Arduinna's Omnium-Gatherum

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Arduinna's Omnium-Gatherum
Author: Arduinna
Dates: 1998 (possibly) – present
Fandom: multifandom
1998 to 2001
1999 to present
Arduinna's Omnium-Gatherum.png
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Arduinna's Omnium-Gatherum is Arduinna's website with slash fanfiction, essays, recs and links.

An omnium-gatherum is 'a miscellaneous collection, a medley' -- seemed fitting, since I wander around a bit in these pages. There are stories in several different fandoms, rants & rambles, recs, reference pages (for writing in general and for Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis), and even wallpapers and the like.

The page started out as Arduinna's fic page and was listed as Arduinna's Home Page in the Slash Fan Fiction on the Net index in 1998.[1] Arduinna's fic page moved to Trickster in 1999:

These pages are no longer being updated. I'm not taking them down, at least not yet, but if you're looking for anything I've done since March 24, 1999 (or for prettier versions of my older stuff), please go to my new site[2]

The site was already linked as Arduinna's Omnium-Gatherum at The Fan Fiction Directory a year later in 2000.[3]

The story page was last updated January 2009, the rec page in 2008 and the essay page in 2005.



Fandoms include: Alias, Boston Legal, Boy Meets World, CSI, Dead Zone, due South, Forever Knight, Highlander, Invisible Man, I Spy, Kung Fu: TLC, M*A*S*H, Night Court, Peacemakers, The Professionals, Quantum Leap, The Sentinel, Sesame Street, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Starsky and Hutch, Various/Misc.


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