead Man's Curve by Cinda Gillilan ("Five years have passed since the events in "Be True to Your School". Does Nick Ryder really want to go to this high school reunion?") (reprinted in The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection #2) (Riptide) (58)
  • Nearly Departed by Charlie Kirby ("Is Bruce Wayne being haunted by his long dead parents?") (Batman) (70)
  • The Right Key for Murder by Barbara Mater ("Another baffling murder mystery with Austin James and Mickey Castle.") (Probe) (82)
  • Probe Puzzle by Shirley B. Backus (Probe) (91)
  • Sing a Song of Probe by Shirley B. Backus (Probe) (92)

Issue 7

Our Favorite Things 7 was published in 1991 and contains 98 pages.

The art is by Dementia Insomnia (front cover), Anne Batterby, Gladys Batterby, Vicci Cook, Stephannie Stoddard, KOZ, and Robin L. Belyea (back cover).

front cover of issue #7, "Our 'Favorite' Murphy, courtesy of "Dementia Insomnia"
back cover of issue #7, Robin L. Belyea
  • Scott, poem by Anne Batterby w/ illo by Brett Barham (Star Trek: TOS) (1)
  • Through Alien Eyes by Susan Doelling w/illo by Gladys Batterby & Anne Batterby ("This time when Sam looks in the mirror, he see spots...") (Quantum Leap/Alien Nation) (6 pages) (2)
  • Scene in a Hospital Room by Elaine Batterby, w/illo by Anne Batterby (Alien Nation) (8)
  • Farewell, poem by Sue-Anne Hartwick (Alien Nation) (9)
  • Vacation by Sue-Anne Hartwick w/illo by Gladys Batterby ("Matt's quiet vacation isn't quite what it appears.") (Alien Nation) (10)
  • The Unspoken by Gloria Wagner w/illo by Gladys Batterby ("During a rainstorm, Paul and Scott get a ride from a young couple who don't seem to be speaking to one another.") (Starman) (12)
  • Prosthesis by Sheila Paulson, w/illos by Sheila Paulson ("Benny drags a reluctant Jonathan along as he goes to investigate the tale of a man who mysteriously lost a hand while renovating an old house on a remote stretch of North Carolina coast. And 'lost' is the right word - the hand was never found!") (Shadow Chasers) (18)
  • Murder Flunks Out or Jonathan Mackensie & The Photocopier From Hell by Barbara Mater w/ illo by Vicci Cook ("Murder, psychics, a séance, and a berserk photocopier bring Austin and Mickey into contact with MacKensie and Benedek.") (Shadow Chasers/Probe) (33)
  • The Ballad of Dead Men, poem by Sue Collins (multifandom) (47)
  • The Mark of Magic by Louann Qualls w/ illo by Anne Batterby ("Etienne of Navarre seeks aid for himself and Isabeau from a younger brother.") (Ladyhawke (48)
  • Sunset, poem by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (58)
  • The Hooded Man, poem by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (58)
  • Valiant Disguise, filk by Barbara Mater w/ illo by Anne Batterby (Robin of Sherwood) (59)
  • Story Starters: The Next Generation by Michele Lellouche, Tracy Revels, & Michelle Wadsworth ("More demented story ideas!") (60)
  • No Favors, poem by Anne Batterby w/ illo by Stephannie Stoddard (Stingray) (61)
  • Tempest, poem by Anne Batterby w/ illo by Stephannie Stoddard (Stingray) (61)
  • Stingray Word Search by Shirley Backus (62)
  • Dear Harriet, poem by Anne Batterby (Stingray) (63)
  • Come Into My Parlor by Charlie Kirby w/illos from Charlie Kirby ("The Joker 'plays' with Daddy Long Legs ... with murderous results.") (Batman) (64)
  • Time Out for Romance, filk by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (91)
  • Steele Smitten, filk by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (92)
  • Fool's Game, filk by Debra Talley (Remington Steele) (92)
  • MacGyver Escapes!, filk by Shirley Backus (MacGyver) (93)
  • California Private Investigators' Conference V by Elaine Batterby (multifandom) (94)
  • Loss, poem by Anne Batterby (Wiseguy) (95)
  • Severed Lifeline, poem by Elaine Batterby (Wiseguy) (96)
  • Stingray Word Search by Shirley Backus (97)
  • Ads (98)

Issue 8

Our Favorite Things 8 was published in 1992 and contains 92 pages. Artwork: Dementia Zinia (front cover), Anne Batterby 2, 3, Gladys Batterby 24, Stephannie Plain 53, 58, Charlie Kirby 69.

front cover of issue #8, Dementia Zinia
back cover of issue #8
This issue of Our Favorite Things is dedicated to two important people the world lost recently: The Great Bird of the Galaxy, Gene Roddenberry, creator of STAR TREK, and Isaac Asimov, author of over 440 books (non-fiction, history, science fiction, mysteries, limericks, short stories, etc.) and a major influence on twentieth century America. They will both be sorely missed.

  • Our Favorite Shows, crossword puzzle by Shirley Backus (multifandom) (1)
  • Data Writes a Sonnet, poem by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: TNG) (2)
  • Drop by Drop, poem by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: TNG) (2)
  • Clara's Friend, poem by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: TNG) (3)
  • The Perfect Mate, poem by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: TNG) (3)
  • Cloud Chaser by Gloria Wagner, illo by Anne Batterby ("Scott convinces his father to help a classmate with an "attitude" problem.") (Starman) (4)
  • What Lurks In Chicago by Barbara Mater ("An old college friend of Austin's calls for help when his basement appears to be haunted.") (Probe) (11)
  • Probe Puzzle by Shirley Backus (Probe) (23)
  • An Exercise of the Mind by Gillian Holt, illo by Gladys Batterby ("A psychically gifted young man was able to resist blending with an alien for some time, and the Blackwood Project wants to know why and how. Finding another psychic with a similar gift is just the beginning.") (reprinted in Mind Games) (War of the Worlds) (24)
  • Death Watch by Barbara Mater, illo by Anne Batterby ("An old stem-winding watch Jonathan mysteriously acquires gives off very bad vibes, and the professor's new girlfriend may be the latest victim of the watch's owner.") (Shadow Chasers) (40)
  • Limbo by Sue-Anne Hartwick ("A short-short about life after death for Vinnie Terranova.") (Wiseguy) (47)
  • 3 A.M. by Sue-Anne Hartwick—Another short-short, this one a conversation between Frank McPike and Miguel Santana in a bar in the wee hours of the morning.") (Wiseguy) (48)
  • Ah, TV, an anacrostic puzzle by Anne Batterby (multifandom) (50)
  • Quantum Dice (or If This is His Day Off, I Wouldn't Want to Be Here When He's Working!) by Anne E. Batterby and Elaine M. Batterby, illos by Stephannie (Stoddard) Plain ("Sam Beckett wakes up with a hangover, on a boat, with a hungry alligator roaring overhead...") (Quantum Leap/Miami Vice) (52)
  • Quandry by Anne Batterby (Quantum Leap) (66)
  • Loss by CarolMel Ambassador ("Sam has stepped into the accelerator for the second time, and Donna is once again alone.") (Quantum Leap) (67)
  • Fanfic Generators for the Slightly Warped by Anne Batterby, Elaine Batterby, and Sue Collins ("Some really demented story ideas for intrepid fen.") (multifandom) (68)
  • A Mask for All Seasons by Charlie Kirby, illos by Charlie Kirby ("Batman is invited to a masked ball, but the host doesn't have anything fun in mind.") (Batman) (69)
  • California Private Investigators' Conference 1992 by Elaine Batterby (multifandom) (82)

Issue 9

Our Favorite Things 9 was published in 1993 and contains 100 pages. The front cover is by Charlene Kirby. Interior artwork: Gloria Wagner 5, Suzie Molnar 15, 19, 21, 36, Charlie Kirby 38, 45, 49, 70, 74, 78, 85, 97, J. Jones 65.

front cover of issue #9, Charlene Kirby
back cover of issue #9
  • Word Search by Shirley Backus (multifandom) (1)
  • Acrostic Puzzle by Anne Batterby (Star Trek:TOS) (2)
  • What Is Lost by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: TNG) (4)
  • The Outlander by Gloria Wagner, illo by Gloria Wagner ("Paul and Scott follow Jenny's trail to an island off the New England coastline, and find themselves blamed when a graffiti artist defaces an old lighthouse.") (Starman) (4)
  • The Gentleman Caller by Autumn Lee ("Sarah Jane Smith gets an interesting visitor at the old age home where she resides...") (Doctor Who) (5)
  • What Rough Beast by Sheila Paulson, illos by Suzie Molnar ("Sam Beckett's 'leapee' is Egon Spengler when Janine Melnitz is about to run afoul of a werewolf. Will the Ghostbusters believe Sam?") (Real Ghostbusters/Quantum Leap) (15)
  • I Remember You, by Anne Batterby ("While putting together OFT #13, Anne and Elaine get an order for their zines from someone named Verbena...") (Quantum Leap) (39)
  • Before It's Time by Barbara Mater, illos by Charlie Kirby ("Sam leaps into Mickey Castle when Austin and Serendip are threatened.") (Quantum Leap/Probe) (41)
  • In Stereo Where Available by Lynn Tucker ("The Misfits go after a spooky burglar called The Ghost. Will Gloria get caught violating her parole?") (Misfits of Science) (50)
  • Puzzle by Shirley Backus (multifandom) (58)
  • Dark Justice, poem by Jill Wells (Dark Justice) (59)
  • Angel Eyes by Tammy Croft (Airwolf) (60)
  • Home Sweet Home by Tammy Croft (Nightmare Café) (61)
  • Unasked by Gretchen Cupp (Miami Vice) (62)
  • Stan by Gretchen Cupp (Miami Vice) (63)
  • Hey, Sonny/Yeah Man by Gretchen Cupp ("Hey, Sonny" is reprinted from Crockett-Dial #5) (Miami Vice) (64)
  • The Dance by Lisa Millraney, illo by J. Jones ("A bearded, tangle-maned Sonny Crockett returns to Miami two years after the events in "Freefall"....") (Miami Vice) (65)
  • Good Morning, People by Tammy L. Croft ("Start the day with the people of the Blackwood Project.") (War of the Worlds) (68)
  • Rune Game by Barbara Mater, illo by C. Kirby ("Benny attends a psychic fair in Rochester, NY, and Jonathan has a run-in with the old Norse gods, with dire consequences for Benny.") (Shadow Chasers) (69)
  • That Is the Question by Charlie Kirby, illos by Charlie Kirby ("The Dark Knight is pitted against the Riddler. (Batman) (82)

Issue 10

front cover of issue #10, Charlie Kirby
back cove of issue #10

Our Favorite Things 10 was published in 1994 and is 94 pages long. The subtitle on the cover is, "The 'Who's Afraid of Mary Sue' Issue."

Front cover by Charlie Kirby; back cover by Elaine and Harvard Graphics. Artwork: Charlie Kirby 5, 10, 21, 65, 75, 88, 92, Suzie Molnar 32, 40, Pamela Sherlock 54, 55, 59.

  • When Universes Meet by Gloria Wagner, illo by Charlie Kirby ("A chance meeting and a STAR TREK convention inspire a discouraged writer....") (Starman/Star Trek: TOS/real world crossover) (1)
  • Insomnia, Miles?, poems by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: TNG) (6)
  • Hazards, poems by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: TOS/Hooker) (7)
  • Whispering Jesse, poems by John Denver (8)
  • Jesse's Reply, poems by Elaine Batterby (8)
  • When Push Comes To Shove by Tammy L. Croft, illo by Charlie Kirby ("Two unhappy sisters walk into the café; when one storms out, the other gets her life turned around...") (Nightmare Café) (9)
  • Regrets and Sorrows, poems by Tammy L. Croft (Nightmare Café) (14)
  • I Can Call You Benny; You Can Call Me Al by Barbara Mater, illo by Charlie Kirby ("Sam leaps into a student at Georgetown University, and accidentally spills tea all over the only copy of Dr. Moorhouse's upcoming speech ... and that's only the beginning!") (Quantum Leap/Shadow Chasers) (15)
  • Thanks for the Memories, poems by Anne Batterby (Quantum Leap) (22)
  • Appalachian Trial (or Out Of West Becket) by Anne and Elaine Batterby ("Sam is in mortal danger in the woods of Massachusetts!") (Quantum Leap) (23)
  • Beyond the Grave by Sheila Paulson, illos by Suzie Molnar ("Marissa McCandles is a ghost, and our boys are hired to 'bust' her. This time, however, they end up on the ghost's side!") (The Real Ghostbusters) (28)
  • Mix'n'Match, plot-generator by Esmerelda Strangemother (multifandom) (45)
  • Eat My Library Dust by Connie Crouch, illos by Connie Crouch ("A librarian finds a spy in the stacks!") (Man From UNCLE) (46)
  • All Hallows' Eve by Gillian Holt, illos by Pamela Sherlock ("The aliens are at SeaWorld, and our heroes want to investigate. One small problem - it's Halloween, and they can't get in unless they're in costume!") (War of the Worlds) (reprinted in Green Floating Weirdness #18) (53)
  • Beware the Black Cat by Charlie Kirby, illos by Charlie Kirby ("Read Bruce Wayne's diary entry about the disappearance of Gotham's black cats, and the reappearance of Catwoman.") (Batman) (61)
  • A Prayer for Castillo, poem by Tammy L. Croft (Miami Vice) (93)

Issue 11

front cover issue #11
back cover of issue #11

Our Favorite Things 11 was published in 1995 and contains 97 pages. There is a very small amount of art by Anne Batterby.

  • I'm No Trekkie Polka, filk by Barbara Mater (Star Trek: TOS (2)
  • Acrostic by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: TOS) (3)
  • For "Bones," poem by Gloria Wagner (Star Trek: TOS) (5)
  • Assembly Line by Christine Wirick ("The Enterprise D is ordered to a planet to retrieve scientific equipment left behind in an emergency evacuation. Data beams down to the planet surface alone because of the intense radiation the sensors report, but then Data disappears - and so do the sensor reports of radiation.") (Star Trek: TNG) (6)
  • Shape Shifter, poe by Gloria Wagner (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) (11)
  • The Gift by Gloria Wagner ("Paul Forrester and Scott Hayden help a veterinarian with much more than cleaning cages and mucking out stalls...") Starman (12)
  • Why Don't You Cry U.N.C.L.E.? by Tammy L. Croft ("Illya Kuryakin, dripping wet and broke, walks into the Nightmare Cafe and has one of the oddest and most unsettling experiences of his career. (Man from UNCLE/Nightmare Café) (20)
  • Word Search by Cicatrice du Veritas (Wiseguy) (26)
  • Mistaken Identity by Sheila Paulson ("Ray Stantz goes to a science fiction convention 'in uniform' and runs into a young man who resembles him superficially and is dressed just like him. Moments later, strange men hustle Ray out of the con and into their van. Vincent tries to go to the rescue, but ends up in the kidnappers' hands as well. Now the remaining Ghostbusters have to team up with Catherine Chandler to find their missing friends.") (The Real Ghostbusters/Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (27)
  • Loose Ends by Christine A. Jeffords ("Cody Allen and Nick Ryder have rescued Dr. Murray Bozinsky from DynaGame and Stein's assault charges. Now Murray thinks he's going to join their detective agency and live aboard the Riptide with them. Taken by surprise, Nick and Cody have to decide whether it's an idea they can really live with.") (Riptide) (48)
  • Word Search by Cicatrice du Veritas (Quantum Leap) (55)
  • Al, the Project Observer by Cicatrice du Veritas (Quantum Leap) (55)
  • That's What I Get for Using the Express Lane by Krista Lebednik ("MacGyver just wants to buy some supplies to unclog his sink before Jack Dalton arrives at his place. Unfortunately, he takes his purchases to the express lane... The two suspicious characters in line ahead of him get him drenched and seeing stars from their panicked ineptitude when they recognize him and try to run, even though he has no idea who they are... Curiosity may get MacGyver!") (MacGyver)
  • Tempered Revenge, poem by Lynn Tucker (MacGyver) (60)
  • Dero by Barbara Mater ("Scully and Mulder are called in when a young boy goes missing from a boat tour of the Howe Caverns. As evidence is stolen from Scully, and Mulder gets lost in the dark caverns underground, the case turns out to be much more dangerous than they would have imagined...") (The X-Files) (61)
  • From Two Different Directions, poem by Anne Batterby (The X-Files) (69)
  • Back on the Chain Gang by Michele Lellouche ("The X Files have been shut down, and Scully and Mulder have been separated and given new assignments. While Scully worries about her former partner, Mulder wonders if he can get through one more day without strangling Krycek...") (The X-Files) (70)
  • Lost, poem by Elaine Batterby (The X-Files) (74)
  • Childhood's Innocent Games, poem by Heidi Manzone (The Fugitive) (75)
  • A Pause to Grieve by Elaine Overby ("Richard Kimble has escaped from the wrecked train and run until he cannot force his tired body to take even one more step, only to find himself overwhelmed by everything that has happened since he found the body of his murdered wife...") (The Fugitive) (76)
  • Riddle Me This by Charlene A. Kirby ("The Batman wonders why E. Nigma (a.k.a. The Riddler) is interested in a haunted house. Both he and the ghost are determined that Nigma won't get away with the house's treasure without paying for it, but the ghost's asking price is much too high...") (Batman) (77)
  • Limerick by Shirley Backus (Probe) (94)
  • Our Favorite Guys by Elaine and Anne Batterby (multifandom) (97)

Issue 12

Our Favorite Things 12 was published in 1996 and contains 98 pages. The front cover is by C.H. Burnett, there is no other interior art.

front cover of issue #12, C.H. Burnett
back cover of issue #12
  • Old Friends (ST/TNG/DS9) by Lorraine Anderson ("On space station Deep Space Nine, Captain Montgomery Scott hears of James T. Kirk's death — a month before on Veridian 3.") (1)
  • Voyager, filk by Shirley Backus (Star Trek: Voyager) (11)
  • Penpal, vignette by Gloria Wagner (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (12)
  • Sanctuary, poem by Anne Batterby (Star Trek: Deep Space 9) (13)
  • Militia by Gloria Wagner ("Paul Forrester and Scott Hayden see a glimmer of what appears to be firelight in the distant woods as they walk the cold road from one town to another. Scott wants to ask to share that campfire, but Paul urges caution; the sheriff of the town they just left is missing, and they're walking through militia country.") (Starman) (14)
  • Slide, poem by Elaine Batterby (Sliders) (19)
  • Word Search by Shirley Backus (Time Trax) (20)
  • White Fire, poem by Tammy L. Croft (Lois and Clark) (21)
  • It's the Little Things by Lorraine Anderson ("Sam learns a gentle lesson in between leaps"). (Quantum Leap) (22)
  • Owl Play by Barb Mater ("A poltergeist is wreaking havoc in a nursing home in upstate New York. Or is it? Jonathan, Benny, and Serena make a dangerous trip to Pine Wood Nursing Home outside Syracuse.") (Shadow Chasers) (24)
  • A Favor for the Files by Michele Lellouche ("Why does Ray owe Scully a favor?") (Stingray/The X-Files)
  • Journal Entry (Private), poem by Elaine Batterby (The X-Files) (39)
  • Spy vs. Spy by Barbara Mater ("The sequel to "Dero" from OFT #11; the rat-like little boy Mulder found in Howe Caverns escapes from the hospital, and Mulder follows him while Scully discovers that their rooms have been searched and robbed, again. Will Mulder succumb to the red dust? Will Scully find him first? And who is Brother Adam?") (The X-Files) (40)
  • Illusion, poem by Tammy L. Croft (The X-Files) (46)
  • Secrets by Anne Batterby ("Sam leaps into Mulder just as he and Scully begin an investigation of a strange series of beheadings, and Ziggy has fits every time Al asks about one Duncan MacLeod...") (Quantum Leap/X-Files/Highlander)
  • Forever, poem by Elaine Batterby (The X-Files) (56)
  • My Name is Chance, poem by Elaine Batterby (Strange Luck) (57)
  • The Burning Time by Cinda Gillilan ("Renee St. Clair is gone, and all Nick Ryder has left are memories...") (reprinted in The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection #1) (Riptide) (58)
  • Troll Bridges of Madison County by Sheila Paulson ("Trolls are chasing people away from one of the country's favorite covered bridges, and the Ghostbusters have driven all the way from New York to figure out why...") (The Real Ghostbusters) (63)
  • Stay with the Dead, poem by Tara MacKensies (Space: Above and Beyond) (69)
  • Unmasked by Lynn Tucker ("What happens when Robin accidentally finds out who's behind Batgirl's mask?") (Batman: The Animated Series) (70)
  • The Year of the Cat by Charlene A. Kirby ("Catwoman is once again on the prowl when Bruce Wayne invites a powerful Japanese business associate who loves cats to Gotham City to help him celebrate the Chinese year of the tiger. Will Batman keep her from taking the priceless cat art on display at Gotham's museum for the event?") (Batman) (75)
  • Things to Do by Elaine Batterby ((multifandom) (97)

Issue 13

front cover of issue #13
back cover of issue #13

Our Favorite Things 13 was published in 1997 and has a "spooky" theme. C Illos by Suzie Molnar.

Issue 14

cover of issue #14, James Wappel: Marcus from Babylon 5

Our Favorite Things 14 was published in 1998 and is 110 pages long.

  • Goodbye, Brandon, memorial about Brandon Tartikoff by Michele Lellouch (1)
  • Superheroes R Us by Sheila Paulson, very small illos by Gina DelaConcha ("Ralph is in the hospital, Ray has the suit, Slimer wants Bill's dog biscuits, and a nine-year-old girl needs rescuing from a pedophile....") (The Real Ghostbusters/Greatest American Hero) (2)
  • Somewhere Between Cats and Dog Biscuits by Lorraine Anderson ("Sam leaps into Bill Maxwell as he crouches behind a bush, gun in hand. But why?") (Quantum Leap/Greatest American Hero) (28)
  • Crossword Puzzle by Anne Batterby (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (42)
  • All That She Wants... by Gina DelaConcha ("There's a new girl in town, and she brings danger with her. How does she know as soon as she meets Buffy that Buffy is the Slayer?") (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (43)
  • Voices, poem by Anne Batterby (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (69)
  • The Taken for Granite Affair by Charlene Kirby ("Napoleon and Illya return to Vermont to go to Napoleon's niece's wedding, and find unexpected trouble in an old quarry nearby.") (Man from UNCLE) (Revised reprint from U is for U.N.C.L.E. #5) (70)
  • Euphonophile by Elaine Batterby ("Musicians are being murdered in gruesome fashion, and Mulder suspects a music lover with unusual talents.") (The X-Files) (88)
  • Starlit Vow, poem by Michele Lellouche (X-Files) (98)
  • Descent by Michele Lellouche ("After Scully is abducted, Mulder tries to cling to his sanity.") (The X-Files) (98)
  • A Toast to Jose Chung by Barbara Mater ("A motley group of people gather to say goodbye to a favorite science fiction writer murdered while researching his latest book.") (The X-Files/Millennium/Shadow Chasers/?) (108)
  • Crossword Puzzle Answers by Anne Batterby (106)
  • Ads (107)
  • You Are Receiving This Zine Because by Elaine Batterby (110)

Issue 15

Our Favorite Things 15 was published in 1999 and is 100 pages long. The front cover (Highlander) is by Kate Nuernberg, back cover (The Pretender) is by Kate Nuernberg.

front cover of issue #15, Kate Nuernberg
back cover of issue #15, Kate Nuernberg
  • Father's Home, poem by Gladys Crosby (1)
  • Survival by Lorraine Anderson, with illos by Anne Batterby ("A young ensign, fresh from the academy, goes on her first away mission with Captain Kirk.") (Star Trek: TOS) (2)
  • On the Border by Michele Lellouche ("Will Riker asks Deanna Troi to continue some of the training he had started with her on Betazed. What he learns soon becomes his only chance to save Jean-Luc Picard.") (Star Trek: TNG) (7)
  • The Weird, the Wild and the Wonderful by Tammy Croft ("Mulder and Scully meet Superman while investigating a case in Metropolis.") (The X-Files/Lois & Clark) (15)
  • Synchronicity by Gloria Wagner ("Fate is capricious; she can intervene for you as well as against you...") (The X-Files) (30)
  • The California Valley Affair by Charlie Kirby ("When a retired agent disappears, his assistant calls the agent's 'uncle' for help. Uncle Alex sends Illya and Napoleon...") (Man from UNCLE) (39)
  • Lost by K Hanna Korossy ("A late night hospital vigil.") (Starsky and Hutch) (64)
  • Haunted, poem by Anne Batterby (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (69)
  • Soulmates by Sheila Paulson, with illos by Gina DelaConcha ("Two of the Ghostbusters agree to bust a ghost out-of-state while the other two are laid up. It should have been easy, but now one of them is in the hospital and the other is missing, presumed dead. What on earth happened?") (The Real Ghostbusters) (70)
  • Somehow I Don't Think I'm in Chicago Any More by Anne and Elaine Batterby ("Gary vanishes into thin air—literally!") (Early Edition) (95)
  • Our Favorite Things #15, poem by Anne Batterby (98)
  • Things to Do, small meta by Elaine Batterby (98)
  • Ads (99)
  • Our Zines (100)
  • You Are Receiving This Zine Because (102)

Issue 16

cover of issue #16

Our Favorite Things 16 was published in May 2000 and is 187 pages long. Artwork by Kate Nuernberg (front cover), Warren Oddsson (back cover), Gina Dela Concha, interior

Issue 17

Our Favorite Things 17 was published in 2001 and is 100 pages long. The front cover is by Melody Rondeau, the two interior illos are by Gina DelaConcha.

front cover of issue #17, Melody Rondeau
  • Our Favorite Things #17, poem (i)
  • Angels from Lorraine Anderson (Star Trek: TOS) (1)
  • Tremors by J.J. Junky (Stargate SG-1) (4)
  • The Food of the Gods Affair by Shirley Backu (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (26)
  • Good Intentions by Donna Andrews (Shadow Chasers) (37)
  • each Lovely Thing by Elaine Batterby (Real Ghostbusters) (53)
  • Happy Families by Sheila Paulson (Real Ghostbusters) (57)
  • Poker Night from K Hanna Korossy (Starsky and Hutch) (70)
  • The Truth is Out There, poem by Gloria Wagner (X-Files) (74)
  • Closure by Michele Lellouche (X-Files) (76)
  • The Loneliest Number by Gloria Wagner (X-Files) (80)
  • What's In a Name by Gina DelaConcha (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (83)
  • Loss, poem by Anne Batterby (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (88)
  • Listening by K. Hanna Korossy (Starsky & Hutch) (89)
  • Who Am I? by Shirley Backus (92)
  • Ads (94)
  • Quiz Answer (95)
  • You Are Receiving This Zine Because (96)

Issue 18

Our Favorite Things 18 was published in 2002 and contains 111 pages.

front cover of issue #18, Anne Batterby: Lord of the Rings
back cover of issue #18, Kate Nuernberg: "One Day at a Time" -- West Wing

The art is by Gina DelaConcha, Melody Rondeau, Kate Nuernberg, Anne Batterby, and Barbara Mater.

  • Images, poem by Anne Batterby (topic is 9/11) (1)
  • Movies, poem by Elaine Batterby (topic is 9/11) (reprinted by permission from Mourning) (2)
  • For Gandalf by Sheila Paulson ("The Fellowship deals with grief and guilt after they leave behind the mines of Moria.") (Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (movie)) (3)
  • Man of the Year by Sheila Paulson, with illos by Melody Rondeau ("It's Peter's turn to do some cleanup work at the firehall, and he's let it go a little too long. Now on his sworn word to Egon to clean it up by a specific time, despite their busts, will he be forced to forego an unexpected honor?") (2003 FanQ Winner - Best RGB Gen Story) (The Real Ghostbusters) (5)
  • Dear Fanny, cartoon by Barbara Mater (multifandom) (21)
  • Passing Seahorses by Tammy Croft ("A more than usually morose Mulder gets picked up in a classy bar, with some very strange results...") (The X-Files) (23)
  • The Promise, poem by Anne Batterby ("Sam made a promise to Gandalf, and now that Gandalf has gone, and the Fellowship is broken, he means more than ever to keep it.") (Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (movie)) (33)
  • Real Ghostbusters: The Musical! by Donna Andrews ("Yes, really - our guys burst into song! Janine, too! Great fun, inspired by the RGB's Grand Poobah.") (The Real Ghostbusters) (34)
  • The Guardian of Holiwell by Barbara Mater ("Declan and Miranda join forces with a reunited Jonathan and Benny to investigate a 'miracle' in small town Pennsylvania.") (Shadow Chasers/Mysterious Ways) (42)
  • Letting Go by Elaine Batterby ("This takes place between Aragorn and Frodo late in The Return of the King. Why has no one told Frodo what happened to Boromir?") (2003 FanQ Honorable Mention- Best Gen Lord of the Rings Story) (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (novel)) (49)
  • The Mice Will Play by Gina DelaConcha ("What are Faith, Xander and Dawn doing in Willy's bar?!") (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (51)
  • To Dawn, poem by Anne Batterby (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (60)
  • To Buffy, poem by Elaine Batterby (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (60)
  • Host by Robin Schindler, illos by Gina DelaConcha ("There's something abnormal growing in Egon's abdomen, something dangerous that causes the P.K.E. meters to squeal shrilly...") (The Real Ghostbusters) (61)
  • Hard to Get Home with Any Pride by Michele Lellouche (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (98)
  • Ads (110)

Issue 19

Our Favorite Things 19 was published in 2003. It contains 90 pages and the cover is by Kate Nuernberg.

  • The Demon Hunters by Sheila Paulson, with illos by Melody Rondeau ("Of course it was a scam, it had to be. But Benny and Jonathan should have known the scammers wouldn't want to give up such a lucrative gig so easily, and this time Benny's notoriety may be a serious liability...") (Shadow Chasers)
  • Smoke and Spirits by Barbara Mater ("Doggett and Reyes are called to investigate two mysterious deaths in Rochester, NY – and Monica may be the third!") (The X-Files)
  • Admiral Sparky and the Leaping Librarian by Elaine M. Batterby and Anne Batterby ("Sam Beckett finds himself wearing tweed, sipping tea, and taking notes from esoteric books on – demons?!") (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Quantum Leap) (winner of a 2004 FanQ)
  • Overheard by K Hanna Korossy, with an illo by Deb Walsh ("Perhaps the injured man was meant to overhear the hushed conversation taking place so near to where he lay sleeping?") (The Real Ghostbusters)
  • A Case of Kairos by Gloria Wagner ("Paul and Scott are so very close to finding Jenny at long last...") (Starman)
  • Facing Consequences by Lorraine Anderson ("Commander Finnegan encounters Captain Kirk many years after he tormented Cadet Kirk at Starfleet Academy.") (Star Trek: TOS)
  • Not An Easy Thing to Find by Gina Dela Concha ("Faith is out of prison, and trying to repay Angel's kindness by going straight, but she still has quite a temper, and the people she keeps running into are no help in keeping it under control!") (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • The Wit and Wisdom of Houston Con by Elaine M. Batterby ("Travel back in time with us in a visit to Houston, TX during the summer of 1982...")
  • Star by Sheila Paulson ("Inspired by the front cover! Why is Sam Carter so delighted?") (Stargate SG-1)
  • Dear Fanny by Barbara Mater ("More letters to Fanny, followed by her inimitable advice!")
  • More Our Favorite Quotes collected by Gina Dela Concha and Shirley Backus. Poetry from Gloria Wagner (LotR) and Tammy L. Croft (XF, 24). A Buffy crossword puzzle by Anne Batterby.

Issue 20

Our Favorite Things 20 was published in May 2004 and contains 105 pages. Color covers by Kate Nuernberg.

cover of issue #20, Kate Nuernberg, portrays 23 male characters and one female character...
  • Military Exchange by Lorraine Anderson ("A motley group of humans takes SG-1 prisoner on a planet the inhabitants call the Bermuda Triangle while Sam and Jack are not quite themselves...") (Stargate SG-1)
  • The Spirit of Christmas by Gloria Wagner (X-Files)
  • Tamer by Michele Lellouche and Tracy Revels ("Logan and Briscoe find a lion?!") (Law & Order)
  • Christmastide by Audrey Lynne ("A tale of several Christmases, from Peter and Egon's first Christmas together, to a Christmas celebration with the Ghostbusters after the team saved Christmas as we know it. Boy, do things change!") (The Real Ghostbusters)
  • Ray's Story by K Hanna Korossy ("What do you do when two of your best friends aren't getting along? A reminder that 'tomorrow' may often be too late.") (The Real Ghostbusters)
  • Prank by Sheila Paulson ("Ray should know by now he shouldn't ever investigate an old house on his own, and this time is no exception! He's in big trouble.") (The Real Ghostbusters)
  • The Twain by Sheila Paulson, illo by Anne Batterby ("Poor Pippin is afraid that Faramir will hate him, so he waits for Faramir to awaken in the Houses of Healing so they can talk.") (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King)
  • Goodbyes by Elaine M. Batterby, illo by Deb Walsh ("It's time for the Hobbits to leave Minas Tirith, so some private goodbyes need to be said the night before their departure.") (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King)
  • Nightmares by Anne Batterby, illo by Deb Walsh ("Samwise is distressed to discover that Frodo is still having nightmares as they visit Rivendell on the way home to the Shire.") (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King)
  • My Dear Sam by Elaine M. Batterby, graphic by Sheila Paulson ("Frodo writes to Sam just before leaving Middle Earth forever.") (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King)
  • Also: Dear Fanny by Barbara Mater, a review of Fanny's first book by Barbara Mater, a poem by Gloria Wagner, a poem by Elaine M. Batterby, and more Our Favorite Quotes from Shirley Backus and Gina DelaConcha.

Issue 21

Our Favorite Things 21 was published in May 2005 and contains 102 pages.

front cover of issue #21, lower left corner of the front cover is by Kate Nuernberg (Midnight Caller); upper left cover of front cover by Anne Batterby (Saavik)
back cover of issue #21, Jessie McLain (Warrick of CSI)

The zine contains two interior illos by Melody Rondeau.

The disclaimer: "Characters inside used without permission; however, we now return them safely to their creators, none the worse for wear (or only a little). This is an amateur publication (a.k.a. not-for-profit labor of love)."

From the editorial by Elaine:

Little did we know on that hot August afternoon on Dawn's back porch in 1983 that we were starting something Anne and I would still be involved in nearly twenty-two years and twenty-one issues later. No, we didn't really intend OUR FAVORITE THINGS 1 be a one-shot - hence the number! - but we weren't seriously thinking in really long terms, either. And we didn't know we'd be dragging our friend Eileen into the deal, although she was our first customer and one of our biggest supporters. What along, strange trip it's been! There's been heartache, stress, frustration and many anxious moments over the course of OFT's life span, but more importantly, there's been a lot of joy, satisfaction and pride, as well. Putting new authors into print showcasing an old friend's ever improving writing skills, getting each issue back fresh from the printer with our ideas for what it should be right there in our hands, going to color covers a few years back, winning Fan Q's, figuring out new and better ways to do things, making new friends - all those things have made the journey worthwhile, even if sometimes we have thrown up our hands and said, "I don't wanna do this any more!" Will there be a 22? That depends mostly on our readers and (especially) our contributors. You have the power In your hands.

From the editorial by Anne:

After we started publishing our own zine, we were led to MediaWest and a treasure trove of zines, fandoms, friends and fun. The MW art show has been a source of art to buy, drool over, or chuckle at, as well as the single greatest source for laughter I've ever enjoyed.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 21

[Castaway]: well done I enjoied this but the only disappointment was that Sam and Al had nothing to put right in the future [4]

[Castaway]: Very nicely done. Crossovers are an absolute nightmare to write and seldom work much beyond the "Oh so you're..." stage. I'm not so familiar with Quantum Leap but this seems to fit both universes nicely (I especially liked Trip jumping in to Calavicci). Thanks for sharing. :) [5]

[Castaway]: oh I'm so confused about what's going on time wise and where everyone is


I like the story but the inconsistencies are driving me crazy. Al or "Trip" in this case can only be seen by Sam/Archer... (If he is really taking on the role of the 'hologram'. Also, this is the second QL/STE crossover where somehow miraculously the crew could see that Archer wasn't Archer. I don't get it...Sam appears as the person he leaps into...so T'pol and Phlox shouldn't have recognized that. Other than that I like the premise.[6]

Issue 22

Our Favorite Things 22 was published in May 2006 and contains 115 pages. The artwork is by Kate Neurnberg (front and back covers). It was edited by Elaine Batterby, Anne Batterby, and Eileen Crowley.

front cover of issue #22, Kate Neurnberg: Sensitive Guy Who Wrote 'A Monster Ate the Pilot'
back cover of issue #22, Kate Neurnberg: 'Coffeehouse Poet'

From the editorial:

This issue is dedicated to the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: those who lost their lives, and those who lost all their worldly goods; those who fled and those who stayed; those who lost loved ones and/or beloved pets; those who have come back to pick through the debris, and those who have not been able to come back or who may never come back; those who are rebuilding and those who cannot. This issue is also dedicated to all those who tried to help: the firefighters and paramedics and police, and the volunteers; the Coast Guard picking people off roofs; those who rescued stranded animals and those who tried so hard to reunite people with separated children or loved ones or pets; people who maintained websites with photos and messages so displaced persons could find one another or their furry friends. We dedicate it, too, to all those who know that the need for help is not over, and who continue to make whatever donations of time, money, supplies, and/or prayer that they can make to help our brothers and sisters on the Gulf Coast recover their shattered lives. Please go to http://www.katrinahelp.info and click on Aid Agencies or Animal Rescue Resources if you want to find agood place to send your donation to continue helping those on the Gulf Coast who need us still. If you don’t have internet access, please consider contacting the American Red Cross, or seeing if there is a charity arm to your religious affiliation, if any.

(A hearty ANTI-dedication goes out to all the scam artists who took advantage of suffering people and/or the generosity of compassionate Americans: you belong in the Hall of Shame for your self-serving avarice. We know none of our readers fall into that group, but we found it simply scandalous that anyone, especially any American, could actually see such a disaster simply as away to make a personal profit at others’ expense. Fortunately for us all, that type of person is in the minority, but the selfish actions of those few leave a very bad taste in the mouth.)

  • untitled poem by AEB (i)
  • Wind and Water by Gloria Wagner (about Hurricane Katrina) (1)
  • Farewell, Scotty by Gloria Wagner (tribute to James Doohan, who'd recently passed away) (3)
  • The Light in the Dust by Elaine Batterby ("The Enterprise discovers a planet occupied by only one lonely person...") (originally written in 1982, revised, rewritten and retitled in 2005) (Star Trek: TOS) (4)
  • Our Town by Gloria Wagner ("In their motel room, Paul and Scott get a phone call in a voice Paul recognizes instantly, but what is said just doesn't make sense.") (Starman) (29)
  • Solace, vignette by Nancy Gervais (Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (36)
  • Senses, poem by Nancy Gervais (Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (36)
  • Five Years to the Day by Tammy Croft (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (37)
  • Non-Identical Twins by Lorraine Anderson ("Colonel Jack O'Neill didn't think he'd ever have to see 'mini-Jack' again – but he was wrong.") (Stargate SG-1) (39)
  • Silence in the City by K. Hanna Korossy ("The city sings to those who can hear. Now the city is quiet, and those who miss its voice are full of dread.") (Stargate: Atlantis) (45)
  • Fanny Goes to the Beach by Barbara Mater ("Fanny didn't get any letters this time, so she went on vacation, bumped her head and found a strange bottle in the sand...") (Lost) (49)
  • Far Above Rubies by Susan Macdonald ("Michael Coldsmith Briggs III and Dr. Suzanne McCullough go on a date, so of course they're kidnapped by aliens!") (War of the Worlds/Matt Houston/Airwolf) (52)
  • Winston's Story by K. Hanna Korossy, illos by Melody Rondeau ("Winston is trapped in a burning Ecto, while Ray stands frozen beside the converted hearse.") (The Real Ghostbusters) (64)
  • Images by Anne Batterby (The Real Ghostbusters) (76)
  • The Banner by Sheila Paulson ("Faramir is determined to replant the banner Boromir placed atop Osgiliath. (Lord of the Rings) (77)
  • In Rooms of Memory by Cathy Schlein ("Rosie wants to move into Bag End, but Sam is reluctant to make the necessary changes.") (Lord of the Rings) (82)
  • The Orb of Nimloth by Sheila Paulson ("Gimli and Pippin go exploring underground and find much more than they bargained for.") (Lord of the Rings) (91)

Issue 23

Our Favorite Things 23 was published in May 2007 and contains 72 pages.

cover of issue #23

Sheila Paulson created the front cover. There is no interior art.

A handwritten note on the contents page mentions a bonus story, but there's no sign of it.

Issue 24

Our Favorite Things 24 was published in May 2008 and contains 70 pages.

The artwork is by Sheila Paulson (front cover) and Kate Neurnberg (back cover: House M.D.).

Eileen M. Crowley is the publisher.

front cover of issue #24, Sheila Paulson
back cover of issue #24, Kate Neurnberg

From the editorial:

So, the next one will be the big two-five. Issue #25. We'd love to have contributions from old friends, and we both think it would be really neat to have submissions in some of the fandoms we had so much fun with along the way. (Magnum, Remington Steele, Riptide...There were a lot!) (See list later in the zine of Our Favorite Guys for inspiration!)

Will it be the last? We're honestly not sure, but it could be.

You’ll notice there are a couple of fandoms included that are not on our list of favorites. While Anne has a soft spot for Chuck, and Elaine discovered it in reruns on SciFi, neither of us got past about 15 minutes of the first episode of She Spies - we thought it was that bad. However, Susan has used them well in a fun Chuck story... And neither of us ever even saw Pirate Master, but Gloria gives a delightful fannish spin to watching it.

Issue 25

Our Favorite Things 25 was published in 2009 and contains 116 pages. The publisher is Eileen M. Crowley.

The back cover: Ducky from NCIS (Dr. Mallard, I Presume) by Kate Nuernberg. The front cover is by Sheila Paulson. The interior illos are by Melody Rondeau.

front cover of issue #25, Sheila Paulson
back cover of issue #25, Kate Nuernberg

From the editorial:

Our 24th issue was a difficult one, both in getting submissions and in pulling it together in a bad year. It was our shortest issue ever, and we we really discouraged. So we though the 25th issue would be our final one, and we wanted it to be a great one. So in your hands,you hold our bluest issue of Our Favorite Things ever, and we had a good time this year. So what do you think? Should we keep going? Or should be rest on our laurels and retire in glory? Let us know what you think -you, our contributors, and you, our readers - please!

  • The Reluctant Jedi by Susan Macdonald ("What happens when the Millennium Falcon shows up in Federation space?") (Star Trek: TNG/Star Wars) (1)
  • The Good Neighbor by Gloria Wagner ("Paul and Scott help an elderly couple in trouble, but reveal more than they intended. What will the old man do after he sees the blue light?") (Starman) (23)
  • Frequency Compression by Barb Mater ("Jack and Sam wind up somewhere other than the SGC when going home through the Stargate...") (Stargate SG-1/Eureka) (31)
  • Opposites by Lorraine Anderson ("Daniel really needs to stop touching things!") (Stargate SG-1) (38)
  • A Friend In Deed by Brate ("Sheppard really needs to stop activating Ancient artifacts!") (Stargate Atlantis) (57)
  • The Road to Kaintuck by JJJunky ("John is in trouble again, and another Johnny Cash song comes to his mind as he - and his team - try to figure a way out.") (Stargate Atlantis) (69)
  • Rasputin's Return by Sheila Paulson ("Peter Venkman is the tsar's heir, but he has no intention of claiming the Romanov name - except in jest, while thinking how it might impress the ladies. Unfortunately, he says the wrong thing out loud...") (The Real Ghostbusters) (81)
  • Intellectual Exercise by Susan Macdonald ("Sam Beckett helps the Ghostbusters?!") (The Real Ghostbusters/Quantum Leap) (113)
  • So, How Many Ways Can YOU Use a Pencil? by Lorraine Anderson ("Sam Beckett has an...interesting...time in Sunnydale!") (Quantum Leap/Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (116)
  • Treasure Hunters by Sheila Paulson ("Can Gimli, sidelined in Rohan by a broken leg, help Wormtongue's nephew redeem his good name?") (Lord of the Rings) (131)
  • Numbered Minutes by K Hanna Korossy ("Charlie gets an unexpected visitor, and Don pays the price.") (Numb3rs) (151)
  • How to Make Pizza by Sheila Paulson ("A vignette set after the ship returns to Earth.") (WALL-E) (160)

Issue 26

front cover of issue #26, 'Kwai Chang Caine' artwork by Romanse, in memory of David Carradine
back cover of issue #26, Kate Nuernberg's 'Master Manipulator' (artwork of Patrick Jane/Simon Baker) from The Mentalist

Our Favorite Things 26 was published in May 2010 and contains 84 pages. It won a 2011 FanQ.

From the editorial:

We thought the 25 issue would be our final one. and we wanted it to be a great one. So it became our biggest issue of Our Favorite Things ever, and we had agood time with it! We hope you did. too. Now here's #26 - enjoy another good read!

#27? It's up to you! Submit, submit, submit! If we get enough, it may come to be.

Issue 27

Our Favorite Things 27 was published in May 2011 and contains 70 pages. It won a 2012 Fan Q Award for editing.

front cover of issue #27, "How About a Ride?" - art by Kate Nuernberg, Doctor Who
back cover of issue #27, Cat's Meow Creative Arts tribute to Robert Culp as Kelly Robinson from I Spy
  • Paper by Lorraine Anderson ("What happened to Rodney when he vanished, leaving his clothes behind?") (Stargate Atlantis) (winner of a 2012 Fan Q Award.) (1)
  • Fanny's Blog by Barbara Mater ("How do TV's strong and beautiful women keep their hair looking so good?") (multifandom) (11)
  • Johnny by Susan Macdonald ("Why is Castle on a stranger's mysterious list?") (Castle) (nominated for a 2012 Fan Q) (13)
  • What's Wrong with Tony? by Lorraine Anderson. ("Where did Tony get the new knowledge that solves their case?") With illo by Anne Batterby. (Quantum Leap/NCIS) (It won a 2012 Fan Q Award.) (14)
  • Ephemeral, a short-short by Elaine Batterby, with illo by Anne Batterby. (Lord of the Rings) (23)
  • Holes by Sheila Paulson. (Real Ghostbusters) (24)
  • It's All You Know by Susan Macdonald (The Wizard/Hogan's Heroes) (nominated for a 2012 Fan Q) (56)
  • Maxwell's Silver Hammer by Lorraine Anderson. ("What strange new power did the magic jammies give Ralph?") (Greatest American Hero) (61)
  • That's Our Doctor - poem by Anne Batterby (won a 2012 Fan Q Award) (Doctor Who) (68)
  • 2011 Our Favorite Things, filk by Anne Batterby (69)

Issue 28

Our Favorite Things 28 was published in May 2012 and contains 102 pages.

The front cover is by Kate Nuernberg, back cover by Sheila Paulson. Title graphic for Demon Heat is by Cathi Brown.

cover of issue #28, Kate Nuernberg, "Savant"

The zine itself, as well as content, was nominated for a FanQ.

  • Connections by Sheila Paulson ("A pensive Jean-Luc Picard is interrupted in his ready room by Data, emotion chip engaged.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (1)
  • We Have A Situation by Lorraine Anderson ("Major Carter and Teal'c are acting strange, and Colonel O'Neill and Daniel Jackson are in hiding - what now?") (Stargate SG-1) (nominated for a 2013 FanQ) (5)
  • Two Becketts by Elaine Batterby ("A humorous bit of fluff.") (Stargate Atlantis/Castle) (13)
  • Murder Hits Home by Lorraine Anderson ("Oh, no! There's a murder on Castle's very doorstep!") (Castle) (14)
  • Demon Heat by Sheila Paulson ("A temporal demon sweeps the team years into the future. How do they get home?") (The Real Ghostbusters/Castle) (nominated for a 2013 FanQ award) (26)
  • Two for the Price of One by Susan Macdonald ("Kidnappers get more than they bargained for.") (The Cape/The Wizard) (nominated for a 2013 FanQ award) (46)
  • Late Night by Lorraine Anderson, Elaine Batterby, and various fandom friends ("A piece of silliness!") (multiple) (65)
  • Job Offer by Susan Macdonald ("Post WWII, and Newkirk is in trouble. Again.") (Hogan's Heroes/James Bond) (nominated for a 2013 FanQ award) (66)
  • The White Wizard by Sheila Paulson ("A 'missing scene' from The Two Towers. (Lord of the Rings) (nominated for 2013 FanQ) (68)
  • The Keeper of the Artifacts by Lorraine Anderson ("What happens when Pete and Myka meet Flynn at a Star Trek convention?") (The Librarian/Warehouse 13) (nominated for a 2013 FanQ award) (73)
  • When She Was Bad by Anne Batterby with Elaine Batterby ("Multiple murders and Spencer Reid is seeing ghosts?!") (Criminal Minds) (87)
  • New Beginnings by Lorraine Anderson ("It's time to pass on the super suit. Who gets to meet the little green guy this time?") (Greatest American Hero/Eureka) (nominated for a 2013 FanQ award) (91)
  • Ads (101)
  • You are receiving this zine because... (102)

Issue 29

Our Favorite Things 29 was published in May 2013 and contains 56 pages. Covers by Joni Wagner, interior illos by Melody Rondeau.

front cover of issue #29, Joni Wagner
back cover of issue #29, Joni Wagner

From the editorial:

Of course you've notices that this issue is considerably smaller than our other issues. *Sob* It wasn't mean tto be this way... Still, [personal issues redacted] Lots of things went wrong along the way. A couple of people who thought they could submit stories for us... couldn't. So. Skip a year? Do a smaller issue? You see what we chose to do. We've never skipped a year before, and it felt wrong, wrong, wrong to start now after all this time! We hope you enjoy the stories herein anyway, and wish us a much better year to do OFT 30 - if we're insane enough to try...

It was edited by Elaine Batterby and Anne Batterby, and published by Eileen Crowley.

  • Nor Iron Bars by Sheila Paulson ("Ronon and Rodney are trapped in a cage together in the middle of nowhere. But why?") (Stargate: Atlantis) (1)
  • Mission Report by Elaine Batterby ("Things go sideways on an off-world mission,and John Sheppard tries to explain why it wasn't his fault...") (Stargate: Atlantis) (8)
  • The Empty Office, drabble by Susan Macdonald ("Who's taking weekly trips to the imagination with the Doctor?") (Doctor Who) (10)
  • Doctor Who and the Big Fat Man, or, The Doctor's Sleigh Ride, filk by Lorraine Anderson (A Timelord with a reindeer?) (Doctor Who) (11)
  • The Unscheduled Liberation of Stalag 13 by Susan Macdonald ("Who's the guy in the mask, and what is Operation Egypt?") (Captain America/Hogan's Heroes) (13)
  • Murder at McDonald’s by Lorraine Anderson ("Richard Castle and Kate Beckett can't even peacefully have a burger together.") (Castle) (21)
  • The Rules of Possession by Sheila Paulson ("Uncharacteristic grumpiness and a shredded Mr. Stapuft doll, er, action figure, make for a bad day at the firehall!") (Real Ghostbusters) (31)
  • You Are Receiving This Zine Because (56)

Issue 30

Our Favorite Things 30 was published in May 2014 and contains 100 pages. It was the last issue of a 30-year run.

front cover of issue #30
back cover of issue #30
  • Tall Tales by Sheila Paulson ("On a planet where extravagant lies are valued, Rodney is left alone in the wilderness as a test after his boasts are judged to be no more than what he believes is the truth. Soon, he needs to come up with one whopper of lie merely to survive...") (SGA) (1)
  • Dustball by Elaine Batterby ("After a while, Colonel John Sheppard, USAF, couldn't even remember why he kept moving...") (SGA) (16)
  • Never Saw That Coming by Lorraine Anderson ("Jack dies?! No, Jack ascends. Well, sort of.") (SG-1) (21)
  • The Lab Tech by Susan Macdonald ("Dr. David Banner works as a lab technician for Dr. Simon McKay, an old friend - until kidnappers show up, wanting Simon to go with them...") (The Incredible Hulk/The Wizard) (40)
  • Laugh Until You Cry by JJ Junky ("A divorce case goes very wrong, as AJ winds up accused of murder.") (Simon and Simon) (47)
  • Visit to Erebor by Sheila Paulson ("Gimli's father has a very long memory, and he's not happy with Legolas.") (LotR/The Hobbit) (56)
  • Flynn and Provenza Did Lunch by Yuma ("They weren't supposed to be together, but now they have to explain why they are covered in ketchup and sauerkraut, and in the middle of a murder.") (The Closer) (63)
  • Little Black Rain Cloud by Lorraine Anderson ("Murder by bees?") (Castle) (67)
  • The Curse by Yuma ("Castle is besieged by admirers while on a case with Beckett, Ryan and Esposito.") (Castle) (78)
  • A Case of the Becketts by Lorraine Anderson ("Sam leaps into Castle just before Alexis is shot! And why is Admiral Calavicci there in person?") (Castle/Quantum Leap) (80)
  • You Are Receiving This Zine Because (99)


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