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Name: Arduinna
Alias(es): Flummery, Margie (of Seah & Margie)
Type: writer, vidder, essayist, archivist
Fandoms: MASH, The Sentinel, Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Forever Knight, many others
Other: Arduinna's Omnium-Gatherum
URL: Arduinna at AO3
arduinna at DW
aka_arduinna at LJ
aka-arduinna at Tumblr
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Arduinna has been in online fandom since the mid-1990s. She co-founded the Prospect-L, contributed to Crossroads, writes slash and gen fiction in several fandoms and many interesting fandom meta,[1] vids as one-half of Seah & Margie, runs Arduinna's Stargate Handbook[1] a comprehensive website of Stargate canon. Arduinna also maintains a recs page on her site for both stories and vids.


Notable Works


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