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Name: Sports Night
Abbreviation(s): SN
Creator: Aaron Sorkin
Date(s): September 22, 1998 – May 16, 2000
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: USA
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Sports Night is a half-hour dramedy[1] about a sports news show (also called Sports Night). The show was character-driven, centering around the two anchors, Dan Rydell and Casey McCall, with a strong supporting cast that made the show into an ensemble.

Created and to a large extent written by Aaron Sorkin, it has many of the trademarks of other Sorkin-created shows: scripts with rapid fire, often witty, dialogue; a strong ensemble cast; the use of many "walk and talk" tracking shots that explore the fictional space and increase the onscreen movement of the characters; a core relationship between the two main male leads that is long-standing, complicated, and very close.

Sports Night was a critical success, but suffered from low ratings and poor marketing. After ABC cancelled the show, Sorkin made no real attempt to keep it alive on a different network, preferring to focus on The West Wing instead. This sparked some bitterness among Sports Night fans, who felt that their show had been orphaned by its creator.

The show has been available on DVD since 2002, and is occasionally rerun on tv, both in the US and elsewhere (e.g., Australia and the UK).


Dan/Casey are the dominant slash pairing of the fandom; certain episodes, most notably "Thespis" and "April is the Cruelest Month", lend this relationship an almost-canon credibility. Both have also been slashed with Jeremy, and with a variety of original male characters. In addition to the vast preponderance of slash, Sports Night fandom has produced a fair amount of gen fic, as well as het fic referencing the canon pairings of Casey and Dana, Jeremy and Natalie, and Dan and Rebecca, and also non-canon pairings such as Dan and Natalie. Femslash for the series in general focuses on Dana/Natalie. There is a trend in the fanfiction to stylistically mirror the show's writing, with the result that Sports Night stories often have a lot of dialogue. Some are nothing but dialogue, essentially written in script form. Others are more traditionally written and focus on the spirit of the show rather than attempting to mimic Sorkinesque speech patterns.


Perhaps because of the small number of sets and relative lack of action, there are very few SN vids, either gen, het or slash. One example is Goodnight, Hollywood Boulevard, by Barkley.[2] The summary says it's about Dan, Casey, and a bit of Dana.

History of the Fandom

While the show was on the air in its first run, the fandom was not large, but it was active and prolific. Fan discussion and fanfiction posting took place on eGroups mailing lists, which eventually moved to Yahoo!; there were both slash and general lists.[3] Slashsn was started in January 2000 and moderated by Mona Ramsey, with Cori Lannam stepping in later as the new moderator.[4]

Cori also acted as the archivist on the Sports Night Archive, which was located on Trickster. Although an excellent and comprehensive resource, this site was plagued by server difficulties throughout its life. The archive was substantially revamped and improved in October 2000. In early 2003, the site went down. On February 14, 2004, a 'grand re-opening' of the archive was announced. On January 5, 2005, a message was posted to slashsn stating that had gone down and the archive would shortly be moved. It has never been resurrected, although random pages can sometimes be found via The Wayback Machine.

Similarly, Our Boys was set up as an archive and recommendation site for fanfiction for both of Aaron Sorkin's shows (Sports Night & The West Wing), and some works from the early years of Sorkinfic were archived exclusively there. Unfortunately again, this archive went down in 2008 when the domain name lapsed, and the files were lost, although some can be recovered via's Wayback Machine.

In the early '00s, Sports Night fandom emerged on Livejournal, with the creation of communities such as inthetallgrass (May 2003), for Sports Night, West Wing, and more recently, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip fanfic[5], and sn100 (August 2003, created by michellek), for weekly (or bi-weekly) drabble prompts and posts[6]. In October 2005, in an attempt to create a Livejournal-based alternative to the missing Trickster archive, snarchive was created[7]

Currently, In The Tall Grass and The Sports Night Fanfiction Archive are the primary archives of Sports Night fiction, though much of what was archived in the Slash Archive and Our Boys came and went prior to the creation of this LJ community and are therefore lost to the ages. Older fanfiction can, with a little effort, be found in old posts on the Yahoo list also via the Wayback Machine, due to the deletion of Yahoo! Groups.

Notable Fanfiction

Archives, Communities & Resources

Mailing Lists

  • Our Boys List archive link "Meet the sister mailing list to the Our Boys archive/recommendations site. I'm Sabine, and I'll be your listmom for the duration. Come visit at if you're not sure what this craziness is all about."
  • slashsn archive link "To discuss the inherently slashy properties of the tv show "Sports Night", to drool over Dan and Casey and Josh and Peter (and everyone else on the show), to post slash fanfic, and to de-stress after the show airs. There's already lots of het-centric SN lists out there (and more power to 'em, the show needs all the support it can get), so let's have a good and slashy one! Discussion, fanfic, and what-have-you allowed, including discussion of other projects the SN folks are/have been involved with, especially if you've a slash-eye's view."

Fandom Overviews

Online Newsletters

  • sn_updates -- a Sports Night newsletter, posted to LJ each Sunday.

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