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Name: Tzikeh
Type: vidder
Communities: Vidder mailing list, Yuletide
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Tzikeh is a vidder and member of the vidding community. In the late 1990s and early 2000s she edited as part of the Chicago Loop a vidding group based, not surprisingly, in Chicago. In 1997 she founded the Vidder mailing list and served as admin until March 2011.

Tzikeh also served as one of the original concom members of Vividcon, the fan run vidding convention. In 2003, she helped found and run Yuletide, a rare fandom fan fiction gift exchange.

Notable Works

  • Close to You - an X-Files vid, rare, fourth-wall breaking comedy vid.
  • Subterranean Homesick Blues - (X-Files) in collaboration with Luminosity
    • There’s a lot of The X-Files in this, how it works and what the show is. The song is kind of hilarious, in that it totally what The X-Files is about, that shit is fucked up and you’re being lied to, and you kind of get the same sort of barrage of the imperative as you do in the show - Trust No One, Fight the Future. The video does a really good job of matching the audio and it’s fascinating and has really good flow. ~ kiki_eng, Hello, the Nineties.
  • Puttin' On The Ritz, an amazingly well timed multimedia vid celebrating dance done in collaboration with Killa
    • Every time I see this vid I can’t get that song out of my head for days...! Killa and Tzikeh took clips from what seems like every musical ever made and put them all together in a vid with such speed and zip and style it almost makes me want to go and tap dance..... ~ Kathy Resch, Fannish Weekend Day 2: SGA and BASCon vids!.
    • In putting together clips for my Club Vivid vid of doom and dorkiness, with the aid of therienne and aka_arduinna and half their dvd collection, I have finally come to understand why the very last clip in killabeez and tzikeh's Puttin' On The Ritz vid is a) such a brilliant clip choice and b) hilarious. Not that it ever kept me from enjoying the vid, which is an amazing confection of joy and grace, one of my favorite dance vids ever. I just always wondered vaguely what the guy at the end was saying... Yeah, that only took me two years.. ~ Marycrawford, Duh.