All Our Yesterdays (Star Trek zine by Rostirasa)

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Title: All Our Yesterdays
Publisher: Rostirasa
Editor(s): De Ghysel
Date(s): 1987 to 1994 (there was not enough material for a 1993 issue, so that one was skipped)
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: English
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All Our Yesterdays is an annual club zine for Rostirasa.

The first issue was called Rostirasa and noted that if it further issues received submissions from other fandoms, the zine would become multimedia. It also noted that issue two would have a contest to find a Star Trek name more suitable than "Rostirasa."

The name of the zine is derived from: "Revival of Star Trek in Rochester and Surrounding Areas."

The club has a sister zine, a newsletter called The Duty Roster.

Issue 1

All Our Yesterdays 1 was published in 1987.

  • two stories, one of which is called "The Falkland Factor"
  • an article on how the president of the fan club became a Trekker
  • two poems, cartoons, art, more

Issue 2

All Our Yesterdays 2 was published in July 1988 and contains 32 pages.

Contributors were: Diana Ahrens, Michael Auborn, Debra DeJonge-Reisdorf, Debbie Donahue, Audrey Garrett, De Ghysel, Zonker Harris, Shirley Maiewski, Phyllis Randall, Shirley Rivoli, Mike Rogers, Susan M. Steele, Pam Trelli, Gloria Wagner, and Jeff Wilcox.

  • there is a very short recap of Nichelle Nichol's comments at a Creation Con
  • club members answer some questions such as "if you were to write an episode, what would it be about?", and "who is your favorite character?"
  • this issue has a very lovely color photo of Nichelle Nichols sitting at an autograph table at a Creation Con, plus a color photo of James Doohan at a con in Buffalo, New York
  • a poem by Gloria Wagner called "New Crew?" (the topic was anti-new crew, written before ST:TNG aired)
  • Gloria Wagner writes a long essay about her initial skepticism regarding her enjoyment of ST: TNG, her initial tepid reaction to the actual show, her gradual warming up to it despite its imperfections
  • article by De Ghysel, "A 'Crushing' Blow to ST:TNG," about the rumors of replacing Gates McFadden in the next season of ST: TNG
  • eight pages of newspaper clippings about ST: TNG and other Trek subjects
  • two pages of pen pal names and addresses
  • three letters of comment, one from Shirley Maiewski
  • "The Savage Curtain," short fan comments about Tasha Yar's death
  • a fan-written autobiography by Pam Trelli
  • a very negative review of the pro book "How Much for Just the Planet": "It depresses me to think that Pocket Books actually pays people money to write this drivel. Do not walk, RUN away from this one wherever you see it."
  • review of the pro book "Dreams of the Raven": "... a very nice surprise."
  • a review of the movie "Cocoon"
  • two con reports, one for the April Creation Con in Dearborn, Michigan, and one for an undated Creation Con in Los Angeles, another short con report for a June 5 con in Buffalo, NY that featured James Doohan
  • a Doctor Who filk to the tune of "Caison's Song," called "The Tardis Keeps Flying" and a Doctor Who filk to the tune of "Halls of Montezuma" called "The Doctor's Marching Theme, both filks are by De Ghysel
  • there is a letter from called "What Happened to IDIC," which addresses tensions between two Trek fan clubs, Rostirasa and Star: "It appears that there has developed a bit of sneering and snipping between some members of ROSTIRASA and STAR. I don't know why, and frankly, I don't want to know. I don't really give a damn... I'm a new member of both groups."
  • De Ghysel writes an essay/testimonial about how becoming a Star Trek fan after Spock's death in the movie and starting the fan club that publishes this newsletter: "From that moment, my life changed. I found more friends than I had ever had, I am less shy and more able to speak in public. I am able to realize my abilities and shortcomings and have more confidence in myself."
  • a full-page ad for the tenth annual Fandom Directory
  • a fan offers to find and trade clippings for other fans on small, more obscure media fandoms such as Knight Rider, Miami Vice, A-Team, and about thirty others
  • the zine lists four choices of short paragraphs for fans to "finish the story" and the results will be printed in Star Sailors #4

Issue 3

All Our Yesterdays 3 was published in 1989.

Issue 4

All Our Yesterdays 4 was published in 1990.

Issue 5

All Our Yesterdays 5 was published in 1991.

Issue 6

All Our Yesterdays 6 was published in 1992.

Issue 7

cover of the seventh issue (December 1994)

All Our Yesterdays 7 was published in December 1994 and contains 95 pages. It is a compilation of clippings, photos, articles, episode reviews, fiction (TNG), cartoons, con reports, and club news. It may be the club's annual with reprints from other zines.

  • a con report for Creation Con, June 18–19, New York City, spotlight on Jonathan Frakes
  • Better Late Than Never or A Horse of A Different Color by Shirley Rivoli (TNG fiction)
  • Trekkers Unite!, article by Gloria Wagner
  • How Do You Know What It Means to Be Free?, fiction by Gloria Wagner (TNG fiction)
  • Reality Check, or Intelligent Argument vs Blind Fanboy Mentality, a rebuttal article by Scott Walker to a letter in an earlier issue of The Duty Roster (March 1993)
  • long reviews of DS9 and TNG episodes