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Name: H. Ann Walton
Type: fanzine publisher, fan artist, vidder
Fandoms: Invisible Man, The Professionals, Sentinel, Alias Smith and Jones, Due South, War of the Worlds, Quantum Leap
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H. Ann Walton was a gen and slash fanzine publisher and fan artist.

Her focus was fanart, but Walton also wrote fanfiction and was an occasional vidder.

She was nominated several times for a FanQ award for both her writing and her art. In 1998, she was nominated for a STIFfie award for her Sentinel art.

In the 1980s-1990s she published Professionals fanzines with Vicki Martin as Featherpaw Press and also as Queen's Press.

Walton passed away on August 2, 2021 at the age of 61.



  • Here is Your Paradise (Cadfael) (to the Chris DeBurgh song "Here is Your Paradise") (1995)
  • To Know Him is to Love Him (Due South) (1995)
  • Loving You (Sentinel) (1997)
  • Who Ya' Gonna' Call (Ghosthunting shows) (2011)
  • Everything I Do - NCIS) (2011)
  • Holmes & Watson Forever (Holmes & Watson) (2011)
  • My Confession (Sherlock) (2012)
  • To Know Him is to Love Him (Sherlock) (2012)
  • Sexy Thing (Sherlock) (2012)
  • Soldiers of the Queen (War Horse) (2013)
  • One Love (Sherlock) (2013)
  • A Silent Movie (Sherlock) (2013)

Fan Comments: Vids

Ann Walton's two humorous Sherlock vids, as well as her serious one, both used the unusual technique (well, for nowadays--according to Kandy Fong, songvids originally began in the form of slideshows, before there were VCR's) of dissolving still pictures instead of using video clips. This enabled her to use photomanips and fan art as well as actual screen captures, which she did especially well in "Sexy Thing." (The humor in the other one, I thought, depended more on the excellent song choice, although the images were well chosen.)


Ann Walton's "My Confession" plausibly got into Sherlock's head; it was more restrained in the use of photomanips, which I thought was more appropriate to its serious tone, but the final kiss was all the more poignant since we know it didn't really happen onscreen.[1]

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