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Star Trek Convention
Name: IsisCon
Dates: Aug 28-30, 1987
Location: Hilton Hotel, Washington D.C.
Focus: Star Trek: The Original Series
Founder: Chevy Chase Association of Trekkers
Founding Date:
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IsisCon was a Star Trek: TOS convention held August 28-30, 1987 in Washington D.C.

front cover of the program book, the book is 8 1/2 x 11, 20 pages and contains full page profiles of guests Leonard Nimoy and Mark Lenard
back cover of the program book

This Con, and Slash

It was a progress report for this con that sparked one fan's interest in writing the 1988 meta article Thinking About Slash/Thinking About Women:
I first had the idea to write about slash in general when I discovered the phrase "indiscriminate slash fandoms" listed as a potential panel topic on a progress report sent out last year before Isiscon (a Trek con held in Washington, D. C). I was struck by the adjective chosen, and it got me to thinking.
A fan remembers Mark Lenard, a guest of honor, walking the dealer's room, and some of Lenard's comments there:
I went to the Isis convention with a few fellow K/S zine publishers. One of them used to put out a binder with all her covers (some quite explicit) on her dealer's table. We were watching all our tables when Mark Lenard wandered by. He was looking at everything on the tables with great interest (the tables were all full with K/S zines). Then he glanced through the binder and looked up and said with a heavy sigh: "My son, my son" shaking his head with a sly grin on his handsome face! It was hysterical. He knew what he was looking at and was obviously amused by it. Ah, those were the days! [1]
In his IsisCon official presentation to fans, Lenard also commented on explicit zines:
… years ago I used to get a lot of fanzines. All kinds of them. And you know about the x-rated fanzines. I never, well, I looked at them sometimes. Sometimes I didn't. Threw them in the back of the car or something. One day I got into the car and my daughter was four years old then. She got into the backseat and there was this fanzine there. She opened it up and there was a centerfold and who should be on the centerfold but Spock. And I'll tell you only that his ears weren't the only thing about him that was pointed. She was four then. She seemed, I won't say unimpressed, but it didn't seem to bother her particularly. She's 21 now. She seems to, you know, have grown up all right. I resolved never again to leave any of that stuff around, any of the fanzines around without looking at them first. [2]

Transcript Compilation

Mark Lenard's IsisCon Transcript is here: Mark Lenard at IsisCon Transcript 8/30/87, Archived version.


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