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Synonyms: missing moment, episode addition, gapfiller, spackle, interstitial
See also: episode tag, Missing Year. Post-ep
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Some fandoms with visual sources use the phrase missing scene for stories set during a particular episode of the source text but not within aired material. It is also sometimes used for fanacs created to fill perceived plot holes and other unsatisfying moments in canon.

Missing scenes were often contrasted with episode tags, set immediately after a particular episode. However, in the Janeway/Chakotay part of Star Trek: Voyager fandom, missing scenes and episode tags alike were called "episode additions".[1]

In print zines, missing scenes were sometimes referred to as "scenes from the cutting room floor," a reference to editors physically cutting clips from reel to reel film.

In lit fandoms, such stories are usually termed gapfillers. For example, the Mithril Awards in the Tolkien fandom defined gapfiller:

Gapfillers should take place between two events in any Tolkien book or film. An example of a gapfiller would be the story between the battle before the Black Gates, and Frodo and Sam's awakening at Cormallen; or detail of Tuor's stay in Gondolin before its fall. The work can reference events described in canon, but must be focused on events that are not explicitly described by Tolkien/the filmmakers.[2]

Interstitials has been coined for this type of story in Austen fandom.


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