Close to You

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Title: Close To You
Creator: tzikeh
Fandom: X-Files
URL: formerly available on imeem

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Close to You is a rare, fourth-wall breaking comedy vid. The comedy works by literalizing the love-metaphors of the Carpenters' soggy classic—birds suddenly appearing, stars falling down from the sky—as typical X-Files craziness. Ostensibly from Scully's (half-ironic) POV, and focused on Fox Mulder as a love object, the vid pulls a classic comedy bait and switch by abruptly switching to Krycek's perspective in the last chorus. The vid also features what may be the most famous breaking of the fourth wall in vid-dom; a perfectly timed annotation: (n.b.: Mulder's eyes are not blue. --ed.)

In the early 2000s, fans participated in a feedback experiment involving some of the Chicago Loop's vids: in exchange for a free copy of the vids, fans sent in feedback forms. The results for "Close to You" are archived here.


  • Close To You, [is] an X-files vid, seemingly with the theme: "Somewhere on Alpha Centauri, there is a bathroom wall with 'For a good time, call Fox Mulder' scrawled on it." It's hilarious, and you don't have to have seen more than a couple of X-files episodes to really get it. ~ brown betty, Collection of internets, and a slice of my brain.