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Name: Peacemakers
Abbreviation(s): PM
Creator: Rick Ramage
Date(s): July 30, 2003 – October 8, 2003
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: IMDB
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Peacemakers was a short-lived western that aired on the USA Network. It starred Tom Berenger as Marshal Jared Stone, Peter O'Meara as Detective Larimer Finch, and Amy Carlson as Katie Owen.

The show was set in the late 1800s, probably around 1892[1] when the Old West was beginning to disappear. Stone's character, a federal marshal and Civil War veteran, represented the old way of life in the West that was fading away, while Finch, a former Pinkerton detective trained in early forensic science, showed the ever-approaching modern age. The inevitable clash between the two played an important role throughout the series.

The show was popular with older viewers, but it did not draw in the numbers USA was hoping for from the 18-49 age group. It went on the station's usual mid-season hiatus after airing nine episodes, and they announced its cancellation soon afterward.

Peacemakers Fandom

Peacemakers has a very small fannish presence, mostly because reruns do not air very often nor has it been released on DVD. Because of that fact, only a handful of fanfiction and fanvids are available online, most of them featuring the slash pairing of Stone/Finch or the het pairing of Finch/Katie.

At least one Peacemakers story has been printed in a multimedia zine: "For Old Time's Sake", by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith, in Of Dreams and Schemes 22, published by Of Dreams and Schemes Press.

The series is a perennial Yuletide fandom, and one or two new stories are written for the challenge nearly every year.

In August 2008,Jill and Kay of JKL premiered possibly the first Peacemakers vid at Vividcon: Hard Times Come Again No More.

A Fan's Appreciation

I don't think there's anything about this show I don't love. The way Finch and Stone complement each other perfectly, each smart and experienced in his own way (and each constantly learning from the other), making them an incredibly competent team. The professionalism and respect that so quickly deepened into trust and affection. The sense of wonder and optimism in the setting, with new inventions and discoveries every day, making the world seem limitless in potential, against the traditions and conservatism of the old guard. Their easy, comfortable friendships with women, in Katie and Miss Luci. The hints we get of their histories. Just... everything. The entire show was full of well-drawn, interesting characters -- both recurring and one-shot -- [2]

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  • Peacemakers Fan Fiction offline though appears to be the same site as peacemakers-on-usa archive link (gen only) "In the late 1800's a new addition to law enforcement is evolving. Forensic science is in its infancy and the Wild West will never be the same. Enter Federal Marshall Jared Stone (Tom Berenger), the product of the Old West who has the smarts to know that the times are changing and he has to change with them. With Pinkerton Agent Larimer Finch (Peter O'Meara) and local mortician Katie Owen (Amy Carlson), they make up Silver City, CO's., newest crime fighting team." (
  • Peacemakers Slash offline "This is a m/m slash discussion and fic list for Peacemakers fans! Stone, Finch, Isaac, and/or any other recurring or non-recurring characters, involved in homoerotic relationships of a sexual nature."



  1. ^ The show's timeline is a mess; I researched as much of it as I could for a story I was writing, and they played a little fast and loose with things. But several of the "new" inventions mentioned were from the late 1880s or around 1890, and ~1892 is the year that wound up making the most sense to me. - Arduinna, April 11, 2009.
  2. ^ from Dear Yuletide Writer, posted by Arduinna, October 17, 2007