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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Keiko's Stories
Author: Keiko Kirin
Dates: 29 October 2000 - 18 September 2005 (last update)
Fandom: Stargate SG-1, The X-Files, Velvet Goldmine, Law & Order, Wiseguy, Highlander, Nightwatch, Master and Commander
URL: (Wayback link)
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Keiko's Stories was Keiko Kirin's fanfiction page. It was hosted by GeoCities.

Stargate SG-1 stories

  • The Steak Series
    • Part 1: The Box :: Jack & Daniel (rated PG) Trapped.
    • Part 2: Steak Dinner :: Jack & Daniel (rated PG) Some eating, mostly talking.
    • Part 3: More Steak (Steak in the Rain) :: Jack/Daniel (rated PG-15) More eating, more talking. Clothes are removed.
    • Part 4: Steak in the Dark :: Jack/Daniel (rated R) The one with the psychotropic mine.
    • Part 5: Steak in Between :: Jack/Daniel (rated R) The one with the blue stones.
    • Part 6: Steak in Waiting :: Jack/Daniel (rated R) The one with the plague quarantine.
    • Part 7: Steak and Cows :: Jack/Daniel (rated R) The one with all the cows.
    • Part 8: Steak and Territory :: Jack/Daniel (rated R) The one with the metal cage.
    • Part 9: Steak and Separation :: Jack/Daniel (rated R) The one with the buried stargate.
    • Part 10: Steak and Motility :: 92K :: 08/05/2001 The one with girl cooties.
    • Part 11: Steak and Lizards :: 163K :: 10/05/2001 Another mine, a pool, and lizards.
    • The Rememberers :: 87K :: 11/24/2002 Blue stones, broken planets, and memories.
  • Buoyancy :: Jack/Daniel :: 89K :: R :: 08/07/2002 Jack tries to discover Daniel's secret.
  • The Gift Given :: Jack/Daniel :: 39K :: R :: 09/19/2002 Jack and Daniel share love and pain.
  • Insubstantial :: Jack/Daniel :: 47K :: R :: 08/20/2003 Daniel looks for ways to help Jack.
  • Out of the In-Between :: Jack/Daniel :: 34K :: NC-17 :: 12/08/2003 PWP set in Season 7.
  • Resettlement :: Jack/Daniel :: 70K :: R :: 01/05/2002 Daniel pines. A Hundred Days A/U.
  • The Road Between the Walls :: Jack/Daniel :: 122K :: NC-17 :: 05/09/2002 Jack and Daniel are trapped on a planet with some odd customs.
  • Four Fours :: Jack/Daniel :: 23K :: NC-17 :: 03/13/2003 PWP. When is a simple game of poker not so simple?
  • Orders :: Jack/Daniel :: 15K :: NC-17 :: 08/25/2001 Completely gratuitous, shamefully indulgent PWP.
  • Arising :: Jack/Daniel :: 13K :: NC-17 :: 08/29/2001Another completely gratuitous and shamefully indulgent PWP.
  • Two Weeks in December :: Jack/Daniel :: 19K :: NC-17 :: 12/18/2001 A sappy, indulgent, seasonal PWP.
  • The Cabin Story :: gen :: (rated PG for mild swearing) Plotless fluff about Daniel finally getting that fishing trip with Jack.
  • Commodity :: gen (rated R for adult content and language) Teal'c kidnapped, Jack treated like royalty, Sam and Daniel slaves.
  • Possession :: Daniel & Jack (subtly - rated PG) Set during Absolute Power.
  • Warmth :: a Daniel drawerfic (rated R for adult themes) Someone once said: "Daniel whoring his way through college"...
  • king is white and in the crowd :: Jack/Daniel (subtly - rated PG) A really lame story.

X-Files stories

(Rated R for explicit scenes of a sexual nature, and adult language and situations.)

  • Road Trip :: Mulder/Krycek Hope and Crosby with sex and violence.
  • Strange Bliss :: the sequel to Road Trip :: Mulder/Krycek More car rides, more hotel rooms, more handcuffs.
  • Waking Up In Pittsburgh :: Mulder/Krycek Sex, violence, hotel rooms.

Velvet Goldmine stories

(Rated R for explicit scenes of a sexual nature, and adult language.)

  • Mythology :: Curt/Brian Seaside resort, stolen moments of happiness. [Originally published in the printed zine "Homosapien Sux"]
  • Earthbound :: Curt/Brian Whirlwind romance, sex, the beginning of the end. ["My Velvet Goldmine stories are also generously hosted at Lipstick Traces."]

Law & Order trilogy

(Rated R for explicit scenes of a sexual nature, and adult language and situations.)

  • Lapse of Judgment :: Logan/McCoy Gay bar meeting, sex, not getting along.
  • Payback :: the sequel to Lapse of Judgment :: Logan/McCoy Movie theater meeting, sex, dinner, sex, not getting along.
  • "...And Say Goodbye" :: the sequel to Lapse of Judgment and Payback :: Logan/McCoy
  • An attempt to get along, some more sex. [My Law & Order stories were originally published in the printed zine "Kung Frisky: the Legend Continues"]

Wiseguy stories

(Rated R for explicit scenes of a sexual nature, and adult language and situations.)

  • Chain Reaction :: Sonny/Vinnie From beginning to bitter end. [Originally published in the printed zine "No Holds Barred 11"]
  • A Loyal Man :: Vinnie/Patrice Emotional (and otherwise) blackmail. [Originally published in the printed zine "McPikus Interruptus 4"]
  • The Last Lie :: the sequel to A Loyal Man :: Sonny/Vinnie Sonny finds out, Sonny gets even, Vinnie gets upset. [Originally published in the printed zine "Risk"]
  • Desk Set :: Roger/Vinnie PWP AU involving a desk. [Originally published in the printed zine "Organized Frisky Bureau 2"]
  • The Flame Beneath the Ice :: Roger/Vinnie Mel's games, confrontation, sex. [Originally published in the printed zine "Concupiscence 5"]
  • Nothing Short of an Apocalypse :: Roger/Vinnie Rain, Boston, drugs, sex. [Originally published in the printed zine "No Holds Barred 17"]
  • Something Uncontrollable :: the sequel to Nothing Short of an Apocalypse :: Roger/Vinnie Roger breaks into Vinnie's house. ["My Wiseguy stories are also generously hosted at Almost Foolproof Press' Wiseguy slash fanfic archive."]

Miscellaneous stories

Links to Absolute Power A/U slash stories

My guilty pleasure is "Absolute Power" a/u fics. Evil Daniel? Sex-slave Jack? Oh yeah, bring it on.[1]

"Absolute Power" by Boots Nice structure, good dialogue, and a hot glimpse of what-could've-been. A final proofread would've been nice: read "Shifu" for "She Feng" and "Goa'uld" for "Goa'lad." Line that made me LOL: "Sorry to insinuate you're a sensitive commander, sir," Daniel shrugged. "But 'my man'? I don't have to take that sort of language from you."

"After Moscow" by me In the interests of full disclosure, I include it here. An a/u unapologetically tailored to my kink. ;-)

"Antithesis" by Xochiquetzl Not an a/u, but a roleplaying story where Jack and Daniel explore some of the possibilities suggested by Daniel's Absolute Power dream.

"The Corrupted" by ultraviolet77 A more lingering look at what-could've-been, so this rates high on the guilty pleasure sex scale. I liked the a/u structure of diverging from the aired episode, then coming back to it. A final proofread would have been nice, and the version of this on Area52 suffers from corrupted HTML coding. I liked it, even though I don't agree with the ending. ;-) Line that made my toes curl: "I don't want to, you know." He reached a hand out and tenderly smoothed the colonel's hair back from his brow. " I'd much rather have you willing."

"Deeply, With Reason" by Azpou Powerful, interesting story with something a little different. Intriguing psychology. Extremely well written.

"Denying the Battle" by Ellison Wonderland Stylish, intense, disturbing. Not a typical story. Well written and evocative.

"Illumination" by PheeBee Includes a lengthy rewrite of Absolute Power which includes Jack and Daniel's thoughts. The focus of the story is on the here-and-now, but the dream scenes have some nice observations. Line I liked: I've missed your crap. You were a pain in the ass and a constant, gnawing irritant under my skin but the one thing you NEVER were, Jack, was boring.

"Possession" by me Included in a fit of shameless self-promotion only because there just aren't enough AP stories out there. A non-explicit dream-within-a-dream vignette.

"Power Play" by Euphrosyne Daniel learns some lessons about desire and obsession.

"Requirements" by Pam Smith A Daniel/Major Davis AP story, included here for completeness's sake.

There are more out there... There must be! Send your favorite Absolute Power a/u recs to me <>, and I'll add them.

What I am looking for:

Set during the dream sequence in Absolute Power (post-AP stories considered if they include flashbacks or detailed descriptions of what went on during the dream)
Jack/Daniel (Jack as a sex-slave is optional, although yummm; Jack as a willing sex-slave is double-yummm)
No grovelling, no apologies
Last updated June 18, 2002


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