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You may be looking for the Fandom Directory.

Name: The Fan Fiction Directory
Date(s): 2000-2007 (last update)
Archivist: Rayhne
Founder: Rayhne
Type: fanfiction archive
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: (The Fan Fiction Directory v2 (2001, Wayback link)
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The Fan Fiction Directory is a large multi-fandom directory (not an archive!) with links to fan fiction websites in a wide variety of fandoms. It lists more than 450 fandoms, ranging from A-Team to Babylon 5, MASH to Xena. The founder took Karen Nicholas' old link collection and continued from there. The Fan Fiction Directory always featured a disclaimer that:

This site was built using Karen Nicholas' Fan Fiction on the Internet as its backbone. Since that site has not been updated in several months and all attempts to contact her have not been successful, I decided to create this site.

The site was maintained through visitor input, where visitors could report broken links and send in new links. Sometimes people got upset when their website was included because they hadn't given their permission and didn't want to be linked. If someone requested it, the link was removed.

Early on there were some structural changes and the Directory was one of the first main pages with a femslash category (in the beginning "FemSlash", later "Slash - Female"). Femslash got its own page because there were not as many f/f websites as there were m/m sites and especially fandoms like Star Trek Voyager with its main male slash pairings C/P and P/K made it difficult to find the femslash pages for J/7 and B/7. Similarly the "Adult" category from the original site was changed to "Het" to get away from the classification that treated G and PG rated Het as Gen while m/m and f/f were stuck in the slash corner.

Books, comic books, anime, movie based fan fiction links were collected, along with foreign language fan fiction archives, filk sites and sites hosting music videos. Meta and articles about fan fiction and writer's resources also had their own separate section. RPF was not included but it got its own directory instead.[1] This was at a time when RPF was still very much a taboo in media fandom and popslash was a young and emerging fandom. The Real People Fan Fiction Directory was short-lived and was abandoned soon after banned all RPF.

In 2001/2002 the infrastructure was overhauled[2] and the site eventually moved from to where it is still online, though the last news item is from 2007.

The obsolete WBM link offers perhaps the best snapshot of the breadth and depth of online fan fiction up to and including 2001. The site - and the links that lead to the many sites included in the directory - can be accessed through the Wayback machine here. Fandoms are listed to the top left screen and resources and music videos are linked to the top right screen. Further navigation links are at the bottom of each screen.


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