Don't Ask Don't Tell (Soldier of Fortune zine)

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If you're looking for the US law regarding homosexuality in the military, see Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Title: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Wild Side Press
Editor(s): Laura Grigsby and Brigid Morgan
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Soldier of Fortune, Inc.
Language: English
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Don't Ask, Don't Tell is a mostly slash with some adult het Soldier of Fortune anthology edited by Laura Grigsby and Brigid Morgan.

Issue 1

Don't Ask, Don't Tell 1 contains 115 pages and was published in 1998.

  • Embracings (by Caryn Mayo) het (Benny Ray/Margo). Margo seeks out Benny Ray after the disastrous mission to Bosnia. (10)
  • For a Friend (by Maria Lopez) slash (Benny Ray/C.J.). C.J. is still adjusting following the team's trip to Libya. And, surprise surprise, it's Benny Ray who's there to listen. (8) (won a 1999 FanQ)
  • Worth the Wear of Winning (by Dyevka) slash (Benny Ray/Chance). After a little too much to drink Benny Ray lets his true feeling for Chance slip. (10)
  • The Undiscovered Ends (by Zoe Rayne/Dyevka) slash (Benny Ray/Chance). A crossover with The Professionals. While in England on a mission everything goes wrong, and Benny Ray is blaming himself. C.J. and Benny Ray must now find a way to rescue the others. Good thing C.J. knows a couple of locals who might be able to help. (20) (crossover with Professionals)
  • Wired (by Falcone & Corwalsh) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Matt returns from a date in a bad mood. Good thing Benny Ray is there to help him out. (12)
  • Memories of Love (by Casey Squire) slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Chance has had his eye on Benny Ray for a while, and he finally gets the opening he's been waiting for. (9) Originally published in One in Ten #3.
  • Heart Sounds (by McKenzie Griffin) slash (Chance/C.J.). When the team crashes in the jungle Chance is almost killed and C.J. realizes he can't hide his true feelings much longer. (12) Originally published in One in Ten #3
  • Revelations (by Casey Squire) slash (Benny Ray/Chance). In Mexico to get the goods on the man responsible for almost killing Matt, Chance and Benny Ray face some truths about themselves. (7)
  • Dreams and Consequences (by McKenzie Griffin) slash (Chance/C.J.). Chance and C.J. slowly work on their relationship, which takes an unexpected turn. (7)
  • Living Still (by Duval) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). When Matt survives the sarin gas threat he decides to celebrate with Benny Ray! (13)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Don't Ask, Don't Tell 2 was published in 2000. It is a collection of 12 stories and is 156 pages.

  • Life After Death (by Caryn Mayo) adult het (Benny Ray/Margo). Margo wasn't thinking about another night with Benny Ray when she dropped by the Silver Star, but sometimes things just happen. (8)
  • Worth Waiting For (by Layel Karson) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Scorned." Chance has his eye on Benny Ray, but he's just not sure how fast he should move. (10)
  • Boundaries (by McKenzie Griffin) slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Broken Play." Benny Ray drops in on Chance, to make sure he's okay, but things take an unexpected turn when he's invited to spend the night. (11) Originally published in One in Ten #4
  • Making Up (by KC) slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Hired Guns." Benny Ray invites Chance on a motorcycle ride up the coast so he can apologize for what he said while they were on a mission. His apology leads to a whole new relationship. Originally published in One in Ten #4. (12)
  • Physical Therapy (by Koppie) slash (Chance/Rico). Post-"Genesis." Chance drops by to see how Rico is doing and discovers that they share a secret. (6)
  • A Lifetime Isn't Enough (by McKenzie Griffin) slash (Chance/C.J.). Post-"Apres Vu." With Matt still healing, the team decides to takes some down-time. Chance and C.J. head for Hawaii to explore their relationship in more depth. (19) Originally published in One in Ten 5
  • Sealed With a Kiss (by McKenzie Griffin) slash (Chance/C.J.). Post-"A Lifetime Isn't Enough." Chance and C.J. leave the team and move to Hawaii. (10)
  • Emotional Workout (by Maria Lopez) slash (Benny Ray/C.J.). Post-"Scorned." C.J. drops by to see how Benny Ray is doing in the wake of Raptor's attack. He's okay, but a little TLC can never hurt. (11)
  • A Show of Sympathy (by Koppie) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Scorned." Benny Ray isn't doing so well after the dance with Raptor and then getting his final divorce papers, but Matt is there to help him get through it. (5)
  • Saying Thank You (by Duval) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Alpha Dogs." Matt wants to thank Benny Ray for saving his life, and he has a unique way of doing it. Good thing the sniper doesn't object. (6)
  • Come Back Kid (by KC) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Apres-Vu." Matt's so glad to be alive and back on the team, that he's willing to share a secret with Benny Ray. It's something the sniper completely understands. (9) (a winner of a 2001 FanQ)
  • Winds of Change (by McKenzie Griffin) slash (Chance/C.J.). Post-"Critical List." Chance and C.J. return to LA to see Margo and Benny Ray, then head back to Hawaii, but things aren't the same. They miss the action. Then a storm seals their fate. (38)

Issue 3

Don't Ask, Don't Tell 3 is a collection of 12 stories and is 161 pages.

  • Killing the Shadows (by Caryn Mayo) Adult (Benny Ray/Margo). In the aftermath of her incarceration in North Korea, Margo is having nightmares, but a little TLC might be just what she needs. (9)
  • Trio (by Joe Lawson) adult het (Benny Ray/Margo/Matt). Margo's made up her mind, she wants to get laid. It might be harder than she thought, but she's up to the challenge. After all, the prize is a night with Matt and Benny Ray. (18)
  • Hot & Bothered (by Maria Lopez) slash (Benny Ray/C.J.). Post-"Double-Edged Sword." In Mexico, Benny Ray and C.J. are both getting a little hot and bothered while they wait in a lesbian bar. (7)
  • A Pleasant Way to Pass the Time (by Duval) slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Broken Play." Benny Ray and Chance are slowly healing from the injuries they sustained in Bosnia, but pain medication, a soak in a hot tub, and a little massage can work wonders. So can a little full body contact! (9)
  • Male Bonding (by Karson Scott) slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Last Chance." Chance is going to be just fine, he's even back at the Silver Star, but Benny Ray is having a hard time dealing with that. Good thing for him that Chance is able to figure out why. (14)
  • In Your Eyes (by Casey Squire) slash (Chance/C.J.). Post-"Broken Play." Chance is back home, healing up after the beating he took in Bosnia, but when C.J. drops by, he knows he has to find out what's bothering the man. (11) Originally published in One in Ten #6.
  • Homecoming (by MacKenzie Griffin) slash (Chance/C.J.). When an old friend of Chance's is killed, he and C.J. head back to Philadelphia for the funeral. While there, they both get a lesson in family, and acceptance. (35)
  • Out of Control (by Joe Lawson) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). A vignette. Caught in the middle of a mission, Matt and Benny Ray are drugged and left alone, but what the drugs bring out in the two men is something they both want anyway. (6)
  • Fear Factor (by Koppie) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Broken Play." Sending Benny Ray off to cover his and C.J.'s six almost got the sniper killed, and Matt is feeling guilty. But Matt's also feeling something else, something he's not quite ready to share with Benny Ray. (9)
  • Come Again (by K.C.) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Deja Vu/Apres Vu" (sequel to "The Come Back Kid" in Don't Ask, Don't Tell #2). After starting a relationship after they returned from Mexico, Matt and Benny Ray drifted apart again, but circumstances finally bring them back together, and they discover their feelings haven't changed. (11)
  • Home Remedy (by Joe Lawson) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Benny Ray's been hurt, and Matt is feeling a little protective, not to mention a little attracted. But he's not sure what to do about it. Good thing he's a quick study! Then they both get a surprise from Margo! (21)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Don't Ask, Don't Tell 4 was published in 2001. It is a collection of 9 stories and is 150 pages.

  • Too Little, Too Late? (by Caryn Mayo) adult het (Benny Ray/Margo). Set during "Deja Vu" and "Apres Vu," Margo has to come to terms with her feelings for both Matt and Benny Ray. (16)
  • Who Do You Think You Are, the Lone Ranger? (by Casey Squire) slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Scorned." Benny Ray has an encounter with Chance, who's a little upset that the sniper took on the assassin alone. (6)
  • Jungle Fever (by Duval) slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"La Mano Negra." Chance is having fantasies about a certain sniper, and decides to act on them. (9)
  • Dreams Come True (by McKenzie Griffin) slash(Chance/C.J.). Post-"Broken Play." C.J. is wanting Chance, but he doesn't know how to ask the man if he can have what he wants. (13)
  • In Your Arms (by Duval) slash (Chance/C.J.). Post-"Surgical Strike." C.J. needs to know if his lover thought he might break when captured. (7)
  • The First Time I Loved Forever (by Joe Lawson) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Matt and Benny Ray agree to escort a young man to his father, then all hell breaks loose and Benny Ray is hurt, but that leads to an unexpected confession from Matt. (30)
  • A Crash of Fears (by Koppie) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Last Chance." The crash only heightened Matt's desire for Benny Ray, but he still can't find a way to act on it. (6)
  • The Price of Loyalty (by Joe Lawson) slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Benny Ray takes an assignment that puts him in the cross-hairs of a man with a twisted notion of sex. In order to survive and pull off the mission, the sniper has to admit to his feelings for Matt and use those to get through the ordeal. (44)
  • You've Ruined Me! (by K.C.) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"When the Hammer Falls." Matt's little voice won't leave him alone, forcing him to tell Benny Ray how he feels. (9)