The Horn Dance of Abbots Bromley

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Title: The Horn Dance of Abbots Bromley
Publisher: Of Dreams and Schemes Press
Author(s): Catherine Schlein
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
Language: English
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The Horn Dance of Abbots Bromley is a gen 89-page Secret Adventures of Jules Verne novel by Catherine Schlein.


When Fogg has to go to his brother’s manor house in Abbots Bromley, he takes Jules Verne along. Jules recovering from an illness, is happy to spend some quiet time at the manor. While there, he has the opportunity to see the mysterious Horn Dance--an ancient, mysterious dance performed by the townspeople. During the dance, Jules sees a person come through the stone arch near where he is sitting. The pursuit of that person could cost Jules his life. The future of the world pivots on whether they can get to Count Gregory and retrieve a bomb before the time runs out. [1]

Phileas Fogg is called to his late brother's house in Abbots Bromley and he takes Jules Verne along. Jules is recovering from a recent illness and is happy for some time in the quiet rural setting. While there, however, things do not stay calm. After witnessing a strange event during the Horn dance, Jules and Fogg are embroiled in a scheme to change the course of the future. With Passepartout's and Rebecca Fogg's help, they must stop the League of Darkness, and a madman from the future. It may cost Jules his life. Is it a price Phileas is willing to pay? [2]

Reactions and Reviews

I recently purchased The Horn Dance of Abbots Bromley by Catherine Schlein and I absolutely loved it. The characterizations were right on and the story was extremely compelling. I read the whole zine in one sitting and never once looked up at the clock. It was that good. I have since read it four more times and enjoyed myself every time. Please pass on my 'Thank You!' to Ms. Schlein and let her know that I was hoping for a good read and she far surpassed my expectations. I look forward to more tales from her in the future. [3]


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