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Title: Kickoff
Author(s): Merry Lynne
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Sports Night
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Kickoff is a Sports Night pre-slash story by Merry Lynne.

Summary: In which Dan and Casey meet and have quite a few fairly serious discussions.

Recs and Reviews

You all know Merry's stuff, right? She's on every recommendation page from here to...wherever these failed metaphors go when they die. But SN is a teensy fandom, and so there's a chance that you may not know about this story, and that just can't be permitted. The eternal question in SN fandom is how did Dan and Casey actually meet, and how did their relationship develop against the backdrop Casey's engagement/marriage? Merry answers these questions with her usual stylistic flair and solid characterization that will make you laugh out loud and feel your heartstrings tugging at the same time.[1]


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