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Name: Vampire Louis Ring
Date Founded: 25 April 2000 or before (oldest Wayback link for webring list)
Fandom: The Vampire Chronicles
Focus: character-centric
URL: (Wayback)
Vampire Louis Ring.png

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Vampire Louis Ring is a webring for fansites about the vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac from The Vampire Chronicles.
Now that you saw the graphic and read the title, you're probably interested in joining, right? What do you need to know to join? That's probably what you're wondering. The following is what this ring requires your website to be:
It must be about the vampire Louis. Hence, the name of the ring. If it's not all about Louis, at least have your site to be at least mostly Louis. That means, if you're a Lestat site and have one paragraph on Louis, then no. However, if you have dedicated an entire section, then yes. Also, if you are a site that has dedicated it to the movie Interview With the Vampire, then that's ok, too, since the movie is about Louis as well. If your site is a Brad Pitt shrine, this is not the ring for you unless it has a dedicated section to the movie. Nor is it a vampire ring or Anne Rice ring. If you want to join a ring such as that and don't know where to find one, contact me and I will direct you to one.
A webring link list from 2000 lists all the ring members from that time.[1]

Member Sites

Detailed site descriptions are from the WebRing page.[1] Shorter or no descriptions mean the site wasn't listed as member back then.

  • Visions of Louis - "They never knew what I looked like, really." Louis TVL - - - I have gathered all of the descriptions of Louis found in the Vampire Chronicles on one page! Links to descriptions from other sources as well. + + + Attached is The Emerald Eyes Gallery + + +
  • Terra Immortatum - more louis to come! i promise you *smile* Other than that we have a role playing (with louis) a gallery, (soon to have louis) character info (with louis) and much more. We are still accepting members for the rpg, and you can also submit poetry and specs (on louis too)
  • Yally's Louis Page - A Louis site in the making - not very good yet but it will be improved.
  • AngelClaud's World - I dedicate this sites to all of Anne Rice's vampires whom I love so dearly. They are my favorite companions in this dark world. They keep this world so interesting, less boring. Let me introduce them to you. I hope by the time you finished this journey, you will love them as much%2
  • Louis de Pointe du Lac - You want Darkness? Then step inside... You'll find Dark Poetry, Pictures/Wallpapers, The Short Story that became the Novel Interview with the Vampire. You'll find Witchcraft, The Book of Shadows with Spells. Have you tasted enough, or you want more?
  • Louis De Pointe Du Lac - As a S.O.U.L member i thought it was my duty to have a site about louis so thats what i did.i have louis links,some of my favorite louis related specs and im still addying to it
  • SOUL: Sanction Of United Louisians - The one and only religion devoted to worship of the Beautiful One. All you need to join is to be a devoted Louisian..take the quiz and give us five reasons why Louis rocks your world!
  • Midnight Dreary - I have a whole section of poetry written for and about Louis. I also have many pics of Brad Pitt as the 'Beautiful One' in the IWTV Photo Gallery.
  • The Lily and the Rose - You'll find the Vampire Chronicles' characters drawn in manga style by Dany&Dany, with a huge space dedicated to Louis and Lestat: a pictures'gallery, a yaoi page and silly pics. There are also original manga comics,illustrations and tales by Dany&Dany.
  • Pinkmonkey's Brad Pitt Haven - Brad Pitt movie pictures. Over 100 pictures of him in Interview With the Vampire. Hundreds more from other movies.
  • The Eternal Flame - Dedicated to the Ricean Vampires, my site includes a gallery and library full of original works and links.
  • The Vampire's Coven - The Vampire's Coven is a site devoted to Anne Rice, the Vampire Chronicles and its characters. This site features fan fiction, poetry, chat room, message board, graphics gallery, links and a massive section on the movie Interview with the Vampire.
  • The Website of Louis de Pointe du Lac - A website dedicated entirely to the great Vampire Louis. Everything and anything you ever wanted to know about him. Includes a mailiing list, chatroom, and the Vampire Louis Ring and more!