Missing Links (Sentinel zine)

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Title: Missing Links
Publisher: The Presses
Editor(s): Tam and Peej
Date(s): 1998, 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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Missing Links is a slash Sentinel anthology.

Issue 1

back cover of issue #1
front cover of issue #1, Jean Kluge

Missing Links 1 was published in Spring 1998 Contains 195 pages. Cover art by Jean Kluge, interior art by PeeJ, KOZ, MegaRouge, and Angi Towski. Despite being published in 1998, this zine has a large amount of hand-drawn art, a medium that has has been on the decline.

From the editorial:
Well, we just had to do this zine! I mean, we came into the fandom a year after everyone else, so we marathoned all the shows we'd missed one after another. It took a few days.

One thing that became glaringly apparent was that, just when you expected to see a certain scene, like a reunion or an explanation, there wasn't one! Tam and I started to think...what might have happened there? Why didn't Jim meet Blair at the elevator in "Dead Drop?" Why didn't they show Jim untying Blair in "Cypher?" What was the conversation like on the drive home when Jim picked up Blair from the Federal building in "Sweet Science?" That's when we came up with the idea to have a little zine comprised of missing scenes and tags for the episodes. Happily, as you can see, several writers and artists felt the same way.

What you're holding in your hands is the culmination of six months of planning and promoting, writing and editing. It is the collected work of ten Sentinel fandom authors, many of whom took the time to fit us in amidst their already heavy online-fiction publishing schedules. We think you'll enjoy the entertaining variety of their work. From serious to funny, we have it all.


  • A Note from the Perps by Editors (2)
  • See the Man by Wanda (5)
  • Flash by India Rose (9)
  • Decyphered by Senta Nahill (15)
  • Sin City by TM Alexander (23)
  • True Confessions by Fey (97)
  • Holding by Katrina Bowen (115)
  • Destiny Joined by Toshua (123)
  • Denial by RJ Burnett (139)
  • Secrets Revealed by Pantera (141)
  • Dinner Conversation by Mirenna (153)
  • Interesting Weekend by Maxine Wolfe (163)
  • Just a Dream by Maxine Wolfe (167)
  • Sleepless Nights by TM Alexander (171)
  • Survival RJ Burnett by (187)
  • This is Who We Are by The Tribbers (189)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, H. Ann Walton

Missing Links 2 was published in 1999. Contains 214 pages. Cover art by H. Ann Walton, interior art by PeeJ, TM Alexander, KOZ, Angelika and Larrkin.

By 1999, many print zines had little art, and what art they had were computer-art and photo manips. "Missing Links" was a zine that bucked this trend. This issue contains a vast amount of art, even more than the previous one. A sample is included below.

From the editorial:
Here we are - again - with what we hope is another, entertaining issue of Missing Links. We want to thank everyone who dropped us a line or email telling us how much you liked the first issue, and who kindly preordered this one to help with printing. Please don't forget to tell the authors of your favorite stories how much you liked them. They worked so hard to make issue #2 happen.

This time around, we have a couple of interesting side- trips into what could be defined most simply as an alternate version of Sentinel, Too-Part 2. Both authors wrote their stories way before the second part aired. And both had their own very viable ways of how part two might have gone. We enjoyed them so much we felt - in spite of part two's airing - these stories should still be read and enjoyed. We have "missing links" from episodes old and new, as always. This time around we touch on Survival, Private Eyes, The Debt, Remembrance, Love Kills, Iceman, Cypher, Flight, Rogue, and Sentinel, Too-Part 2. We have more artists! We happily welcome the beautiful work of newcomers (to our zines), Angelika and Barb. Lots of art this issue! And we noted it seems to be a bit of a Blair issue, art-wise, this time around. That doesn't mean we don't have beautiful picrures of His Jimness, but Blair just hogged the limelight. Imperuous booger. The stories in this issue are extremely varied. We have some folks who came back after working with us in issue # 1. Thanks so much! And we have a couple of folks trying us out for the first time. All together, they helped us to bring this zine to you and they receive our undying gratirude. Is this cover terrific or what? When I told Annie I thought it would be terrific to continue with the "cave" theme to go along with the title, look what she came up with! Wow. We are thrilled with this wonderful cover (and proud to have the original on our Sentinel art wall)! We also have some beautiful color work inside this issue, just like last time. I believe prints of all these pieces are available from their creators. If that interests you, be sure and drop them a line

The first people reading this editorial are probably enjoying the weekend here at SentiCon. To them I say, "Hey! Come by the the table tomorrow and tell us whatcha think!


  • A Note From the Perps by Editors (2)
  • Fractured World by Toshua (5)
  • Soulmates by Mrs. Fish (63)
  • Doubting Ellisons byT.M Alexander (73)
  • Safe by V.G/Vera (85)
  • Come In, My Brother by T.M Alexander (88)
  • Turn-Around by Wanda (91)
  • Pushed Too Far by Wolfing (93)
  • Pushing Back by T.M Alexander (99)
  • The Iceman Hurteth by T.M Alexander (107)
  • Where the Heart Is by Pantera (125)
  • Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes by T.M Alexander (157)
  • Wait by Owlet (183)
  • Don't Be Dead by Owlet (187)
  • Lost by R.J Burnett (191)
  • Even Death Won't Part Us Now by Senta Nahll (193)
  • In Closing by Editors (205)
  • This is Who We Are by Editors (206)