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Name: Shipping Wiki
Owner/Maintainer: FANDOM-hosted, maintained by admins
Dates: May 4, 2013 - present
Topic: Shipping
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Shipping Wiki is a wiki about shipping and fandom hosted on FANDOM. It was created on May 4, 2013 by TheGreenMadHatter (later known as Fitzaby). As of 2024, the wiki has over 11,000 pages.

The wiki's primary purpose is on the topic of shipping, though it also contains information on characters and various fandoms. Though the wiki is somewhat like Fanlore, the Shipping Wiki focuses more on canon information and media galleries, whereas Fanlore's focus is on fan culture and communities.


The wiki's description of itself:

Shipping Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia designed to cover everything there is to know about the insanity of Shipping.[1]

One nonnie's description on fail_fandomanon:

This is a wiki were people lists ships and describe canon interaction and briefly describe the state of the ship in fandom. Looks like it's the closest thing to a shipping manifesto nowadays. But, but all the ships are listed under horrible ship names. Kids these days.[2]

The wiki doesn't allow ships with original characters, but does allow both canon and fanon ships. Ships are sorted into the categories het, slash, femslash, poly, non-binary, family, and finally "cargo", which the wiki's glossary defines as "Crack!Ships between a fictional character, or real-life person and an inanimate object."[3]

Additionally, the site imposes restrictions on underage and incest ships:

This article accepts ships that are canonical (pairings that are deemed official, or have occurred in the series) or are fanon (a pairing that is not official, no romantic or sexual feelings have been shown towards each other). Underage ships are accepted, however the pages will be removed if an admin feels that the page is too inappropriate. Incest ships are not allowed, however under the Fanon section of Familyships, users may add that there are those who ship the characters romantically. However if that section becomes inappropriate, the section will be deleted.[4]

Some fans have speculated that the use of "underage" in this section is referring solely to ships that pair two underaged characters of the same age, rather than allowing adult/minor relationships with age differences.[5]


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