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Synonyms: Clique
See also: Character Shrine, hatelisting
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A fanlisting is just what it sounds like: a list of fans of a particular thing. In media fandom, the topic is usually a source (book, show, movie), character, pairing, or actor. Fans wishing to be listed enter their name into an online form and are provided an image "button" to place on their website. Members are generally required to give their country as well, so the list can be sorted geographically.

The Fanlistings Network, often referred to as TFL, is a massive directory of fanlistings. Founded in May 2000,[1] it boasts a list of thousands of fanlistings. Its splinter and now partner site, The Anime Fanlistings Network, specializes in anime- and manga-based fanlistings.

Fanlisting sites sometimes host fanart, fanfic, or essays in addition to just listing fans.

Less common are "hatelistings", for people to express their dislike of a certain thing.




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