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You may be looking for the Angel zine Splinter or Splinters of Light, a Kung Fu zine.

Title: Splinters
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
External Links: Splinters at Ashton Press
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cover by Cat's Meow Creative Arts

Splinters is a gen Stargate SG-1 118-page anthology with stories set in alternate universes and canon alternate realities.

The stories are by Geonn, Graculus, Tiv’ester, SG1Storyteller, Xochiquetzl, Nefret and more. The cover is by Cat's Meow Creative Arts.

This zine has a slash sister zine to Splinters called Off the Record.


  • Inside the Tiger by Geonn: SG-1, exposed to the effects of the Atonieks armbands for a lot longer than intended, begin to let the power go to their heads. An AU version of “Upgrades.” (10 pages)
  • Whom the Gods Would Destroy by Graculus: An AU version of “Legacy” … and perhaps more. (10 pages)
  • Precipice by Xochiquetzl: An AU version of “Summit” wherein Daniel faces off with Osiris and confronts a few truths about himself. (4 pages) (nominated for a Fan Q)
  • Unexpected Variations by SG1Storyteller: An AU version of “Point of View.” The two travelers who come through the quantum mirror are familiar…and yet very, very different in some unexpected ways. (32 pages)
  • Splintered Hearts by Nefret: SG-1 and Thor find an unexpected “visitor” when an Asgard ship is discovered crashed on a planet. (6 pages)
  • A Tale of Two Moralities by Lex: In another reality, “The Sentinel” was all a fairy tale … (18 pages)
  • Return of Soul by BabsN: Daniel returns to SG-1 when they least expect it … but Jack wonders if bringing him home was the right thing to do …(12 pages)
  • Here We Go Again by Tiv’ester: While Daniel is still recovering from the near-fatal mission to Kelowna, Anubis attempts to destroy the Stargate with an Ancient's device. Can Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c stop him before all life on Earth is gone? An AU version of “Redemption.” A novella. (54 pages)
  • The Eye of Tiamat by Seanchaidh: SG-1 sets out to find a missing Russian team and find much more than they bargained for! An AU version of “The Tomb.” (41 pages)