Boy Meets World

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Name: Boy Meets World
Abbreviation(s): BMW
Date(s): 1993-2000
Medium: live-action television show
Country of Origin: United States
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Boy Meets World is an American TV series which originally aired in the TGIF[1] block of evening programming, about a hapless junior high school student named Cory Matthews in Philadelphia, PA. The show aired for seven seasons on ABC, following Cory and his friends and family, from high school to college.

Though mainly a comedy, Boy Meets World often dealt with social issues, and several episodes revolved around Shawn Hunter's dysfunctional homelife. There were also episodes parodying horror movie tropes and time travel.

The series sequel, Girl Meets World focuses on Cory and Topanga's daughter, Riley.


While the show stayed tightly focused on its main character, Cory Matthews, it also developed storylines for a variety of his friends, family, and teachers. These included Cory's father and mother (Alan and Amy), his younger sister Morgan, and older brother Eric. Cory's best friend Shawn Hunter, his girlfriend (and eventual wife) Topanga Lawrence, and Shawn's girlfriend Angela Moore were also series regulars. George Feeney, at first a public school teacher (sixth grade), also stayed on the show, eventually teaching at Cory's college. Shawn's brother, Jack, was later added to the show, and is most often paired with Eric Matthews.


The fanfiction for the show is mostly found on It features het canon couples such as Cory/Topanga and Shawn/Angela, as well as slash between Cory/Shawn and Eric/Jack.


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