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Pairing: Maya Hart/Lucas Friar
Alternative name(s): Lucaya, FriarHart, Laya
Gender category: Het, m/f
Fandom: Girl Meets World
Canonical?: canon[1]
Prevalence: popular
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Maya/Lucas is the het pairing of Maya Hart and Lucas Friar from the Girl Meets World fandom.


The relationship starts with her making fun of his Texas heritage and Lucas taking it all in stride, with a genuine bond of friendship growing between the two. Maya seemed most interested in matchmaking him with Riley, until the two decided to break off their brief relationship at the beginning of season 2. After a while, Maya seemed to develop an attraction to Lucas as well as real feelings, leading to a Love Triangle that spilled over into season 3.

Another conflict with the possibility of the pairing involved Maya's crush on Riley's college-age uncle Joshua, who seemed to acknowledge her feelings.


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Maya/Lucas is a fairly popular pairing that grew popular within the first few episodes of the first season of Girl Meets World. The fandom behind Maya/Lucas can be mainly found on Tumblr, AO3, and Youtube, with only a few fanfiction posted to FFN so far. Fans are drawn to the snarky banter the two have, seeing potential for something deep and meaningful.

Maya/Lucas made the list (#30) for Top Ships of 2016 at Fandometrics on Tumblr.





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  1. ^ In the pilot episode, in order to get Riley introduced to the cute boy on the subway, Maya walks up to him and asks him out, dates him and breaks up with him within a minute. They both later develop real feelings for each other, which complicated the Riley/Lucas relationship but ultimately the ship is sunk when Maya realizes she still has feelings for Josh and ends the love triangle Lucas gets together with Riley.