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Name: Keiko Kirin
Alias(es): Kay, sakana17[1]
Type: fanwriter, vidder
Fandoms: Aubrey-Maturin/Master and Commander, Charlie Jade, Stargate SG-1, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Wiseguy, The Persuaders!
Communities: The Persuaders!
Other: Keiko's Stories
URL: Fanfiction at AO3 (Fanfiction website) (Vids)
sakana17 at Dreamwidth (main journal)
keiko-kirin at LiveJournal
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Keiko Kirin has been active in fandom since 1994. She has written slash fiction in a number of fandoms, including Wiseguy, The X-Files, Velvet Goldmine, Stargate SG-1, Master & Commander, and many others. She has also been a productive vidder, most often with the JKL vidding collective, creating vids in Wiseguy, Highlander, X-Files, Stargate SG-1, and many other fandoms.

Keiko Kirin has made a blanket statement about podficcing, translating, and formatting her works for e-readers.

"I give permission to other fans for: podficcing, reformatting for e-readers, and translating my works into other languages. I would *love* to be notified about it, so I know what's going on. <3"[2]

Notable Works

Her Vidding History


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