Dyevka's Music Vids

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Title: Dyevka's Music Vids
Creator: Dyevka
Date: 1998
Format: VHS
Length: 56 minutes
Music: see below
Fandom: Multiple Fandoms

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Dyevka's Music Vids is a VHS songtape collection of vids by Dyevka. The videotape came with detailed liner notes explaining the inspiration and origins of each vid, something that was atypical for the time.

The creator notes:"There are some "spoilers" in these notes, since some of my vids depend upon the element of surprise for their humor. I know that some people prefer to know what they're getting into, so I've included the titles and lyrics for the "surprise" vids here. If you prefer to be surprised, you can always watch the tape first, then read the notes. These are my fledgling attempts at vids. They're in roughly chronological order, and I've included the approximate date of creation for each one, so you can hopefully see my progression as I've learned more about the art of vidding. You'll note from these dates that I went vid-crazy in October 1998; I had a burst of inspiration, brought on by the thought of attending Friscon and being able to publicly show my work.'

Among the people she thanked were Sandy Herrold ("for the wonderful panel on vidding that she presented at Escapade '98. She inspired me to express myself through vidding and I'll always be grateful"), Jo and Shoshanna ("for the late-night session of "let's shred Dyevka's vids." I learned a lot and hopefully it's apparent in the newer vids on this tape") and Jessica ("for running the vidders mailing list. It's a terrific resource and an all-around fun place to be. It was where I got the idea to have liner notes that included the song lyrics.")

  • Bodie's Theme (The Professionals)
  • Kung-Fu Fighting (Pros)
  • Behind Blue Eyes (Pros)
  • Sodomy (from the musical 'Hair') ([[X-Files)
  • Real Men (multiple fandoms) ("This vid is dedicated to the memory of Matthew Shepard, a 22-year-old University of Wyoming student who was beaten to death because he was gay. Blessed be, Matthew.")
  • Desire (Desperate Remedies)
  • A Secret Marriage (Lawrence: A Dangerous Man)
  • Theme (Due South)
  • Bad Boys (Multi)
  • Changing Partners (Pros)
  • Desire (Desperate Remedies)
  • Never Let Me Down Again (The Sentinel)
  • To Have and To Hold (X-Files)
  • Holding Our For A Here (Hercules)