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Name: Norah
Alias(es): makesmewannadie, MMWD, Norah
Type: reccer, fan writer
Fandoms: LOTS
Communities: Rarelitslash
URL: norah at AO3 (deleted) (friendslocked)
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Norah (formerly known as makesmewannadie) is a multi-fandom reccer on LiveJournal. Her recs sets range from rare literature (litSlash)[1] to more popular fandoms like Smallville, LOTRPS and Firefly. She is the founder of the livejournal community Rarelitslash.

She also writes fanfiction in multiple fandoms.

As of 2009, the full title of her livejournal is titled "The artist formerly known as makesmewannadie / Now Miss Eleanora Anthrophasia Smith-Jones."

Example Fanfiction


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