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Zine Publisher
Name: Infinity Press
Contact: Zoe Rayne
Type: fanzine
Fandoms: The Professionals, Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate SG-1
Status: defunct
URL: Infinity Press Dreamwidth Page; wayback link; original website
Infinity Press website
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Infinity Press published slash fanzines from 1999 to 2004. They also established one of the earliest fanzine Web Rings.

This press also operated "Zines on Demand," a service for print zine publishers.
Zine Publishers:

Are your photocopying costs getting out of hand? Would you like to publish your zines without an initial the down payment on a new car? Infinity Press is now offering a "zines on demand" system that will save zine publishers money. We can lake your original zine and reproduce it as you receive orders. No more print runs of 100 or more zines, just to get an affordable page rate; your per-copy price will be low, whether you need one copy per week or ten copies per day. Once the zine is printed and bound, we'll even ship it for you. But enough of the sales pitch. You want facts and figures, right? Here goes:

Only 4c per side for black-and-white pages.
You can provide covers and color artwork, or we'll print them and charge you at our cost.
We QC every copy we reproduce.
Orders for zines can be emailed, phoned, or faxed to us.
Your zine will be in the mail within two business days, often sooner.
We can produce hundreds of copies per day, if necessary.