Rats and Foxes

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Title: Rats and Foxes
Publisher: Compass Rose Press
Editor(s): Cathy Schlein
Date(s): May 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: Rat Patrol
Language: English
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Rats and Foxes is a gen 194-page anthology of fiction by R.K. MacBride which originally appeared in Of Dreams and Schemes #7-#12.

  • The Pass of Thermopylae Raid (rewrite)--The Rat Patrol tries to get Dietrich to send an important convoy by a route they can ambush, a plan which is complicated when Troy is captured by Dietrich.
  • The Very Last Raid--Abducted and stranded on an alien planet, the Rat Patrol and Dietrich's party must get along in order to survive.
  • The Quality of Mercy Raid (rewrite)--After an accident strands Dietrich and Arnheiter in the desert, Arnheiter seeks the Rat Patrol's help to save the life of his injured captain.
  • The Enigma Raid (rewrite)--The Rat Patrol is assigned to get the new keys for the German encoding machine; but they are only useful if the Germans have no idea they've been stolen.
  • The Grey Fox Raid (rewrite)--The Rat Patrol, now operating undercover from a base in the British Isles, is sent to assist a mysterious agent in the German underground.
  • The Night Before Christmas Raid (rewrite)--A new commanding officer and a new mission perplex and intrigue the Rats.
  • The V-2 Raid (rewrite)--The Rats are sent to get information on the new rockets in production at Peenemunde.
  • The Goldilocks Raid (rewrite)--Hogan's Heroes crossover. Dietrich asks for help to persuade a Luftstalag Kommandant to look the other way for certain activities in the coming invasion.