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Synonyms: lit fic, lit-fic, bookfic
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Litfic normally refers to fanfiction whose canon is a novel or novels. It may also refer to fanfiction of other types of books or literature.[1]

In non-fandom contexts, it can be an abbreviation of 'literary fiction'.[2]

What Books Count?

In some cases, the term 'litfic' is used to distinguish fanfiction of books (usually fiction) from fanfiction of tv shows and movies.

However, when not used as the opposite of a term like media fandom, 'litfic' often implies fanfiction of works like Sherlock Holmes or Age of Sail historical fiction. Rarelit is a subset of litfic excluding the larger book-based sources.

'Bookfic' is often used interchangeably with 'litfic'. However, in book-based source fandoms which were later adapted into movies or tv shows, such as The Chronicles of Narnia or The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 'bookfic' can also refer to fic that is specifically based on book canon, as opposed to movie canon.

Communities, Sites, and Organizations

Rarelitslash on livejournal is a notable litfic community.


  1. ^ The community altvidding on Livejournal, which is devoted to vidding literary and other non-standard canons for vids, lists "lit fic" as an interest.
  2. ^ The community litfic on livejournal is for fans of literary fiction, not a variety of fanfiction.