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Name: Tripod
Owner/Maintainer: Lycos (since 1998)
Dates: 1994 – present
Type: web-hosting service
Fandom: N/A
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Tripod was a website/web-hosting service launched in 1994 that was initially aimed at college students. It offered a simple webpage builder, and became known as a place where users could create free websites; it was a competitor of GeoCities and Angelfire.

At one time, it hosted numerous fanfiction websites, both single author pages and multi-author archives.

The site was acquired by Lycos in 1998. In 2001, Lycos purged a number of fansites without warning. This resulted in a forced migration of site owners and the loss of much fannish history due to lack of backup of some of the affected users.

There are still some fanfiction websites located there[1][2], but many fans have migrated elsewhere.

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