Elaine Batterby

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Name: Elaine Batterby
Type: fanzine publisher, writer
Fandoms: Star Trek, Quantum Leap, Miami Vice, Stingray, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
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Elaine Batterby was a fanzine publisher and writer since the early 1980s. In 1984, she started Élan Press together with her sister Anne Batterby which remained active until 2014. Elaine was active in not only fanzine publication (30 years worth) but always took part in Mediawest panels and the blood drive. [1] Elaine suddenly passed away on May 11, 2021[2]


[Lorraine Anderson]: "I just heard the devastating news that Elaine Batterby has passed away from a sudden heart attack. My editor, my friend, my beta reader, you have helped me more than you ever knew. You are at peace now, in God’s arms and with your family. My prayers for the survivors."[3]

[Lorraine Anderson]: After trying for Lorraine Bartlett's last fanzine -- and having the story rightfully rejected -- I started trying different stories for Our Favorite Things. I found Elaine and Anne's guidance and editorial skills helpful to my story-telling skills. I met both of them many times at MediaWest*con. After she discontinued Our Favorite Things, she encouraged me to send her my fan and my non-fan stories. (We even semi-collaborated on another on-line zine, although she did most of the work.) Eventually, she became my main beta reader, and chided me when I uploaded a story without sending it to her first. In fact, the story I uploaded last Wednesday I had sent to her. She was the main editor to my books. Apart from the fact I've lost my main Beta reader, I'm going to miss her encouragement and her friendship. [4]


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