The Vampire Chronicles

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Name: The Vampire Chronicles
Abbreviation(s): TVL (The Vampire Lestat)
Creator: Anne Rice
Date(s): 1976-2003
Medium: books
Country of Origin: USA
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This series of novels written by Anne Rice began with the 1976 book Interview With the Vampire, a romantically dramatic story as told by the vampire Louis to a young journalist. Subsequent novels are written from the point of view of Lestat and other vampire characters. Rice continued this series through 2003.

Interview with a Vampire was made into a film in 1994, with Lestat played by Tom Cruise and Louis by Brad Pitt. The film played up the slashy side of their relationship and the array of male eye candy (the film also starred Christian Slater & Antonio Banderas) certainly helped to popularise the series among fans.


The author has posted a message on her site in 2000, saying that she disapproves of all fanfiction based on her writings.[1][2] Despite that, fans wrote fiction about the vampires and world created in her books. Fans in the know shared those on private mailing lists and locked journals, but a quick web search shows that there are many fics publicly available. However, Vampire Chronicles fanfiction cannot be archived at FanFiction.Net. The category for works based on her book was removed from the website in 2000, following Anne Rice's comments.

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