Velvet Goldmine

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Name: Velvet Goldmine
Abbreviation(s): VG
Creator: Todd Haynes (Director)
Date(s): 1998
Medium: Film
Country of Origin: UK, USA
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Velvet Goldmine is a 1998 movie. Set mostly in flashback in 1970s England, Velvet Goldmine charts the volatile relationship between rock stars Brian Slade (reportedly based on David Bowie and played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Curt Wild (reportedly based on Iggy Pop and played by Ewan McGregor), described in detail in a 1984 interview with British journalist Arthur Stuart (played by Christian Bale).

The characters and plot hover somewhere between fictionalized autobiography, RPF AU, and roman à clef/film à clef.

Many fannish terms and expressions developed from the film's more memorable lines, many of which themselves came directly from the works of Oscar Wilde. Wilde also features very briefly as a character in the opening scenes.

Velvet Goldmine Fandom

The fandom mostly focusses on slash pairings. One of the most prominent ships is Brian/Curt, but there's also fan fiction about Curt/Arthur (played by Christian Bale) and Brian's wife Mandy.

When I was 18, I watched this movie once a week. The music, the aesthetic, the love interests, the actors, the dreamy meditation on the artist lost in art, it was everything I ever wanted in a film. It’s a film I cannot look at objectively now, even a decade later because all I can remember is my high school self wanting to reach out and kiss Todd Haynes for understanding everything ever about me.

No other movie has had a greater impact on my writing style.

#favorite movies #also it doesn't hurt that Ewan and Rhys Meyer had amazing chemistry and glitter #I wore glitter eye makeup for two years[1]

The first active fannish community was vglist, a mailing list originally created by Keiko_Kirin on Onelist in February 1999. An invitation-only splinter group, Glitterati, was formed later that year. The Yahoo group AllVGFic was also formed in October 1999.

Although they have been completely inactive since 2007 and 2004, respectively, both vglist and Glitterati existed until the closure of Yahoo!Groups:
vglist at Yahoo!Groups
Glitterati at Yahoo!Groups

From May 2004-May 2005, Varda the Message ran "A Daily Dose of Velvet Goldmine Trivia", which has been indexed. Topics covered included:

Script vs Film
Real Life Parallels
Rock & Roll History
Who's (Supposedly) Who
Slang & Briticisms
Cinematic Details
Production Trivia
Period Details
Obsessive Viewing Observations
Six Degrees of Cinema (actors in other films with VG actors)

Varda the Message effectively takes the place of pre-LiveJournal fansites which have unfortunately disappeared, such as the noteworthy Venus, The Velvet Goldmine Fan Planet and Kay's Velvet Goldmine Site.

As of December 2012, there are respectively 88 works in the fandom tag on AO3 and 291 works in the same category on FFN.[2] By October 2023 the numbers increased to 376 works in AO3 and decreased to 282 in FFN.

The appreciation for the Velvet Goldmine fandom seems to be something that was consolidated in 2012 and gained strength on the internet later on, being spread among friends as something peculiarly passionate, like a wonderful madness according to the words of one of them:

you know, I was obsessed with Corey Feldman from the ages of 14 to about 18. OBSESSED. Which was ridiculous on many levels, including that he stopped being famous roughly eight years before I saw his first movie.[3]
OMG…I vaguely remember you talking about him.[4]
I’m so sorry. I had hoped everyone had hysterically blocked it out.


ETA: Thanks to digital technology, I still own it actually. [4]
Don’t be sorry! If I started to catalog my past obsessions, and my current, omgggggg. I mean, you were there for Velvet Goldmine. O___O[5]
Velvet Goldmine was totally different as that was a shared wonderful madness. I went to my parent’s basement to watch Velvet Goldmine for the first time, watched it twice instead and emerged a different person. True facts.[5]




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