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Title: Mourning
Publisher: AllGen Press
Editor(s): BethB
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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cover by Nancy Janda

Mourning is a gen multifandom anthology. Its subtitle is, "A Tribute." It was published in 2002 and contains 206 pages. The cover is by Nancy Janda. Interior Art by Hindman. Starman illo by Sheila Paulson and Hindman.

All fiction focuses on the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Buildings and the Pentagon.

This is a tribute and/or charity zine (a minimum of $5 from the purchase of each zine was to be donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for the NYC and the Pentagon victims, for as long as this zine remained in print). It raised $1500.

It won a 2002 FanQ for Multi-Fandom Zine—Gen.

Art has been included on Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

Submission Request

The tragedies in New York, Washington, and here in Pennsylvania have touched all of us, and left us looking for ways to make a contribution. AllGen Press, in collaboration with Secret Pleasures Press, is proud to announce a uniquely fannish way to help.

Many of you have written, or are writing, stories, poems, and songs to express your horror and sadness in the wake of Tuesday's attack. I'm asking you to send them to me. I'll put them all in one zine, tentatively titled "Mourning". Joyce from Secret Pleasures Press will print the zine and sell it. We plan to add a small amount to the price, over and above the cost of printing and mailing. That extra amount will be sent to the Red Cross.

In order to make this my top priority, all other AllGen Press publications will be put on hold until this is finished. I want to thank the authors who will be effected by this decision in public for their understanding.

This will *not* be possible without your help. We want to have this zine available at EclectiCon in November. In order to do that, I need your contributions no later than October 7. This will be a multi-media fanzine, so please forward this to every fannish list you're on.

This is something we can all help with -- thank you in advance for your help and support!

BethB -- Don't let the light go out!


  • Kaddish by K. Hanna Korossy (Starsky and Hutch)
  • Gotham Burning by D.L. Slaten (BATMAN) (2 pages)
  • Always Hope by Christina A (HIGHLANDER) (7 pages)
  • Madness (INVISIBLE MAN) (6 pages)
  • The Day Jeffrey Died by Karen Poitras and Hindman (MAN FROM UNCLE) (6 pages)
  • Finding Gina (MAGNIFICENT 7ATF AU) (13 pages)
  • The Day Nothing Else Mattered (MAGNIFICENT 7—ATF AU) (5 pages)
  • Aftermath—One Day At A Time (MAGNIFICENT 7—Little Britches AU) (8 pages)
  • A Temple In Mourning (THE DISTRICT/TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL) (3 pages)
  • Not On Our Turf (PROFESSIONALS) (16 pages)
  • Ashes Ashes (REAL GHOSTBUSTERS) (8 pages)
  • The Importance Of Being Real (SENTINEL) (4 pages)
  • I Don’t Understand (SENTINEL) (2 pages)
  • Guardian Angels Unawares by Besterette (SENTINEL) (2 pages)
  • Beliefs (SENTINEL) (2 pages)
  • Family Of The Heart (SENTINEL) (2 pages)
  • Memories (SENTINEL) (1 page)
  • Tribute (SENTINEL) (2 pages)
  • Greater Love (SENTINEL) (4 pages)
  • Unanswered (SENTINEL) (1 page)
  • Able To Call (SENTINEL) (2 pages)
  • 9/11/01 (SENTINEL) (4 pages)
  • Waiting At The Gate (SENTINEL) (3 pages)
  • Hope by Lyn Townsend (SENTINEL) (3 pages)
  • Miracles and Tragedies by Mary Ellen (SENTINEL) (10 pages)
  • Thoughts (SENTINEL) (1 page)
  • Never The Same (SENTINEL) (4 pages)
  • Shattered (SEVEN DAYS) (6 pages)
  • Doomed To Repeat (STARGATE SG-1) (2 pages)
  • Please Let Me Help by Chrys (STARGATE SG-1) (5 pages)
  • Jack’s Miracle (STARGATE SG-1) (6 pages)
  • Together by Sheila Paulson (STARGATE SG-1) (11 pages)
  • Family Musings by Chuck Simoncini and Nina Pan (STARMAN) (12 pages) (winner of a 2002 Fanq)
  • Poems (17 pages)

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

Wow. That's the first thing that came to my mind as I read the stories, poems and tributes that are included in the zine "Mourning". The zine is the first from the new AllGen Press and while it's sad that circumstances were that this was their first zine, it's a wonderful debut for the press... First off, the overall zine. It's 200+ spiral boung pages of fanfic, poems and art dedicated to the victims of the tragic events of September 11. There are many fandoms represented in the zine, although admittedly, Sentinel has the most stories. But even if you are not a Sentinel fan, I think you'll enjoy the zine. There are shows that I'm not into that fandom, but I was drawn into the story. I'm not going to try to comment on every single story, there's simply too many. But there are several that especially caught my attention and my emotions. So I'm going to go by fandoms represented. Authors, please don't feel left out if I don't mention your particular story. You all did a great job with a difficult subject. It's not your fault if I'm not into a particular fandom... Gotham Burning, by D.L. Slaten. This is the very first Batman fanfic I've ever read. To be honest, I wasn't sure it would work. But oh my, did it ever. I had tears in my eyes at the closing image. It's a beautiful story. I rather wish there had been more Highlander stories. The one included, Always Hope, by Christina A is good, but seeing as how the original Highlander lived in New York, it would have been nice to have seen Connor's reaction. (in other words, Beth needs someone to write more HL stories. <bg>) The Invisible Man story is good, although I stayed sort of lost since I don't know the characters. Not that it mattered, the emotions were the same shared by us all. The Man from UNCLE story, The Day Jeffrey Died by Karen Poitras and Hindman, is wonderful. I've been a fan of UNCLE for years, but have never read much fanfic. As with the Batman story, I was curious as to how it would work. Again, it worked beautifully and again, there were tears as I read it. here are several Magnificent Seven stories that are well written, but since I'm not a fan, I didn't really know the characters going in. Kudos to the authors for presenting stories that didn't depend on the readers knowing the details of the show or the characters. My favorite of the multi-media stories is No Degrees by Jane Mailander. There are many shows represented in a series of short scenes. It's well written and shows the events of the day through the eyes of many of our favorite characters. The Sentinel stories make up the bulk of the zine. Not that I'm complaining, being a Sentinel fan. I'd have to say that I am amused that Blair's mother, Naomi, seemed to get the worse deal of out several of the stories. Some stories have Jim and Blair travelling to New York to help, some have them staying in Cascade helping and dealing with the events. Of the stories that stuck in my memory, "Hope" by Lyn Townsend, "Guardian Angels Unawares" by Besterette and "Miracles and Tragedies" by Mary Ellen. Each for different reasons, but I think all three because they capture the emotions and hopes so very well. There's a Seven Days story that echoed what many of us wish we could do. hmm.. wonder how the Doctor would have handled it? Stargate SG1, "Please Let Me Help" by Chrys and "Together" by Sheila Paulson are both very powerful. Starman. If there's a story that I had to say I didn't quite get or follow, it's the Starman story. By no means is that a reflection on the author. Tis my fault, I just didn't follow it. The fanfic stories end with Starsky and Hutch. Another story that I was curious as to how they'd relate it to current events and it worked. The zine closes with a series of poems, essays, thoughts and prose that share the author's emotions with the readers. They all represent the many emotions we've all felt since 9/11/2001.[1]


Mourning (BethB's 9/11 zine) It was the stories that grabbed me in this one - wrung me dry. I have to watch when I read it, because they STILL make me cry. And the one poem about the pictures on the wall - that does it, too. Every time. And yet I always feel better after. So while this one doesn't get read as often as some of the others do, it's staying, because you need a good wallow now and again.[2]


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