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Name: alt.books.anne-rice, ABAR, a.b.a.r.
Fandom: Anne Rice, Vampire Chronicles
URL: FAQ (1996)
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alt.books.anne-rice is a Usenet group for fans of books by Anne Rice.

"Ah, abar, where the women are women, the men are occasionally women (don't ask) and the chickens are frightened. abar is an internet newsgroup that was created for Anne Rice fans to have a place to get together with other fans and let the mayhem loose. On abar you'll find threads about the books, the movies, stories, characters and more non-sequiturs than you can shake a stick at." [1]

Regarding Fanfic

In the early days, fanfic was posted to the list. From the FAQ in 1996:

What are specs? -- Not an easy topic to nutshell, specs are, in essence, Anne Rice Fan Fiction. Consider them a creative way of discussing "What if?" ideas (such as "What if Lestat and Lasher met?" "What if Louis became mortal again?" etc.) that come up on the group anyway. This "What if?" is what inspired the name "Spec" since the story is a "Speculation" about what might happen.

Why does the word "SPEC" appear in the subject heading? -- For those who either don't like specs or *only* like specs, the word "SPEC" is put into the subject heading of any spec posting so that the stories can be easily found or avoided. Like spoiler warnings, this is another common courtesy which is suggested strongly enough that it's as close to an official rule as abar gets. [2]

Up until 2000, it had a fiction archive: "The official abar Spec Archive can be found at or Heather Meloche is the keeper and Adonia updates the databases. Here you can find specs, poems, rpgs, Mayfair family trees, FAQs and everything else which makes abar and the archive the treasure that it is." [3]

The very first fanfic on the archive: "What's Memnoch the Spec? MtS was the very first spec ever written on abar. It was an attempt by Mick and Susie to answer what was at the time the biggest topic of speculation on abar: What was going to happen in Memnoch the Devil?" **What happened to MtS? MtS ran into a nasty snafu when one of the authors (Susie) basically disappeared. This has left Mick in a difficult position as far as finishing the story, but she's trying as best as she can to get back to it and finish it for the loyal MtS fans." [4]


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