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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: any road
Author: Merry
Dates: 1999 (?) - 2007 (?)
Fandom: Popslash, Smallville, The Sentinel, Highlander, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Sports Night, Numb3rs, The Coldfire, Vorkosigan, Boy Meets World, Once a Thief, West Wing, Due South, Vampire Chronicles
URL: (2007, Wayback) (2005, Wayback) (1999, Wayback)
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any road is Merry's fanfiction site. It also has a recommendations page, Radio Free Recs. The site was hosted by Trickster.

Description from Llwyden's Fanfiction:
Fanfic by Merry. Too much popslash for my taste, but her Highlander, Sentinel, and other fandoms (including Smallville, Stargate, and Sports Night -- she's into fandoms that begin with "S") are wonderful, and she writes them very well. Plus, many assorted good links, and an amusing blog. What's not to like?[1]


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