One in Ten

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Title: One In Ten
Publisher: Project Nine Press and Queen's Press, agent: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Laura Grigsby, H. Ann Walton and Brigid Morgan
Date(s): 1997-2011
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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One in Ten is a slash multimedia fanzine.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1
flyer for issue #1

One in Ten 1 was published in 1997 and has 201 pages. Art by Anja Gruber, Priscilla Tweed, and H. Ann Walton.

  • Appraisal (by Etch) Houston Knights. Lundy and LaFiamma begin to explore the possibilities. (9)
  • Conflict of Interest (by Elle Cica) Houston Knights. A first story with some nice psychological edges. (11)
  • 24 Hours (by Etch) Houston Knights. Take a day off, several vegetables, a little harmless play, mix well and enjoy! (5)
  • Forever's Just a Breath Away (by Duval) Houston Knights. After a series of bashings, LaFiamma goes undercover in the community and ends up in the middle of a war zone. (21)
  • Rest and Relax (by M.A. Calhoon) Airwolf. Michael is sent to String's cabin for a vacation, and there are a lot of relaxing activities to keep them happy. (9)
  • Ya Gotta Learn to Relax (by Chris Alexander) Counterstrike. Stone is giving Peter a migraine, but Pete's alter-ego knows a sure-fire cure. (10)
  • Aftereffects (by Lee Seibert) Counterstrike. Peter's alter-ego is back for another tumble. After Sinclair almost dies, he's reconsidering what he wants. (6)
  • Storm Magic (by Paige Aaron) Walker, Texas Ranger. Walker's been thinking about his partner, but he's sure it's something the handsome young black man doesn't want to hear. Then again, Trivette's full of surprises. (41)
  • Words of Love (by Sara Clay) Quantum Leap. One of the holes in Sam's memory is plugged with a conversation. (4)
  • Different is Better (by A.B. Foss) War of the Worlds. Harrison's going nuts trying to decide exactly what Ironhorse is suggesting. Guess the colonel will have to draw him a picture. (9)
  • Making Magic (by R. Robin) War of the Worlds. After a tragic accident Ironhorse thinks that he's lost the "magic." Harrison eventually comes up with a novel way to get it back. (16)
  • Night Terrors (by Karyn Wolf) War of the Worlds. A forgotten alarm clock leads to a rude awakening. (3)
  • Eye to Eye (by Barbara T) War of the Worlds. A beautifully wrought story. Harrison's imagination is taking some unusual turns, but the colonel doesn't seem to mind. (18)
  • Upside-Down Encounter (by Duval) War of the Worlds. A fun romp with Paul and Harrison. (6)
  • Magi Cubed (by Debra Hicks) War of the Worlds. A resurrected Ironhorse watches Harrison and Kincaid, seeing their new relationship. Is there room for one more? (12)
  • Boy Toy: Synchronicity (by Smythe) War of the Worlds. Ironhorse, Norton and a friend. (14)
  • Art by Anja Gruber, Priscilla Tweed, and H. Ann Walton

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

One in Ten 2 was published in 1997 and is 175 pages long.

  • Things That Go Bump in the Night (by H. Ann Walton) Professionals. When Murphy's aunt dies Bodie and Doyle accompany the young man back to the family estate to wrap up her business. Once there they encounter two ghosts who need their help. (23)
  • Stakeout (by etch) Houston Knights. LaFiamma and Lundy are set up by an Internal Affairs officer who's on a witchhunt. (8)
  • I Can't Promise You Forever (by Duval) Houston Knights. Lundy's taking chances and LaFiamma's ready to kill him. Can these partners remain partners? (9)
  • The Melrose Estate (by etch) Houston Knights. LaFiamma buys a grand estate for back taxes, but Lundy's not so sure what the big deal's all about. Then he gets a few lessons. (13)
  • Thank You (by Helena Wolff) Lovejoy. Eric is shot and his near death experience has him thinking about his life. Lovejoy is thinking about Eric, too. Now, if they can just find a way to talk to each other about this... (9)
  • No Interruptions (by Khylara) MacGyver. Pete and Mac celebrate their anniversary. (4)
  • The Getaway (by Duval) War of the Worlds. Harrison and Ironhorse are sent off by the rest of the project for a vacation. No aliens, but lots of wine, sunshine. (7)
  • Stride for Stride (by Chris Alexander) Counterstrike. A series of missing scenes that let us glimpse into the lives of Stone and Sinclair. (10)
  • Domestic Problems (by Lee Seibert) Counterstrike. Sinclair's a little peeved with Stone. The ex-SEAL's taking too many chances. (13)
  • Out in the Open (by Paige Aaron) Walker, Texas Ranger. C.D. is seeing some signs he's not too sure about. When he sets out to find out, he's not at all happy with the answer. (34)
  • Resurrection (by Ruby) The Sentinel. When it looks like Blair is dead, Jim learns the truth about his feeling for his guide. (14)
  • Heat (by H. Ann Walton) The Sentinel. Blair has a plan, now, if it just works before he freezes to death. (6)
  • Good Samaritan (by Casey Squire) The Sentinel. A quiet weekend in the country turns dangerous when a blizzard traps Blair in Simon's cabin and Jim on the road. Reprinted in Mating Rituals #5. (7)
  • Power of Persuasion (by Hailey Daniels) The Burning Zone. Edward and Kim are in Africa and Michael and Danielle are in Hawaii tracking down a new exotic virus that lowers people's inhibitions. (14)
  • Art by H. Ann Walton and Tami Alexander.

Issue 3

cover of issue 3

One in Ten 3 was published in 1998 and is 158 pages long.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

One in Ten 4 was published in 1999 and has 161 pages.

  • Payback (by Kathleen) Alias Smith and Jones. Heyes was a bad boy, and the Kid is going to make him pay . . . and pay . . . and pay. Also in Devil's Hole #4. (4)
  • Make My Dreams Come True (by Zane) Alias Smith and Jones. A posse costs the Kid his life, or at least Heyes thinks so. Also in Devil's Hole #4. (10)
  • The Final Wall (by Duval) Riptide. After a brutal attack, Nick is questioning his new relationship. Reprinted from Dyad #3. (15)
  • A Natural Kind of a Guy (by Chris Alexander) Counterstrike. Stone is feeling a little down after their last mission, but Peter knows exactly the right cure! (8)
  • Past Echoes (by Hailey Daniels) Swift Justice. Mac and Randle are both thinking about their relationships. (14)
  • Second Chances (by Lee Seibert) The Sentinel. A female sentinel rattled Jim's senses and nearly killed his partner. But that's nothing compared to the emotions that are rumbling through Jim's head and heart. (14)
  • Jungle Love (by Casey Squire) The Sentinel. Jim thought he was getting his life back on track after his encounter with a female sentinel, but he was wrong—very, very wrong! Reprinted in Mating Rituals #5. (20)
  • Boundaries (by McKenzie Griffin) Soldier of Fortune. Benny Ray heads over to check on Chance after he takes one helluva beating from Vlady Spazek and his henchmen. And before he knows it, Benny Ray is telling some secrets he hadn't expected to share. (11)
  • Making Up (by K.C.) Soldier of Fortune. Benny Ray wants to apologize to Chance, and finds a way. Then the tables are turned. Also in Don't Ask Don't Tell #2. (11)
  • Reconciliation (by Paige Aaron) Walker Texas Ranger. Jimmy and one of his neighbors are victims of a bashing. And C.D. must face his feeling. (43)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

One in Ten 5 was published in 2000 and is 194 pages long.

  • Blink of an Eye (by Paige Aaron) Miami Vice. When Rico is shot and almost killed, Sonny must face some hard truths about his feelings for his partner. (36)
  • A Long Time Coming (by Duval) Riptide. Nick is trying - real hard! - to accept the fact that Cody and he have actually gotten closer after all these years, but it isn't easy, especially with the Boz around. (10)
  • Sweet Surrender (by Sweetcheeks) Alias Smith and Jones. Curry isn't happy about the path his and Heyes' relationship is taking, but when he pushes too hard, Heyes lashes out, almost destroying any chance they have for happiness. (14)
  • A Lifetime Isn't Enough (by McKenzie Griffin) Soldier of Fortune. Chance and C.J. are slowly building their relationship, but in their line of work, they can't count on a future together. Something has to change. (19)
  • Future Tense (by Paige Aaron) Miami Vice. Sonny finds himself comforting Rico, but that comfort becomes something more for both men. (7)
  • Through Your Eyes (by Sweetcheeks) Hercules: the Legendary Journeys. Herc and Iolaus learn some interesting new facts about each other, and you know the truth can often lead to new visions. . . (10)
  • A Little TLC (by Nancy Platte) Alias Smith and Jones. While being hunted by a posse, Heyes takes a nasty fall and he's hurting. Now they're snowed in an isolated line shack, but the Kid is prepared and more than willing to help his partner with his aches and pains. Reprinted in Devil's Hole #4. (12)
  • When the Past Visits (by Methos) The Sentinel and The X-Files. Krycek drops in on an old friend of his, Detective Rafe, and the two men renew their old relationship. But nothing wonderful can last forever. (16)
  • Whom the Heart Chooses (by Hailey Daniels) Swift Justice. Mac and Randall are getting along wonderfully, although Dad doesn't know the truth yet. Then Randall is shot and almost killed. Mac is worrying alone, but his father is a cop after all and he's able to put the pieces together. (40)
  • Love in a Bottle (by Sweetcheeks) Hercules. Iolaus buys a potion that promises to reveal his true love. Guess who! That's right, but now Hercules is a little miffed. (13)
  • Never Forgotten (by Bast) Sentinel. Simon is looking for the perfect Christmas present for his Kix, and he finds it, but it comes with a story. (7)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

One in Ten 6 was published in 2001 and has 196 pages.

  • Chance Encounter (by Sweetcheeks) Alias Smith and Jones. Heyes runs into an old friend who brings an old desire to the surface, but the Kid doesn't want to share. (13)
  • The Night the Amnesty Came Through (by Nancy Platte) Alias Smith and Jones. Heyes and the Kid finally have their long sought amnesty, and boy do they know how to celebrate! Also in Devil's Hole #5. (12)
  • With This Ring (by Duval) Riptide. Cody wants to seal his relationship with Nick, and he knows how to do it, but the trick is to get Nick to go along. (12)
  • The Heart's Desire (by Paige Aaron) Miami Vice. After Rico is almost killed, Sonny realizes how he really feels about his partner, but how does he tell Rico? (37)
  • The Night's Still Young (by Chris Alexander) Counterstrike. Peter drops by Stone's place for a night cap! (9)
  • In Your Eyes (by Casey Squire) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Post-"Broken Play", C.J. shows up at Chance's home, a bottle of Scotch in hand, but before he can give up, he's given a second chance. Also in Don't Ask Don't Tell #3. (11)
  • Through Love's Eyes (by Sweetcheeks) Hercules: the Legendary Journeys. Iolaus is still blind, but love isn't, and miracles can happen. (8)
  • Monday, Monday (by ylara Ingress) Quantum Leap. It's Monday, and Sam and Al are both back to work, and neither one is having a good time, until they meet for lunch and something unexpected happens. (15)
  • Coming Out of the Closet (by J.D. Rush) Quantum Leap. A meeting, a closet, a few spare minutes . . . why not put them all to good use? (4)
  • Lying in Wait (by Morgan MacCarin & Tara MacKenzie) Poltergeist: The Legacy. A post-"The Reckoning" story. Derek gets a look into Nick's fantasies and decides to help make them come true. (14)
  • Missing Thoughts (by Roberta Hawkes) Invisible Man. A missing scene from "The Other Invisible Man" from Bobby's perspective. (2)
  • Missing Thoughts, Too (by Roberta Hawkes) Invisible Man. Another missing scene from "The Other Invisible Man" from Darien's perspective. (2)
  • Merging Thoughts (by Roberta Hawkes) Invisible Man. A third missing scene from "The Other Invisible Man". Bobby and Darien finally come together and share their thoughts, and other things. . . (8)
  • Whatever It Takes (by Paige Aaron) Stargate SG-1. A post-"Serpent's Venom" story. Teal'c is dying and Jack is determined to do everything he can to save his lover's life. (28)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

One in Ten 7 was published in 2001 and has 178 pages. It reprints some material from other zines.

  • Through the Keyhole (by Kai O'Thay) Alias Smith & Jones and The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.. Heyes and the Kid agree to help Brisco and Bowler get into Devil's Hole, but before they can leave the Kid meets Pete, and his piece. (9) Originally published in Devil's Hole #1.
  • Out of the Ashes (by Lorin Zane) Magnificent Seven. In the aftermath of the truths revealed by Ella Gaines, Chris and Vin are able to begin a relationship. (22) Simultaneously published in Seven Card Stud #1.
  • Still Going Strong (by Morgan MacCarin) Riptide. Nick and Cody celebrate one year as lovers. (7) Originally published in Dyad #18.
  • Forever Man (by Duval) Houston Knights. Lundy and LaFiamma begin a relationship, realizing that they really do complement each other. (17) Originally published in Dyad #4. A sequel to this story is "Face of Forever" in Dyad #6.
  • Face of Forever (by Duval) Houston Knights. LaFiamma gets a bad scare when he thinks Lundy is dead. (12) Originally published in Dyad #6.
  • Forever Moving Heaven and Earth (by Duval) Houston Knights. It's Lundy's turn to twitch when LaFiamma turns up missing. (15) Originally published in Over the Edge.
  • Just One of Those Things (by Duval) War of the Worlds. Harrison decides that the Blackwood Project members need a vacation, but Ironhorse isn't easy to convince. (2) Originally published in Playfellows #4.
  • And Miles To Go Before I Sleep (by J.P. Cads) War of the Worlds. An old friend of Ironhorse's is in an accident and Paul wants nothing more than to be there for him, but he can't, not with the threat of aliens hanging over his head. But Tony was there for Paul when he faced one of his darkest hours, and he finds a way to go. (28) Originally published in Delicious Agony, Vulgar Ecstasy.
  • The Promise of Things To Come (by Lorin Zane) Due South. A psychic tells Fraser that he'd had a vision: Ray and Fraser are lovers, and someone kills them. Now Benny is being haunted by dreams, and the potential killer is still on the loose. (16) Originally published in Dog Tales at High Moon.
  • Softly (by Bast) Sentinel. Blair and Jim begin a relationship. (2)
  • Love Thing (by Bast) Sentinel. Jim and Blair celebrate their anniversary. (2)
  • Angel (by Shorts) Sentinel. Jim wants a relationship with Rafe, and Rafe would like a relationship with Jim, but neither man thinks that the other is interested. It takes some help from Blair and Henri to get these two together. Then it gets interesting. (25)
  • Distraction (by Harmony Miller) C.S.I. Facing death can shake anyone up, and Nick needs some TLC, which Warrick is more than happy to provide. (9)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

One in Ten 8 was published in 2002 and is 150 pages long.

  • Tender Loving Care (by Nancy Platte) Alias Smith and Jones. The Kid gives Heyes a little TLC. (8) Originally published in Devil's Hole #2.
  • Homecoming (by Lorin Zane) Magnificent Seven. Vin and Chris break in their newly built home. (7) Simultaneously published in Seven Card Stud #2.
  • First Steps (by Morgan McCarin) Riptide. Cody finally gets Nick to tell him what's been on his mind. (10) Originally published in Dyad #17.
  • Torch Song (by Leigh) Miami Vice. Sonny daydreams to the lyrics of a favorite song. (2)
  • Between Dreams and Reality (by Paige Aaron) Miami Vice. After what happened in "Smuggler's Blues" Sonny has to reconsider what it is he wants. (7)
  • Lonesome Tonight (by Lexi and Paige) Miami Vice. Sonny has to set things right with Rico, and that means going above and beyond the call. (10)
  • Rage (by Lexi Jordan) Swift Justice. Coffin is mad at Swift, but why? (1)
  • Dreams (by Lexi Jordan) Swift Justice. Feelings become more clear in the aftermath of a dream. (3)
  • A Case of Rape (by T.L.C.) X-Files. After Mulder is assaulted, he needs a little TLC from the one he loves. (8)
  • Feel (by Leigh Williams) Six Feet Under. Nate gains an better insight into his brother. Gen story. (5)
  • Waiting (by Lexi Jordan) Six Feet Under. When David almost ends up the victim of a serial murderer, he and Keith have a rough go of it, but love means sticking in for the long haul. (27)
  • Hard Freeze (by Duval) War of the Worlds. Harrison and Paul, snowed in a mountain cabin...with a friend. (5) Originally published in Dyad #13.
  • And the Greatest of These (by Duval) War of the Worlds. Harrison and Paul celebrate the holidays in their own way. (8) Originally published in Plain Brown Wrapper #2.
  • Imaginary Lover (by McKenzie Griffin) Andromeda. Tyr is missing, but Dylan still has an unusual encounter with the man. (5) (nominated for a 2003 FanQ)
  • Rest and Relaxation (by Paige Aaron) Walker, Texas Ranger. Walker, Alex and Jimmy take a vacation, but it's anything but restful as they try to sort out the tangled web of their relationships. (3)

Issue 9

cover of issue #9

One in Ten 9 was published in 2003 and has 162 pages.

  • Time to Leave (by H.A. Matthews) Horatio Hornblower. It's time to go, but we don't always have to cross over alone. (8)
  • You and Me (by Nancy Platte) Alias Smith and Jones. After spending months in each other's company, Heyes and Curry are willing to try anything. (12)
  • Loving in the Arms of a Friend (by Erica Michaels & Lorin Zane) Magnificent Seven (ATF). A freak snowstorm nearly kills Vin, but Chris is able to find him and arm him up in time. (33) Will also be published in Seven Card Stud #4
  • Reassurance (by McKenzie Griffin) Soldier of Fortune. CJ needs a little reassurance and Chance is more than willing to give it to him. (8)
  • Heat (by Joe Lawson) Special Ops Force. Benny Ray is haunting the other team-members' minds. (20)
  • I Just Want You to Know Who I Am (by Annie) CSI. Grissom wants Warrick to understand more about him. (7)
  • Ritual Cleansing (by IbIv) CSI. After a case Warrick just needs to feel clean again. (4)
  • The Sweetest Thing (by Paige Aaron) Six Feet Under. David and Keith share a tender moment. (6)
  • Hold On (by Khylara) WWF. Sometimes love is worth waiting for. (17)
  • Color Outside the Lines (by Paige Aaron) I Spy. There are times you just have to spell things out for your friends. (24)

Issue 10

cover of issue #10
another version of the cover of issue #10

One in Ten 10 was published in May 2004 and has 184 pages.

  • Evolution of a Pirate (by Charity Flint) Pirates of the Caribbean. Will discovers that a pirate has stolen his heart. (15)
  • Blair: The First Moment by Khylara Sentinel (poem)
  • Play Me by Valaria Sentinel (poem)
  • Detach (by Meg Carruthers) The Sentinel. Something has Jim acting strange, and it isn't at all what Blair thinks it is. (17)
  • Jim: After the Longest Time by Khylara Sentinel (poem)
  • My Sentinel is an Octopus by Valaria Sentinel (poem)
  • Chain of Command (by Tarlan) Star Trek: Voyager. Paris is paying a high price for his honor, but it turns out to be well worth the price. (31)
  • Catharsis (by Khylara) CSI: Miami. Horatio finds that a case brings back some unpleasant memories that he needs to share with Speed. (10)
  • All By Myself (by Zerelda) Alias Smith and Jones. Heyes finds that his thoughts are taking an uncomfortable turn. (5)
  • Identity Crisis (by Lexi Jordan & Paige Aaron) Six Feet Under. When David is assaulted and nearly killed Keith finds himself the prime suspect and getting sorted out means facing some very unpleasant truths. (37)
  • To Change the World (by Tarlan) seaQuest. Krieg finds himself face to face with the one man he had hoped never to see again. (17)
  • Heart and Soul (by Haley Daniels) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Death Fic! Warrick finds that facing the world without Grissom is harder than he ever imagined. (23)
  • One Last Night (by H.A. Matthews) Horatio Hornblower. Death Fic! Saying goodbye is hard, but it can be a little easier when you get one last night together. (9)

Issue 11

One in Ten 11 was published in 2005 and has 159 pages. It won the FanQ Award for best multi-fandom slash zine in 2006.

  • Fever (by Zerelda) Alias Smith & Jones (Heyes/Curry). The Kid is injured and they're holed up with Lom. (12)
  • Dark Night (by Sierra Chaves) Magnificent Seven (Chris/Vin) A first time for the two men turns dark when Vin is abducted and assaulted by a madman. (40) (also in Magnificent Slash Haunts and Seven Card Stud #8)
  • Brothers in Arms (by Tarlan) Now and Again & Strapped (Michael/Matt). Michael agrees to work with a NYC detective to stop a shipment of plastic guns, a potential terrorist's delight. But what starts out as friendship quickly becomes something more. (27)
  • Thoughts During a Storm (by H.A. Scotsman) Stargate: Atlantis (Sheppard/Beckett) A close call has the lovers needing each other. (4)
  • The Last Sunset (by Paige Aaron) CSI: Miami (Speed/Eric). Eric has to keep his true feeling hidden following Speed's death. (6)
  • First Date (by Khylara) CSI: Miami (Speed/Horatio). A rose leads to a first date. (11)
  • There but for the Grace of God (by Paige Aaron) Six Feet Under (David/Keith). David is bothered by an episode of a television series. (2)
  • Dying By Inches (by Paige Aaron) Six Feet Under (David/Keith). A blow up leaves both men wondering what it really means to be family. (10)
  • Resurrection (by Paige Aaron) Six Feet Under (David/Keith). The sequel to "Dying By Inches." When David's mom gets married, it provides an opening for David and Keith to talk and try again. (6)
  • Under Pressure (by Mystie Black) Medical Investigation (Stephen/Frank). A missing scene from "In Bloom." Stephen blows up at Frank and has to apologize. (3)
  • Aftermath (by Mystie Black) Medical Investigation (Stephen/Frank). A missing scene from "Ice Station." Stephen waits for Frank to wake up. (2)
  • Sitting Vigil (by Mystie Black) Medical Investigation (Stephen/Frank). A missing scene from "Ice Station." Stephen's dreams are hunted by what might have been. (4)
  • All or Nothing (by Mystie Black) Medical Investigation (Stephen/Frank). With Frank's marriage coming apart, a part of their shared past returns. (12)
  • Poetry by Khylara and Valaria.

Issue 12

One in Ten 12 was published May 2006 and has 137 pages.

  • New Relations (by Duval) Alias Smith and Jones. The Kid and Heyes find themselves in a new relationship. (9)
  • Beulah's (by Zerelda) Alias Smith and Jones. The boys find themselves in some unsavory company, for the most part. (14)
  • A Different Kind of Poker (by Casey Squire) Alias Smith and Jones. The Kid and Heyes enter into a new game with high stakes and a big payoff. (9)
  • Discretion (by Tarlan) Hawaii. Sean and Chris decide it's time the hiding was over. (3)
  • Tired of it All (by mcat) Hawaii. Preslash. Chris learns just how much he cares about Danny when his partner ends up in the hospital. (15)
  • Waking Up (by mcat) Hawaii. A sequel to "Tired of it All." In the aftermath of his hospital stay Danny and Chris get closer. (5)
  • Where Your Heart Stays (by mcat) Hawaii. Chris is having trouble committing, but it all becomes so much easier when he almost loses Danny. (16)
  • In Your Arms (by Paige Aaron) Eyes. Eric's death stakes Chris to the core, but Harlan is there to help him through it. Too bad Harlan is also awaking to his own feelings for Chris. (38)
  • For the Love of Partners (by jhourdhaun) Evidence. Bishop discovers that his partner means more to him than he thought possible, and maybe, just maybe, those feelings are returned. (7)
  • Drowning Out the Quite (by The Wonder Twins) Criminal Minds. Jason knows he needs to reach Derek, but he isn't too sure the man is willing to be reached. (9)

Issue 13

One in Ten 13 was published May 2007 and has 146 pages. Front cover by Shiloh.

cover of issue #13, Shiloh
  • The Most Wanted (by Twilight) Sentinel. An unexpected call leaves Blair in need of some comfort. (4)
  • The Price of Love (by Mystie) CSI: New York. When Sheldon disappears it's a race to save his life. (8)
  • Trouble Me (by Eby) Numb3rs. David is resuperatnig and Don is there to see to it he does. (5)
  • Circumstantial Evidence (by Eby) Evidence. Cole finds his partner sick and needing some TLC. (19)
  • Mysterious Ways (by Tarlan) American Me/The Ride. While working at a boy's ranch, Smokey meets a new young man who opens up a whole new world. (12)
  • Home for Christmas (by Tarlan) The Runaways. Mark was a runaway, a kid who was selling his body to survive, but then he's given a chance to change his circumstances. (19)
  • Eternal Loser (by Tarlan) Without Consent/The Runaways. Mark is now a college graduate, and his life is going great, which is why he wants to see to it that same happens for David. (10)
  • Kindred Spirit (by Tarlan) McKenna/Silver Wolf. Roy has to decide if he's going to keep his job, or give in to political pressures, so he takes a vacation and runs into Brick McKenna, who gives him a whole new perspective on life. (24)
  • Hecate's Curse (by Tarlan) Hercules: the Legendary Journeys/The Art of War. After being cursed by Hecate, Telamon wanders the earth an immortal who cannot love for fear of loss, that is until he meets Roy, who is much more than he appears. (25)
  • Worth Fighting For (by Legion) CSI: Las Vegas. When Grissom and Nick oversee something, all bets are off. (8)

Issue 14

One in Ten 14 was published in 2008 and contains 101 pages.

cover of issue #14
  • To Sleep, Perchance to Dream (by Paige Aaron) Medical Investigation. Stephen's nightmares are driving him and Frank apart. (20)
  • Rules Made to Be Broken (by Paige Aaron) Medical Investigation. A case that hits too close to home has some unintended consequences. (22)
  • Unexpected Places (by Tarlan) Adventure Inc. Gabe is gone and Judson is feeling the loss, but then a man from his past returns and he's given a second chance at love. (23)
  • Epiphanies (by mcat) Hawaii. Danny realizes that concern can have many roots, one of which is love. (6)
  • Mysterious Ways (by Tarlan) American Me/The Ride. While working at a boy's ranch, Smokey meets a new young man who opens up a whole new world. (12)
  • Behind His Scars (by Sparkle731) Starsky and Hutch. While recuperating from gunshot wounds, Starsky learns about his partner's real feelings. (9)
  • A Town Called Serinity (by Zerelda) Alias Smith and Jones. Heyes and Curry pass the time. (12)

Issue 15

One in Ten 15 was published in 2011 and contains 154 pages.

  • Breakaway (by Rubygirl29) Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis. While in training to learn to fly the X302 Mitchell and Lorne discover something much deeper than friendship. (28)
  • Fate (by The Tenth Muse 1) Hellboy. HB and John enjoy some time together. (4)
  • Bribery (by The Tenth Muse 1) Hellboy HB and John are at it again! (3)
  • I Can See Clearly Now (by Rubygirl29) Stargate Atlantis. John's eyes are injured in an accident, but that doesn't stop him and Ronon from seeing what they can get up to. (6)
  • Pie (by The Tenth Muse 1) Supernatural. Castiel has a couple of surprises for Dean. (3)
  • Doing the Right Thing (by Sammi) Numb3rs. A heart to heart talk. (3)
  • Figuring it all Out (by Sammi) Numb3rs. A little self searching. (2)
  • Interlude (by Sammi) Numb3rs. Sometimes your friends suck! (2)
  • Last Call (by Rubygirl29) Stargate Atlantis. Sometimes being a little uncomfortable can be fun. (7)
  • Welcome (by The Tenth Muse 1) NCIS LA. Callen and Eric mourn a fallen friend. (3)
  • A New Perspective (by Eby) Criminal Minds. When Morgan invites Reid to join him on vacation, Spencer isn't sure what to think, but he's glad he took Derek up on the offer! 33)
  • Changes (by The Tenth Muse 1) Hellboy. HB is waiting the birth of Liz's twins, and then he discovers someone else he loves is in the family way, and it wasn't someone he thought could be. (17)
  • Expanding the Family (by The Neon Gang) Magnificent Seven The Strays AU. The Seven come togther to hunt the monsters that are all too real. (23)
  • Helping Hand (by The Neon Gang) Magnificent Seven ATF Denver AU. Vin needs a little TLC from Josiah. (10)