Dog Tales at High Moon

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Title: Dog Tales at High Moon
Publisher: Twisted Macha Press, Queen's Press & Wild Side Press (distributed by Neon Rainbow Press)
Editor(s): H. Ann Walton & Birgid Morgan
Date(s): 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: due South
Language: English
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cover by H. Ann Walton
interior art by Anja Gruber

Dog Tales at High Moon is a 119-page slash Due South anthology. Cover by H. Ann Walton, internal art by Anja Gruber.

Summaries from the publisher:

  • Aiming for 300 (by Mirenna) Ray's looking for something he and Fraser can do together. He's got his preferences, but that's moving a little too fast. (9)
  • Aftermath (by Catherine) Ray's mad about Fraser's apparent lack of a survival instinct, but his anger turns to something else. (6)
  • Evidence (by Ruby) Louis and Huey discuss Fraser and Ray. (4)
  • Thunder & Whispered (by Amanda) A thunderstorm gives Ray some unexpected insights. (2)
  • Bedside Manner (by Khylara) A little injury can't keep a good cop down. (4)
  • Sexual Healing (by Jeannie Marie) Ray is hurting and Fraser is willing to suffer the storm for him. (6)
  • The House of Mine Enemy (by Ruby) Ray takes Fraser to a haunted house. (15)
  • The Promise of Things to Come (by Zane) A psychic's warning turns Fraser's thoughts to new possibility and dreams. (17) (winner of 1998 FanQ)
  • What's a Partner For? (by Ruby) Ray is partnered with another detective, who rubs Fraser the wrong way. (15)
  • Thin Ice (by Annick Walker) It's a rocky road to happiness, but luckily Ray and Fraser have a couple of helpers to smooth the bumps. (18)
  • Plus poetry by Lynne Dhenson, Khylara, and Brigid Morgon. Art by Anja Gruber and H. Ann Walton.