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You may be looking for Splinters, a Stargate SG-1 zine.

Title: Splinters of Light
Publisher: Of Dreams and Schemes Press
Editor(s): Martha Crawford, Catherine Schlein, and Debi Barbich ("The Arvada Kooks")
Date(s): 1993-1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Language: English
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Splinters of Light is a gen Kung Fu: The Legend Continues anthology. It was the first Kung Fu: The Legend Continues zine published.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Catherine Schlein

Splinters of Light 1 was published in 1993 and is 146 pages long.

From a July 1993 ad in GAZ: "If you are captivated by the relationship between Kwai Chang Caine and his son, Peter, this zine is for you! Stories include: "Zen and the Art of House Repair" (Schlein): Peter buys a house but nights there are fraught with nightmares, "The Direct Approach" (McLure & Bridger): Tan's minions are not done with the Caines. A set-up pits Caine against a killer with Peter as the prize. "From the Darkness" (Carr): A deadly drug is used in an attmept to kill Kwai Chang. Can Peter get the antidote to him in time?"

  • Editorial by Editors (2)
  • A Succession of Rainy Days by Catherine Schlein (5)
  • From the Darkness by L.A. Carr--A deadly drug is used in an attempt to kill Kwai Chang Caine. In a race against time, Peter must get the antidote to him--but just exactly where has the Shaolin priest gone? (8)
  • Cycles of Return by Catherine Schlein (24)
  • New Wings by L.A. Carr (49)
  • Episode Listings by Editors (51)
  • The Direct Approach by Jeannie McClure & Denyse Bridger--The evil that was Tan is not finished with the Caines as one of the crime lord's men vows vengeance. (52)
  • On the Fragile Wings of a Butterfly by Elise Hill--In a deserted warehouse, Peter and Caine go after a trip of assassins. (64)
  • The Way of Heaven by Susan Hall (70)
  • The Final Obituary by Catherine Schlein--The obituary page in the paper tells of the murder of one Peter Caine. When the obituary starts to come true, is it coincidence of a deadly plan? (75)
  • Boundaries by Denyse Bridger--Peter and Annie are missing. Who has them and why? (102)
  • Focus by Denyse Bridger--Caine stands in the shadows and watches. (113)
  • Zen and the Art of House Repair by Catherine Schlein--Peter buys a house badly in need of repair. What secrets does the house on High Street hold and can the two Caines solve the twenty-year old mystery? Note: This story won the 1994 Fan Q award for the best Kung Fu story. (114)


  • Catherine Schlein (front cover)
  • Jeannie McClure

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Rosanne Rice

Splinters of Light 2 was published in May 1994 and is 158 pages long.

The art is by Rosanne Rice (front cover), Petra, and Catherine Schlein.

  • Dragon's Pool by Chris Brown--Peter finds himself using kung fu to stop a suspect with deadly results. Now, more than ever, he wants to talk to his father, but he is not there. (3)
  • Full Circle by Jeannie McClure--Hot chocolate can solve problems--now, and when Peter was thirteen. (19)
  • Images of Death by Teri Sarick (25)
  • For Those We Love by Elise Hill--"How do you tell someone you love that you're dying?" Peter faces this very real and difficult problem. (26)
  • The Legend Continues by Teri Sarick (41)
  • Partners by Denyse Bridger--Mary Margaret Skalany is Peter's new partner--but this is hardly a partnership made in heaven. (42)
  • The Webs We Weave by Jeanne Powers. When Caine and Peter follow Blaisdell to a meet, it's Caine who ends up snared in the trap for Paul. (47)
  • Splinters by Anne Batterby (61)
  • Father's Day by Ann Raymont--When Peter is kidnapped investigating a video porn ring, the love and understanding of his fathers is put to the test as they try to find him. (62)
  • Looked For, He Cannot Be Seen by Teri Sarick (72)
  • Enlightenment by L.A. Carr (73)
  • Theadora: Enigma of Freedom by Teri Sarick (77)
  • Windows to the Soul by Catherine Schlein--A gang has been recruited by the mysterious Mr. O and Caine has a run in with them, but refuses to identify them. His stubborn belief that the path of one of the members can be changed almost leads to Peter's death. (78)
  • Eyes by Marcia Brin (106)
  • The Legend of the Tunnels by Teri Sarick--On a trip to New York City, Peter discovers his father has a very unusual old friend. Crossover with Beauty and the Beast. (107)
  • Episode Guide by Catherine Schlein (110)
  • A Matter of Misunderstanding by Suzan Haigler & J.M. McClure--Peter runs into an old "friend" which leads to a confrontation with Blaisdell over a long-ago incident. Can Caine heal the wounds? (111)
  • One of These Days by Susan Hall (121)
  • KC's Revenge by Teri Sarick (125)
  • Digression by Marcia Brin (127)
  • Choke Hold by Catherine Schlein--Caine disappears without a clue, and after six months, Peter is grasping at straws. One such straw leads him to a small town. (129)
  • Untitled by Elaine Batterby (158)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Roseanne Rice

Splinters of Light 3 was published in May 1995 and is 198 pages long.

The art is by Rosanne Rice (front cover), J.M. McClure, Catherine Schlein, Crystal Marvig, and Dani Lane.

From a submission request in Dreams and Schemes #9:

Planned for late May 1995—Cathy has several stories promised for this one. In keeping with our feeling that medium sized, reasonably priced zines are needed, we are limiting the size of Splinters to around 150 pages. So, if you're interested in writing something for the zine, get it done before December 1994.

From the editorial:

Someone once asked us why we did this, putting out a zine, and, after a moment of staring blankly at them, we replied, "Because it's fun!" It's also a lot of work! We still think it's worth it -- because each year our zines change, maturing as we do. The artwork is better now, the print more readable, the graphics no longer have to be passed down with the accompanying run-on letters for titles. Sometimes, however, when the art doesn't materialize, stories bog down, the computer eats forty-seven pages, the printer says, "The machine is broken, we can't print until next week...", we begin to wonder. However, not for long.

The real joy in fandom, of course, is the people. The artists and authors we've met and find we share more than just a love of zines with, the people we correspond with by E- and regular mail, and the people who visit. Our lives are richer for all of you.

  • Priorities by Kris Brown ("After his six-month absence, Pop finds he has bridges to rebuild with Peter. A disappearance makes it almost impossible.") (4)
  • Destiny's Eyes, poem by Teri Sarick (19)
  • Questions and Answers by Andra Mueller ("On the anniversary of Laura's death, Caine gives Peter some insight into his mother's life.") (20)
  • A Displacement of Air, poem by Teri Sarick (22)
  • The Grasshopper Leaps Tonight by Ann Leonhart ("Sam leaps into Kwai Chang Caine and Peter's life hangs in the balance.") Quantum Leap crossover (23)
  • The Temple, poem by Sue Ann Sarick (34)
  • Duality by Catherine Schlein (35)
  • Next of Kin by Jeanne DeVore ("A trilogy devoted to Peter's and Caine's past--Loves, losses, and new found friends. Peter and Pop are visited by Laura Caine's family.") (40)
  • Candles and Confidences by Jeanne DeVore (63)
  • Flowers and Laura, poem by Jennifer Swanson (82)
  • Peter in Wonderland by Marcia Brin ("Peter finds himself facing the Cheshire Frog and the Mad Hatter.") (83)
  • Dragon's Eyes, poem by Teri Sarick (88)
  • Blind Date by Brigit Stabler (89)
  • A Healing Way by Diana Smith & Pat Dunn ("Kwai Chang befriends a troubled young woman with no memory but deadly enemies. Peter tries to find out who she is.") (94)
  • Secrets and Shadows by Andra Mueller ("After the events of "Redemption", Kelly Blaisdell talks to Caine about Peter.") (119)
  • To Protect and Serve, poem by Jennifer Swanson (121)
  • Whimsey by Denise Neubauer ("Peter meets an enchanting artist and has a chance at love.") (122)
  • The Challenge is Met, poem by Jennifer Swanson (136)
  • Peter, poem by Sue Ann Sarick (137)
  • Caine, poem by Sue Ann Sarick (137)
  • Dragon Rising by Deb Walsh ("Tan's daughter's accusation at the trial creates a world of trouble for Peter.") (138)
  • Encounter by J.M. McClure ("Someone watches Caine from a distance and remembers how the priest changed their life.") (146)
  • Fire, poem by Jennifer Swanson (149)
  • Sympathy for the Devil by Susan Hall ("Tyler's back in town with Les Miserables... Peter learns that things aren't always what they seem when a drug deal goes awry with tragic results.") (150)
  • The Story So Far, poem by Jennifer Swanson (194)
  • Blind Sight by Petra Berghoffer (195)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Rosanne Rice

Splinters of Light 4 published in 1996 and is 197 pages.

  • Quartet for Three by Jeanne DeVore--Paul has been gone a long time and Annie is lonely. Peter walks in on his father and Annie and doesn't like what he sees. (3)
  • Old Souls, Old Friends by Teri Sarick (17)
  • Kung Fu TV by A Whole Bunch of People (18)
  • Aftershocks by Sandra Basham--When a young Peter comes to live with the Blaisdells, they are faced with a problem they never expected. (20)
  • Songs of the Heart by Karen Ford (38)
  • Blow Up by Elise Dickenson (40)
  • A Matter of Perspective by Andrea Mueller (42)
  • The Way of Love by Jaqueline Rich (46)
  • A Father's Love by Dana Bell--Peter crosses over and becomes a vampire. Crossover with Forever Knight. (48)
  • Floating by Teri Sarick (54)
  • Never-Ending Circles by Petra Bergdorfer & Birgit Stabler--From another place come two combatants who fight to balance evil in the universe. One seeks Kwai Chang Caine's help, the other seeks to control the world by use of a drug with devastating side-effects. Peter becomes a pawn in the fight between good and evil. (55)
  • Grasshopper's Interpretations by Teri Sarick (80)
  • The Way of the Frog by Kris Brown--Paul is dead and everyone must find their own way through the grief--and to each other. Peter finds it hard to deal with Paul's death, and finds help from an unlikely source. (81)
  • Single White Male, Professional by D. Brischke--Nick Elder, the ME, is having troubles getting a date and that is affecting his work. Peter is charged with solving the problem, but everything he tries backfires. Can Caine help Nick when no one else can? (95) (reprinted in Forgotten Paths)
  • Mystic Friend by Sue Ann Sarick (108)
  • The Healer by Andi Byassee--Annie asks Caine to help her convince a friend that the "faith" healer she is seeing to help her child, is dishonest. When she challenges him, she finds herself in danger. (109)
  • Kwai Chang by Sue Ann Sarick (133)
  • Good Things Come by Andrea Mueller (133)
  • Visions of Horror by Elise Hill--A woman comes to Caine for help, telling him she sees Peter's death. Peter's investigation of a drug lord is going sour, and Peter has a contract on his life. To save him, Blaisdell has to come up with a plan--but the plan begins to echo the visions of the woman. (134)
  • Partners and Lovers by Karen Mary Judson--Peter faces Jody's death and begins to listen to his heart. (156)
  • The Beyond by Catherine Schlein (165)
  • Small Miracles by Sue Ann Sarick (196)


  • Rosanne Rice (front cover)