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Name: shrift
Type: Fan writer
Fandoms: Alias, Angel, Bandom, Buffy, Comics, due South, Farscape, Firefly, Hard Core Logo, Highlander, Justice League, La Femme Nikita, Ocean's Eleven, Smallville, Sports Night, Stargate Atlantis, Velvet Goldmine, Anime, Manga
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shrift writes in many fandoms including due South and C6D. With Nestra, she co-runs the huge multi-fandom recs site Polyamorous Recs. She is the founder and archivist of the Buffy Fiction Archive.

Writing style

Sageness says of shrift's due South writing:

"Shrift is such a great writer, I want to link to everything! What I especially like are: vivid details, bright and natural-sounding conversations, perfect character voices, and action plots that balance beautifully with the relationship plots so that neither overwhelms the other. She also makes excellent use of Chicago as a setting. Most of all, though, I love how Shrift writes dialogue. The banter is brilliant and often funny, and I'm charmed by the boys all over again." [1]

Notable Works

due South

  • Wound Up (Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13). Hilarious and wonderful first-kiss makeouts.
  • Dropping a Conversational Bomb (Fraser – Kowalski gen, PG). This was written for LGBT fest & is one of those stories with stop-start, increasingly intimate conversations reminiscent of canon.
  • Refraction (Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13). Light and hot and fun, the supporting characters are awesome, and the Fraser narrative voice is fantastic!
  • Excitable


  1. sageness, due South Author Profile: shrift posted on 11 November 2009 (Accessed 21 November 2009)