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Name: Zoe Rayne
Alias(es): zoerayne, z-rayne, Zoë Rayne, Sinful Words, Dyevka
Type: vidder, fan writer
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, X-Files, Professionals
Other: http://www.vaportraces.com/
RareSlash Ring
Dyevka's Home Page (1998 or before - 1999)
Zoë Rayne's Slash Fiction Index (1999 - ?, defunct)
URL: zoerayne at AO3
zoerayne at Dreamwidth
z-rayne at LiveJournal
and-chocolate at LiveJournal
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Zoe Rayne both reads and writes slash fan fiction. Several of her vids have been the subject of discussion about constructed reality vidding.

She ran Infinity Press and was a co-founder of the mailing list Coslash.

In 2000, Zoe Rayne gave an interview on slash fan fiction to an online magazine focusing on Internet trends:

"It's not so much that slash writers want to abandon power dynamics; slash is suffused with issues of surrender, control, and reversal (graphically described in stories such as 'Nemesis'). Rather, the authors demand that there be no "received" power arrangements handed to them by television. "Whenever there is a het pairing, there's always an inherent power imbalance, based on our cultural expectations," adds Rayne. "With two men, there is no 'artificial' power imbalance, and you're free to explore the natural power dynamics between the two men in question."[1]

The article was titled The X-Rated Files.

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