Of Dreams and Schemes Press

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Zine Publisher
Name: Of Dreams and Schemes Press
Contact: Catherine Schlein
[email protected]
Fandoms: Highlander, Kung Fu TLC, Houston Knights, Simon and Simon, Emergency, Wild Wild West, Hardcastle and McCormick, Lord of the Rings, Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, White Collar, The Sentinel
Status: active as of 2014
URL: WayBack Archive link to publisher's website
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Of Dreams and Schemes Press was a gen fanzine publisher. They published from 1981, and were active until 2014.

From the publisher's website:

In 1981 three of us got together and decided it would be "fun" to put out a fanzine. Little did we know what a mania we had signed on for. During the past twenty-there years, we have put out numerous issues of our flagship zine, Of Dreams and Schemes. But...we kept getting caught by this fandom or that fandom and forayed into single fandom zines along the way. At last count, the press has done 40 zines. The editorial staff has dwindled, and now there's only one maniac...er editor left, although the other two are still sometimes coerced into helping.

All of the zines are edited--we're not perfect, but we have always done our best to make the stories in the zines read well. Most of the zines have color covers (at least the newer ones) and all are spiral bound. Older zines have interior art, but the newer ones don't have as much. (Where have the artists gone!!??) I do use plenty of graphics and other spot art to break up the text however.

Zines Published