Naomi Sandburg

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Name: Naomi Sandburg
Occupation: free spirit, sometimes-meddler
Location: sweat lodges, hippy communes, spiritual centers...
Status: alive
Relationships: Blair Sandburg's mom
Fandom: Sentinel
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Naomi Sandburg is Blair Sandburg's mother. She's a free spirit, wandering in and out of Blair's life, but they keep in touch with letters. She was the direct cause of a lot of the angst of the finale, by turning Blair's dissertation over to a publisher and thus abruptly making Jim Ellison's senses publicly known.

Some Brief Canon Facts About Naomi

  • She cooks tongue for Blair.
  • She's had a lot of boyfriends, and has never told Blair who his father is.
  • Naomi dislikes cops on principal.
  • Jimi Hendrix gave Naomi a guitar which Blair now owns.
  • She may have had a relationship with Tim Leary.

The Fanon Naomi

Naomi is the little black dress of characters in the Sentinel fandom. She has been portrayed in fanworks as scattered but well-meaning, out-and-out evil, careless and uncaring, and as a character without fault.

Naomi has been paired with Jim Ellison, Simon Banks and OCs. Her past relationships also come into play in fans' speculation about Blair's father's identity. In at least one fanwork, The Hunted by Rimilod, Naomi is not Blair's mother, but his sister.

Some Naomi Fanfic

  • Kith, or Kin? by Fluterbev, ("Someone who knows about sentinels is committing crimes in Cascade. As Ellison works to solve the case, a conspiracy comes to light which threatens to end his partnership with Sandburg forever.")
  • other fanworks tagged with "Naomi Sandburg" at Archive of Our Own

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