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Journal Community
Name: Rarelitslash
Date(s): 30 December 2003 – 15 August 2020
Moderator: Lenagirl42, Louise Lux, Norah, Merriman, Semielliptical
Founder: Norah
Type: initially slash, now all genres
Fandom: rarelit
URL: rarelitslash at LiveJournal

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Rarelitslash is a LiveJournal community for rarelit fanfiction of all genres (not accepting works from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fandom). Its formal title is 'Rare Literature-based Fan Fiction' and it is subtitled 'TheirLoveIsSoLiterary!' The community was founded on 30 December 2003 by Norah. It was originally just for slash, but from January 2005 onwards has accepted all genres of fanfiction.

According to the profile:

As of January, 2005, the rarelitslash community will be open to all sorts of rarelitfiction, slash, het, and gen. The community name will not change, because frankly, "rarelitfanfiction" sounds terrible.[1]

Rarelitslash treats rarelit fairly inclusively; all book fandoms are welcome, with the exception of The Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter. In addition to fanfiction posts, discussion & recs are encouraged. The community forms a central resource for rarelit as a fandom, maintaining a list of rarelit livejournals, archives and mailing lists.

Fanfiction was archived in the memories, but these have not been updated since 30 September 2009.[1] In September 2012, the community had 1234 members and remained sporadically active. As of January 2014, there are 1050 members and the community still receives a handful of posts each month.


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