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You may also be looking for the online Fan Fiction Directory.

Title: Fandom Directory
Publisher: FANDATA Publications
Editor(s): Mariane S. Hopkins
Type: directory
Date(s): February 1979-2001 (print)
Medium: print, then online (1995-present)
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Fandom Directory is a directory of fans, zines, clubs and conventions. There is also one international directory.
cover of issue #1, many more covers at bottom of this page

"Before the internet, the Fandom Directory was "the yellow pages of Fandom".

Each year from 1979-2001 the Fandom Directory listed fanzines in a special index. Each year a zine needed to re-submit their information or they were dropped for being non-responsive. Thus we provided a snapshot of the zines being published each year. In the later years we had several hundred current zines listed. We did the same thing with clubs and conventions, so the Fandom Directory chronicles the evolution of fandom zines, cons, clubs, and fans over the 22-year period from 1979 through 2001. That was a very active time in fandom, covering the mimeo era through the start and early growth of the internet.

a 1987 ad printed in the Equicon program book, emphasis on "Fandata Computer Services" -- "Become a visible fan! Join a listing which will show the public how vast fandom is! If you are a collector, dealer, publisher, convention organizer, or just an interested fan, you can get a FREE listing of your name, address, and special Interests In the annual FANDOM DIRECTORY. Get in the listings so that others can find you: pen-pals, fanzine editors, movie industry publicity agents who make interesting mailings, and loads of other fascinating people who want to contact fans & fandom. FANDOM DIRECTORY wants all the names and addresses it can collect in order to increase its usefulness to International fandom. Just fill out the data form below and mail it in."


What is the Fandom Directory?

Actually there are TWO Fandom Directories. The one here online is the free version which lists the online contact information for an individual, company, publication or organization. The online version of the Directory was begun in 1995, but the paper edition has been around since 1979. (Check out our back issue cover art gallery.) Since 1979, the Fandom Directory has grown to become the premiere networking tool for fans, collectors, dealers and stores; zine publishers, club members, convention organizers and attendees. The paper edition, before ceasing publication in 2001, listed full addresses and phone numbers for over 20,000 listings and gave dates and locations for all the conventions. The online edition lists only those listings which have provided us their online information.

Why is the Fandom Directory on the WWW?

The online edition was begun in 1995 because the information about peoples' email addresses and web sites was changing so fast that the paper edition really couldn't keep up with the number of changes. So, we built the online edition as a complement to the paper edition and moved all of the electronic contact information here.

Where did the information come from?

In the popular language of the Internet, the Fandom Directory is an opt in list. No one is listed unless they ask to be listed. The information source is the individual, company, organization or publication that the information is about. [1]

Issue 1

Fandom Directory 1 was published in February 1979 and contains 160 pages. The cover is by Pete Morisi. It contains 3,200 listings. Publisher: Harry A. Hopkins

Issue 2

Fandom Directory 2 was published in May 1980 and contains 304 pages. The cover is by Earl Geier. It contains 5,400 listings.

Issue 3

Fandom Directory 3 was published in March 1981 and contains 380 pages. The cover is by Dennis Fujitake. It contains 8,200 listings.

Issue 4

Fandom Directory 4 was published in March 1982 and contains 408 pages. The cover is by Ken Macklin. It contains 9,500 listings.

Issue 5

Fandom Directory 5 was published in March 1983 and contains 448 pages. The cover is by Mark Wheatley. It contains 11,100 listings.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

This is the fifth edition of the FANDOM DIRECTORY from Fandom Computer Services and it is big - 448 pages big. It is a reference work devoted to Star Trek, Star Wars, science fiction, fantasy, comics, pulps, wargaming, and horror fandom. You might call this the white and yellow pages of fandom.

Its contents include listings for 152 fan clubs, 257 fanzines, 201 conventions, pro-space organizations, 77 research libraries of interest to fandom, and alphabetical and by zip code listings of fans, fan clubs, fanzines, organizations, and retail stores. The alphabetical listing contains over 10,000 entries with name, address, sometimes phone numbers, and up to 10 areas of interest specified for each entry. Many overseas listings are included. The listing by alphabet and zip codes are separated by 30 pages of handsome black and white artwork. Over 700 retail stores are listed separately. The FANDOM DIRECTORY is also available on presorted pregummed address labels at 8 cents per name for direct mail advertisers.

Yes, folks, getting listed in this could be like hitting the mother lode of fannish junk mail. [2]

Issue 6

Fandom Directory 6 was published in March 1984 and contains 384 pages. The cover is by Steve Martin. It contains 13,200 listings.

Issue 7

Fandom Directory 7 was published in March 1985 and contains 416 pages. The cover is by Dennis Fujitake. It contains 3,200 listings.

Issue 8

Fandom Directory 8 was published in March 1986 and contains 448 pages. The cover is by Steve Martin. It contains 15,500 listings.

Issue 9

Fandom Directory 9 was published in March 1987 and contains 480 pages. The cover is by Dave Garcia. It contains 16,300 listings.

Issue 10

Fandom Directory 10 was published in March 1988 and contains 528 pages. The cover is by Dave Garcia. It contains 19,800 listings.

From an ad:

Friends, organizations and new customers from ALL OVER THE WORLD are in the pages of the FANDOM DIRECTORY, with over 500 pages of information, including indexes to fan clubs, fanzines, and fan gatherings.

If you are a dealer, Publisher, Publicity agent, collector, or a fan looking for fellow enthusiasts, the FANDOM DIRECTORY is for you! Whether you are interested in nuts-and-bolts Science Fiction, comics, media, or pure fantasy, you cannot afford to be without this valuable tool.

COVERING: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Comics, Star Trek, Star Wars, Animation, Space Interests, Costumes, Filking, Props, Superheroes, Fantasy Games, Pulps, Sword & Sorcery, Dr. Who, Fan Art, Movie Material, Darkover, Old Time Radio, Collecting, and many related fandoms!

PLUS: A listing of Research Libraries of Interest to Fandom -- where all those manuscripts and rare published works have been donated, and a RETAIL STORES INDEX which lists over 35000 retail outlets which cater to fans and collectors.

Issue 11

Fandom Directory 11 was published in March 1989 and contains 496 pages. The cover is by Steve Martin. It contains 18,000 listings.

Issue 12

Fandom Directory 12 was published in March 1990 and contains 528 pages. The cover is by David Jahn. It contains 18,700 listings.

Issue 13

Fandom Directory 13 was published in March 1991 and contains 560 pages. The cover is by Csaba Jansco. It contains 20,000 listings.

Issue 14

Fandom Directory 14 was published in March 1992 and contains 554 pages. The cover is by Chuck Frazier. It contains 20,000 listings.

Issue 15

Fandom Directory 15 was published in March 1995 and contains 608 pages. The cover is by Istvan Kuklis. It contains 20,000 listings.

Issue 16

Fandom Directory 16 was published in March 1996 and contains 608 pages. The cover is by Dave Fontaine. It contains 20,000 listings.

Issue 17

Fandom Directory 17 was published in March 1997 and contains 576 pages. The cover is by Pete Morisi. It contains 20,000 listings.

Issue 18

Fandom Directory 18 was published in March 1998 and contains 560 pages. The cover is by James Wappel. It contains 20,000 listings.

Issue 19

Fandom Directory 19 was published in March 2000 and contains 528 pages. The cover is by Earl Geier. It contains 20,000 listings.

Special Issue

Directory of International Fandom was published in August 1979 as was a mid-year supplement. It has 64 pages and a cover by Earl Geier and contains 1,600 listings.


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