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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Llwyden's Fanfiction
Author: Llwyden
Dates: 2004 jor before - 30 December 2007 (last update)
Fandom: Forever Knight, Gabriel Knight, The Lord of the Rings, Lost Boys, Phantom Menace, The Professionals, The X-Men
URL: http://www.trickster.org/llwyden/index.html
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Llwyden's Fanfiction is a personal fanfic page with slash fanfiction in several fandoms and links section with recommended fanfic sites.

The page is hosted by Trickster.org.


any road. - "Fanfic by Merry. Too much popslash for my taste, but her Highlander, Sentinel, and other fandoms (including Smallville, Stargate, and Sports Night -- she's into fandoms that begin with "S") are wonderful, and she writes them very well. Plus, many assorted good links, and an amusing blog. What's not to like?"

Arduinna's Omnium-Gatherum - "Hey, you know I wouldn't write with her if I didn't think she was good. Fiction for Forever Knight, The Professionals, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, M*A*S*H, and more, plus assorted rants on different fannish subjects, some LotR wallpapers and an SG-1 button-set, and good general references for writers. And if you're into SG-1, her Stargate Handbook is a definite must-see!"

Cereta's Web - "Assorted fannish stuff, most notably the Fanfic Symposium and Fanfic Critics' Association -- great places to find out about the critical end of fandom, and read what other fans think about various pan-fannish subjects."

fanfic by shalott - "A really wide assortment of fandoms, well-written, most of it fairly short -- great for a wind-down or lunch hour!"

Gila's Cave - "Only James Walkswithwind could get me to read (and enjoy -shudder-) "Dukes of Hazzard" slash. If you're in a tiny fandom, she's probably written it. Some of the big ones, too. Angel and Buffy galore, plus everything from "Third Watch" to "Real Ghostbusters", and the only "Houston Knights" I read. She has a lot to answer for! Be sure to read and send her feedback in retaliation."

House of Sidekicks - "Justine is a writer as slow as myself, but what she turns out is really damn good. Not only that, but she runs some comprehensive and really good recs pages that are a great way to find more good fic. And we seem to have no fandoms in common! So if you're into Buffy, Smallville, SG-1, Harry Potter, the Sentinel, Due South, or Gotham Knights, please check her out!"

Pretty Good Year - "A wonderful story, even if you're not normally into threesomes. Set during the year between the end of the War of the Ring and Frodo's leaving from the Havens ... or not. Started by Mary, continued by Mary and a host of guest writers. Many lovely stories of hobbit life, hobbit children, and above all, Rosie, Sam, and Frodo."

Stonefic fiction archive - "Brimstone slash! Varying quality, but some of it's really good. Unfortunately, there isn't nearly enough written in this fandom. Warning: It's a Tripod site; if you have a pop-up blocker, turn it on now. For some of the best stuff, more info on the show in general, and some really nice screen shots and photomanips, check out Sidewinder's Brimstone site."

VividCon - "A con in Chicago in August (duh), for those who make, watch, or just are really curious about fan-made vids. Run by some lovely ladies. Go! Tell your friends to go! Pay for me to go!"

Yahtzee's Fiction - "Buffy, Angel, and Phantom Menace fiction, well-written and with a really lovely site design."