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Name: Girl Meets World
Abbreviation(s): GMW
Creator: Michael Jacobs, April Kelly
Date(s): June 27, 2014 – January 20, 2017
Medium: Live-Action Television show
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Official Site
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Girl Meets World is a Disney Channel television series which is a sequel to the popular Boy Meets World series. Girl Meets World follows the story of Riley Matthews, the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews and the older sister to Auggie Matthews, along with her best friend Maya Hart and new friend/love interest Lucas Friar. It lasted for three seasons before being cancelled by Disney.


Many fans of the original series, Boy Meets World, patiently waited for the sequel since the series was announced in 2012[1], especially in 2013 after it was confirmed by Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel that they would be reprising their roles as Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence-Matthews in the new series[2][3].

So far the fandom is mainly located on Tumblr, where gifs and picspams appear of Riley, Maya, and Cory/Topanga. As of July 20, 2014, there are only a few works on Archive of Our Own and FanFiction.Net which mainly focus on the main characters and adding the original BMW characters such as Shawn Hunter. The fandom grew larger as it went on, while still prominently on Tumblr and Twitter, the part of the fandom grew larger, even higher than Archive of Our Own - by April 24, 2017 there are over 1.8K works at AO3 and over 4.1K fics at FFN.

In 2016, GMW was ranked number twentyth in the Top 20 "most reblogged" live-action television show on Tumblr[4].

Fandom and the Cast & TPTB

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The writers often tweeted information about upcoming episodes that led to much speculation in the fandom about what to come, did the cast reveal/react to fandom?/did they share Fanworks?, did they know or use the ship names?, etc.


The main pairings in GMW are Cory/Topanga and Riley/Lucas, which the latter is often compared with the other due to Cory & Topanga's beginnings. Another popular pairing is Riley/Maya, probably inspired by the Cory/Shawn from the original fandom and how close they are as friends. The pairing Maya/Lucas became quite popular in the first season. Maya/Josh quickly became popular after it was revealed that Maya has a crush on him.

By the end of the series, the popular pairings in the fandom are Lucas/Maya, Maya/Riley, Riley/Farkle, Lucas/Riley, Maya/Josh, Topanga/Cory, and Farkle/Smackle.

Other pairings in the fandom include: Maya/Farkle, Riley/Maya/Farkle, Riley/Charlie, Riley/Maya/Lucas, Farkle/Lucas, Smackle/Farkle, Zay/Maya, Zay/Smackle and Zay/Riley.


Common Tropes & Fanon in Fanworks

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